Chapter 2439

in the capital.

After the flower viewing banquet, Shao Yunyun took advantage of Lilac's words and sent people to publicize it, the Queen's niece is prosperous!

The many things Qiao Xuan had done gradually spread, and her reputation soared, and no one dared to look down on her.

Shao Yunyun is laying the groundwork for the future and blocking everyone's mouth.

His wife has always been worthy of him, no one can replace him!

After August 15th, Shao Yunyun ordered an attack on the second prince.

This world can't be divided like this forever, the time of division and chaos has been long enough.

This time, the main force of the Northwest Army and Shao Yunyun's cronies each accounted for half. General Xu was the main general, and the other four deputy generals were Zheng Sangge, Xiaoqi, a Huaixi Army general, and a Northwest Army general.

After several months of running-in and integration, the two teams have basically been integrated into a whole, and there will be no internal contradictions or problems in the unified expedition.

On the Northwest Army side, General Feng Da, General Xu, etc. deliberately promoted Xiaoqi as a lieutenant general, and in the course of the expedition, they would give him the opportunity to make meritorious deeds intentionally or not. .

On the second prince's side, the main force was the Sun family.

The Sun family used to be able to fight, but in the past few years, their utilitarian aspirations have expanded, and more of their minds have been devoted to fighting for power and profit. Can the new army be compared?

The first fight was a big defeat. Within a month, the city and abandoned land were thrown away again and again, and the entire Hebei and part of Henan were forced to give up.

By this time, the Second Prince's territory had shrunk by nearly half.

He was furious and scolded the Sun family and the generals, but what was the use at this time?

Unwilling, he also tried to seek peace, trying to separate the country from Shao Yunyun, but Shao Yunyun refused without hesitation.

The morale of the new dynasty was greatly boosted, and they chased after the victory.

By the end of October, the army of the New Dynasty had surrounded Wuchang City.

In March of the second year of the new dynasty, the city of Wuchang was destroyed.

When the news of the great victory came back to the capital, Qiao Xuan happened to be diagnosed with three months of pregnancy in the first two days.

Double happiness is approaching the door, the emperor is overjoyed, and the whole dynasty congratulates.

This is even the heaven standing on the side of the new dynasty.

While happy, Qiao Xuan gently stroked her still unbent belly and joked, "The world is unified, and I'm pregnant again. In a few days, the memorial for the emperor to fill the harem will be filled with the imperial case."

Shao Yunyun smiled lightly, hugged her carefully and said, "The queen is a good husband, it is enough for me to have a queen. If anyone is long-winded, I will reward him with a few more palace maids to be concubines!"

Qiao Xuan smiled softly.

Shao Yunyun's eyes were gentle, and he said in a serious tone: "Don't worry, madam, only madam is by my side, and it will never change."

Qiao Xuan's heart softened, and she nodded lightly with a smile.

She naturally believed in him. He stood up for her, spread a good reputation for her, promoted Lezheng's family for her, and dealt with so many "random encounters" for her. How could she not believe him?

"I think An An, let's get An An quickly."

"it is good."

"And the mother and them."


"The marriage between Xiao Qi and Miss Landie should also be arranged!"

"It will be done when Mother and the others enter Beijing. At that time, our family will be truly reunited."

"Yeah, finally there are no more worries and threats. It's good that you and I have lived like this for a lifetime!"

"It will get better and better!"


The two smiled at each other.

In the years to come, they will still have many, many days together, sticking to each other and sharing prosperity. (End of full text)

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