Chapter 73

Chapter 73 – Fascinated Gu Jianshe (2)

“Nainai1 won’t agree with that.” Gu Jianshe moved out of Lin Yulan and said, “Nainai’s heart condition is not good. She can’t stand any provocation!”

1nainai (奶奶) : paternal grandmother.

As soon as the words fell, his eyes darkened, and then he felt a sharp pain. Gu Jianshe was knocked down to the ground by Gu Ye, half of his face was swollen, and there was blood around the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t mention my mother or play tricks in front of me. Gu Jianshe, I will say it once again, tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, I won’t wait if you are late!”

Gu Ye glanced coldly and strode away leaving Gu Jianshe alone. He got angry when Gu Jianshe mentioned Lin Yulan. That bastard Gu Jianshe really deserved to be beaten. He wouldn’t dare to not go to the Housing Management Bureau. After all, this guy put his official position more important than his life, he wouldn’t dare to gamble with his future.

The next day, Gu Jianshe went to the Housing Management Bureau as promised with half of his face bruised. The formalities were completed quickly. After both parties signed and stamped, the house deed changed back to Gu Ye’s name.

“Now you are satisfied, right? Give me back the photos!”

Gu Jianshe’s heart felt so distressed as if he was just cut by the knife. He had racked his brains so hard and took great lengths to get that house, he hadn’t even lived in there for a day. He originally still thought about redecorating that house two years later and lived there later. But now, it is all gone.

“Here you go!”

Gu Ye put the house deed into his pocket and gave Gu Jianshe a pile of photos and negatives. “I didn’t keep any of them. I wish you and Xu Bilian live a long and happy life together, and give birth to a child soon!”

“What do you mean?”

Gu Jianshe sensitively sensed that something was wrong. What did he mean by saying ‘giving birth to a child soon’, it was impossible for him and Xu Bilian to get married. No matter how troublesome this woman was, it was impossible. Every time he went out with Xu Bilian, he would always take safety measures. So it would be impossible for them to have a child.

“It doesn’t mean much.”

Gu Ye smiled strangely and rode his bike away. There were still three days left before the one week deadline. He would urge that woman again at night, so that she wouldn’t keep dragging and dragging. He couldn’t afford to waste more time.

Gu Jianshe frowned. When he was thinking that he still had to see that ugly woman at night, his mood became even worse.

Chu Qiao didn’t know that she was going to have a blind date again in the evening. She made three new dresses and made some headbands with the extra rags. The style was also designed by herself. She didn’t wear Xu Bilian’s old dress anymore. Three new dresses were enough for her to wear.

He Jihong got off work early and went to buy the vegetables in person. There were fish and meat, and she even took the initiative to cook, which aroused Chu Qiao’s suspicions. Chu Qiao also didn’t know what kind of distinguished guest who came to visit.

Soon she knew who the distinguished guest was. Gu Jianshe came with a watermelon in his arm, half of his face was still swollen. When she saw that, her anger had subsided a little. She did not know which hero had beaten him, but it was really good.

“Jianshe, you’re coming here to have dinner, why do you still buy things to come here? Please take a seat. Chu Qiao, make the tea for your Jianshe ge2!”

2ge (哥) : older brother; elder brother, (honorific) term of address for a male person of the same age or older; an intimate term of address for a man.

He Jihong greeted him warmly and asked Chu Qiao to make tea.

Gu Jianshe raised his head and saw Chu Qiao in a purple dress. He blinked and blinked again involuntarily. Was this the same ugly woman from the teahouse last time?

How did her appearance change so much?

If it was the appearance like today, even if she was a little more arrogant in the teahouse last time, he would still be able to accept it. Gu Jianshe stared straight at Chu Qiao, staring blankly at her, just like a wooden man.

He Jihong smiled with understanding. Her mother was right. There was no man who didn’t like a young and beautiful woman. This marriage would definitely become a success.

Chu Qiao frowned in disgust, turned aside to avoid Gu Jianshe’s line of sight, and said unhappily, “I’m going out as I have something to do, so I won’t eat the dinner.”

He Jihong, this old bitch, still had not given up. He Jihong definitely wanted her to marry Gu Jianshe. It was not that she was boasting, but after Gu Jianshe saw her appearance, he would definitely agree to the marriage.

Fortunately she was going to work in the dance hall in three days. By then, she could live in the staff dormitory. If He Jihong wanted to do something to ruin her, she also wouldn’t be able to do anything.

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