CH 66.2

Litty was impressed by the waiter’s knowledge of Myan, which almost no one else could have known.

The lady’s complaints were not entirely unfounded, and she was probably the wife of a powerful aristocrat. However, Red Flag’s position in the restaurant was far superior.

“The Red Flag is an excellent adventurer group which has been approved by royalty. We will refrain from further questions and answers, as it may cause inconvenience to other guests.”

“Wha, what…!”

Just from this exchange alone, Litty sensed a close connection between the country and the adventurers, especially the Red Flag group.

Litty wondered how many accomplishments were needed to make this happen.

Charl tried to console Litty, “You know what? There are people who sometimes harass me too, but don’t worry about it. The lower nobility, who can’t seem to get rid of their prejudiced elitist views, are worse offenders.”

“They can hear you, Charl.”

“Oops, that’s not going to make the meal any better.”

Litty and Kuufa were Rank 3 adventurers and had no connection to the restaurant, but Charl’s good words were all that mattered.

Litty was reminded of the fact that the Adventurers’ Guild had deep roots in this country.

Suddenly, the entrance door behind her opened as she awaited her food.

“I don’t have a reservation, do you have a seat available?”

“Yes, Master Redner. Let me guide you in.”

Turning around, Litty was surprised to see the man. He was huge, and she could tell from his clothes that he was toned and fit.

His appearance shattered the image of nobility that Litty had. The man’s bodyguards were also a sight to behold.

Two of them were wearing black armor covering their heads and looked somewhat inorganic. They didn’t look like the kind of people you’d expect to see in a restaurant full of well-dressed guests.

“Oh, now there’s a bigwig!”

“Charl-san, you know him?”

“The Archduke Redner. He is the military minister, the ever-victorious general, and the brother of the current king. You two are very lucky to see him.”

“Eh, why so?”

“He’s practically the country’s number two. It’s not every day you get to see someone like that.”

“How about this seat?”

Redner was guided to a table next to Red Flag. Litty watched the calm, mature man as if fixated on him.

When Caron poked her, she finally stopped, but she was still curious. Redner noticed Litty’s gaze and turned his attention to her.

“I didn’t know you Red Flag guys were here too. Did you like this restaurant as well?”

“Yes, we do. There is no restaurant in the capital that serves better food than this one.”

“Right, of course. After all, every ingredient used in this restaurant is domestically produced. Domestic products are good… they make you feel the pleasant breath of our country.”

“Hahaha, I know exactly what you mean.”

The way that the good-natured Charl was being so respectful, even Litty could see how much of an important person this Redner was.

“Mmm, this old wine smells good. This restaurant is the pride of our country.”

“Thank you very much.”

“I’ll take the same course as they did.”

“Yes, sir.”

Litty pondered the meaning of the unfamiliar word “course,” but soon understood. First came the soup.

“Thank you for waiting. Today’s first dish is a cold vegetable soup with hollandaise.”

The soup itself was familiar, but the taste was beyond Litty’s expectations. Puzzled by the cold soup, she put her spoon down for a moment.

Continuing with another sip, she finally caught the flavor, and Myan smelled it and started licking the soup off her plate.