CH 76

Arc 4 The Beloved, Chapter 76 Face

In the room, Elvena stood with her eyes downcast, and Roland was writing at his desk.

And one more person.

A middle-aged man was on his knees, silently waiting for his master.

His face was indistinct, with no features.

He was neither tall nor short, he had an average build.

He was dressed in simple trousers and shirt like a man in the city would wear and carried a shoulder bag.

In other words, he was a man whose appearance was not memorable.

He was the kind of man that would only appear as a vague blur in your mind even if you tried to remember him later.

It was Roland's spy----his name was Dagris.

Formerly an assassin, he has been working for Roland for the past 20 years because of his impressive abilities.

Dagris thought that it must be a very important matter, for him to be summoned like this.

He had been doing this kind of work for a long time, if his isn't quick he wouldn't be alive now.

Even though he did not know the details, he understood what it was about.

"You understand right, Dagris?"

"Yes. Just going through the army lookout is easy. To Margrave Hilkintos?"

Economy, reputation, and military position.

By picking up each piece of rumor and combining all of it, one can make a prediction.

And what his master might want.

Roland nodded in satisfaction at Dagris's words.

"Yeah. It doesn't look like they're going to the Dragon's Maw. It's better to sell favor to His Royal Highness as much as possible."

Roland trades slaves in addition to his front business.

Of course, he never gets his own hands dirty. It would be correct to say that he lets others do it.

Deeply rooted in the center of the Kingdom, he has built his own kingdom.

Who would be better for him to win the civil war------no need to even think about it.

Gildanstein was one of Roland's most important clients.

The downfall of His Royal Highness would also bring a heavy blow to Roland's business.

On the other hand, Kreschenta is a weak and pitiful princess who valued peace.

Surrounding her were idiots who valued honor and just cause, and pride that can't even be used as dog fed.

Under the reign of such a princess, his business would be even more difficult------it wouldn't even be worth weighing which one is better.

Although he was aware of the defeat of Marcellus' army, he did not see it as a big problem.

The heroic Christand without their hero.

With his daughter at the helm, the only one they could rely on was Nozan Verreich.

Roland viewed Gildanstein's victory as only natural.

All he had to do is push it forward.

If they head to the capital, it's not a bad idea to hire bandits and target them behind them.

That would be enough to drown them in the kingdom, and Roland could strengthen his ties to the Kingdom's Capital.

Smiling at such a future, Roland asked while running his pen.

"Elvena, did you hear anything from that Cursed Child?"


"Useless. ...I didn't have any expectations from the beginning, but it's a different story if you didn't even put in the effort. Have you ever brought back information that is useful, hah? Is all you can do is open your crotch and squeal?"

"...My deepest apologizes."

Roland gave Elvena a sadistic look as she shuddered and said.

It was a smile without any dignity.

"No, that's all right then, Elvena. If that's the case, I'm also a kind man. I'll find a master willing to use a whore like you. I suppose it would be boring if it wasn't a master who would at least be happy to cut off your limbs."

"P-please forgive me, Roland-sama..."

"How many times have I heard that word? Hmm, well, it's up to you whether I'm a kind master... you understand right, Elvena?"

"...... yes. Please, let me stay here."

Dagris was disgusted as he watched the usual exchange.

R=That Roland couldn't hold a woman without threatening women at all times.

His complex about his own appearance and power was oozing out of him.

He felt that Roland was repulsive, but that complex is what made this man one of the greatest merchants in the Kingdom.

Because he is a coward, he is careful and has no hesitation licking other people's shoes for power.

He was a piece of trash who gave up all his human dignity for the power of money.

However, he laughed inwardly, thinking that he, who receive money from him was the same breed.

He felt no righteous indignation at this scene, but only pity.

He melted the wax in the fireplace and went to Roland's place, looking at Elvena with disdain, thinking he didn't want to be like this.

Rolando rolled up the piece of parchment and placed it, and Dagris dripped wax on it.

Pressed on it was the emblem of a feathered scale.

Scale represents fairness and equality.

Dagris accepts the crest, wondering where the fairness of this rotten merchant is.

"Well then, Roland-sama."

"Yeah. Becareful to not make any blunder.... Elvena, I give you chance to make amends. Come here."

"......Yes, thank you very much."

Dagris left the room without looking at it and went upstairs.

He passed a few slaves but did not feel one ounce of emotion or interest in their indecent costumes or beautiful appearance.

During work, Dagris acted like a puppet, moving just for his mission.

He proceeded down the corridor as he ignored the women who dutifully bowed their head and came to a dead end.

He took out a dark blue-grey cloak out of his bag and jump out the window.

Then he melted into the night------and in that moment he realized.

Possessor of magic. Multiple of them.

He judged that it would be too dangerous to force his way out.

His body had passed through the line of death many times. Dagris had no intention of falling behind one or two skilled people, and rough work was more Dagris' domain.

