CH 66.1

Litty, Went to a Fine Dining Restaurant

“You captured this man alive? As expected of Red Flag…”

“No, no, it’s the little girl over here who brought him.”

Litty and team had decided to hand over Zakir at the Knights’ station as he most likely possessed information about other bandit groups which was quite valuable.

It would have been difficult for knights to capture Zakir alive, so him being brought to them in a ball of water was good news for the Knights.

One of the knights couldn’t help but comment, “Hou, a water spirit! That’s quite a feat at your age!”

“Th- thanks.”

“Continue the good work. By the way, who is that spirit? I have never seen one like this before.”


Myan, who was also a summoned beast, appealed herself. Of course, the reactions to Aquaria and Myan differed.

It was an everyday scene that simply ended up being adorable. Myan, a phantom beast, was not well-known, and few people in the Knight Order knew of it.

Myan’s eyes narrowed and her body relaxed to make a certain gesture. It showed that she was satisfied with letting more people know her.

“Well, thank goodness we have excellent adventurers. We’re always short of manpower here.”

“I’m glad to hear that from the Gold Gryphon Corps, one of the most talented groups in the country.”

“No, no, we respect you, Charl, and all the other adventurers.”

“Thanks for your support. Let’s get along with each other.”

Along with the Silver Fenrir Corps, the Gold Gryphon Corps was also regarded as one of the two pillars of the country. They were feared by other countries as the twin pillars of gold and silver, and were the reason why this country could not be easily invaded.

There was no way that Litty would not be interested in these knights, the symbol of the country.

“Um! You all are…”

“Now, now, no need to interrupt their busy schedule. Well, then, Knights. I’ll leave the rest in your hands.”

Knowing that Litty’s questions, which were going to be a continuous barrage, would interfere with knights’ work, Charl decided to calm down Litty. Besides, they had other plans for later in the day.

This was another new experience for Litty and her friend, and also the one that the members of Red Flag were looking forward to.


The restaurant “Linde Frum” was one of the most famous restaurants in the capital. The taste of their food was very good, but the prices were also so high that commoners could not afford it at all.

Few adventurers could afford to indulge in a full-course meal made with the finest ingredients, but it was nothing for Red Flag.

“This is a very high-class restaurant, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s a restaurant which even royalty, let alone nobility, recognize.”

“Is it alright for us to be here?”

“If you are Rank 3 or above, you will have opportunities to dine at places like this with the bigwigs. You don’t want to be embarrassed when that happens, do you?”


With a knife and fork in each hand, Litty eagerly waited for the food. Myan also licked her mouth, clearly excited.

Everything was going well, but a well dressed patron looked at them coldly and asked the waiter, “Hey, since when are pets allowed in here? And that outfit…it’s just terrible looking.”

“Those people are our clients. Besides, we only allow authorized adventurers and summoned beasts to enter our restaurant.”

“What! What if that long creature’s hair gets in the food!? And that thing looks like water! It’s a monster!”

“There will be no hair loss from a phantom beast, Myan. And the other one over there is a high-ranking water spirit, Aquaria. We think it is appropriate for us to accommodate.”