Nevertheless, considering the feel of their eyes and the number of them, it was reckless to break through using the blade.

In all likelihood, Roland had been targeted from the start.

He was not surprised. It was something he was used to.

It was rare for Dagris' work to go as planned.

If it was an easy task that anyone could do, then Dagris wouldn't have been called.

The other party was probably a soldier.

Even if they were in the same line of work, it would be easy for Dagris to escape with his skills.

He climbed over the wall and leaped to the roof.

And then, immediately into an alley.

This city was like his garden to him.

From one alleyway, he would duck through the window of an unprotected house, and then, before anyone could see him, he would slip out from another location.

Repeat that twice, and they'll lose sight of him.

Dagris had already found the direction he should be heading.

It was as if his eyesight was reflecting the gaze that he should not have been able to see.

Even his cloak, which danced in the wind----felt like it has his consciousness.

There was no sound of running, no sound of rubbing clothing.

Dagris crosses the wall that divides the center of the city and goes outside.

He pulled through the gap between the houses and lowered his posture.

A technique ingrained in his own body----losing their last sight.

Once that happens, there is no one in the world who can pursue him.

His pursuers and observers were completely gone.

Even after confirming that, he remained on his guard, and without a sound, he jumped off the roof----

"Please stop."

----And a blade was thrust to his neck.


His body moved faster than he can think.

The heel of his shoe----flinging the knife to behind him.

There was no sensation. No sign, no sound.

Just a faint glimpse of silver hair----only that swayed at the edge of his vision.

Twisting his waist and then his arm.

He swiped away behind him with the blade he had prepared----there Dagris' world spun around.

There was no pain, and before he knew it, he was looking up at the sky.

His right arm was stepped on and the tip of a blade was inserted into the gap between his teeth.

With her back to the crescent moon, in front of him was a silver outline.

The dark cloak shimmered like a flame.

----Only the purple eyes shone colder than the moon.

"Krische demand is don't move. If you resist any longer, Krische will first crush your teeth so you cannot bite your tongue."

A smile appeared on the girl's lips.

"Then cut off the finger from the tip and peel off the skin. Don't worry, Krische is used to butchering animals, so Krische can avoid killing you."

Beautiful, enchanting------yet poisonous flower.

It was a chilling smile.

"If you understand, blink twice. If you don't understand, close your eyes."

Why, how.

Dagris' mind was filled with confusion and fear that he had long forgotten.

He was taken behind without a sign, and in an instant, he was forced into a situation in which he could not resist.

Dagris closed his eyelids twice as the blade hit his trembling teeth.

"...thank goodness. Don't worry, Roland will die soon. If you want your safety, Krische guarantee it. Talk, make a promise, and work for Krische ------as long as you do that, Krische will never do anything terrible to you."

'It's a lot of trouble', the girl said as if troubled.

He knew of the name Krische

Christand's First Corps' current commander----she was rumored to be a Cursed Child.

Headhunter of Bernaich, Krische the Cursed Child.

The battle in the Dragon's Maw has been handed down even here.

The victor of the battle was, of course, and also her name.

A number of soldiers who went to battle have returned to this city.

Some have gone mad and find it difficult to even lead a normal life.

It is common for those who have gone off to war to come back devastated by the reality of it all.

He did not take such rumors particularly seriously.

She was probably a noble with some sword skill, he thought.

He did not believe the words that she was a Cursed Child and a monster.

Anyone that uses magical power is more or less seen as such by ordinary people.

From the eyes of ordinary people, Dagris could be said to be more than enough of a monster.

She is probably an excellent possessor of magical power accustomed to fighting in closed spaces among the trees, and the fear of that situation and the enormous damage they suffered caused her to be described as a monster.

It's a common story, he thought, but----

"It's true. Krische doesn't lie much."

He felt his body trembled as she stared at him with that purple-colored eyes.

----Ah, truly.

This was nothing but a Cursed Child.

Dagris didn't take his power lightly or heavily.

He wasn't at the age to be overconfident or arrogant.

Because he took pride in that, he could understand that she was an unreasonable monster.

The rumors he had heard about her, were nothing more than a dubious tales. And her appearance there as she talked.

The girl in front of him was exactly as the rumors said----

"...Is the guild you belong to Night Claw? Or Dark Night's Feather? If it's the former, blink once, if it's the latter... Ah, no, it doesn't matter."

The girl's mouth spun the words.

It was a sweet, ear-melting voice.

"Krische doesn't really know what you're working for, but Krische, sure you're working for some kind of profit in the end."

But somewhere, it was distorted.

"If you cooperate, Krische will guarantee your profit. But if you refuse---"

----At that time, it's interrogation (a thorough search).

Her eyes conveyed that.

Like looking at a stone by the roadside------man looking to an insect, and god to a man.

Those were the eyes of the Absolute.

"Krische will kill Roland and you, and the current structure of this city will be completely destroyed. Krische thinks it would not be pleasant, whatever your job is, whatever your desire is if that were to happen. So, Krische suggests you nod your head here."

The girl's eyes narrowed as she nodded.

"Krische can also take violent measures, but they are very inefficient and difficult. So Krische just wants you to cooperate. Krische wants a peaceful resolution as much as possible. Of course, there will be a reward. How about it?"

Slowly, she pulled the curved sword out from between his teeth.

But there was no room for biting his tongue. Before he could do so, his teeth will be knocked out.

"A, reward, you say?"

Dagris completely gave up and asked.

As someone who lives in the underworld, he had some pride.

However, he is neither young nor senile enough to abandon his unprofitable pride.

Obey, or die. Everything, including your surroundings.

Her request was just that, and she had no hesitation.

And there is nothing he could do about it.

It was over when she turned her eyes on him.

"Yes. What do you want?"

"For example, if I said I wanted this city, would you agree?"

"Hmm. As long as you maintain order and promise not to do anything bad openly, Krische doesn't mind. Krische isn't really interested in your business."

Exactly as she said------she also 'doesn't have any interest' in Dagris life.

He didn't know what the monster in front of him is up to.

But there was something he knew.

"Okay... that's fine. I don't think it's good to turn you into an enemy."

Roland made a fatal mistake to whom he bowed his head.

"So... what do you want from me?"

Is it experience or natural instinct?

His body, which had passed through many death lines, was telling Dagris.

The one who will win this battle will not be The Royal Prince Gildanstein.

"We've got them moving as predicted. I'm sure we won't have any problem getting Roland's head replaced."

From there, after some trouble, they headed for Eluga's tent when they were done.

When Krische approached him sitting in her chair, Eluga nodded and smiled wickedly.

"That's good. ...Is this what they said having no worry about the future."

The problem was that when she met Roland before, she had no reason to kill him.

But not this time.

From now on, this city will be treated as an important location that will serve as a base for logistics.

Naturally, the ruler must be a cooperative partner for them, which means that Roland was inappropriate.

If that is the case, there is no other conclusion but to kill him.

Leaving a source of anxiety in the rear is a situation that should be avoided.

Factors that impede the military's actions should be eliminated as much as possible, and when Cliché suggested disposing of Roland the other day, no one objected.

It means that she could get rid of an unpleasant man in the name of justice.

Krische was in a good mood.

She had to do some work for the future, but she was not bothered by it.

"But really, Corps Commander Varkus is so troubling. Is it a blessing or a curse, haah"

"Krische thinks Corps Commander Varkus did a good job acting though..."

"Ah, no, it was after that..."


"...... sorry, please forgot it."

It was necessary to tell Roland that their objective was Hilkintos, not the Dragon's Maw.

However, Krische too was a country girl.

She didn't really understand that part of humans, and didn't have any interest in it----Even Krische who was as unsuspecting and defenseless as a chicken dancing beside a pot, have the knowledge of animal mating, and understood that some men were willing to mate even if they had to pay for it.

Naturally, she doesn't have the sensibility to be embarrassed by such conversations.

There was nothing for Eluga to be concerned about with this distorted girl named Krische, but that was the nature of an old man.

He wanted Krische, whom he adored like his own granddaughter, to have nothing to do with such unbecoming talk.

"Assuming that Roland will be executed at a later date, ...what will happen to the servants?"

"Well. Seeing the situation, all of them are burdened with debt after all. They will probably be sent somewhere again."

" that so."

"Is there anything that bothers Krische-sama?"

Eluga asked Krische, who seems to be thinking about something.

"Well, the person Krische talked to was a kind person, so if possible, Krische 'd like to do something about it."

"Fumu... Well, if Roland has the debt, it would be easy to apply the law as a de facto slave and release him. However, it is somewhat troublesome if there is another person who has it. After all, it's hard to blame someone for a slave trick like that."

"......I see"

It was an unexpected word for Eluga.

But he knows very well that she has a kind heart.

As if trying to persuade her, he spoke in a soft tone.

"Such things can be found anywhere. I pity them, but we can't help them all. Sometimes pretending to not see it is----"

Saying that Eluga shook his head.

"No, I can't even call this kind of advice. It's nothing more than a disillusioned old man's ramblings and imposition. It's not suitable for Krische-sama, who has talent and a future."

If there are rich people, there are poor people.

Those who are deprived will continue to be deprived.

It was the providence of the world.

Overturning something that has already been established is not an ordinary task and is beyond the control of ordinary people.

----But that's if it's just an ordinary person.

The girl in front of him is not like that.

"If you pick up everything you can pick up, one day it will be too much for you and you will be crushed under the burden. You should know that there are many people who have fallen because of the charity they give to the poor."

"Mmm. ...... Indeed. Skeleton has a point."

If it was just to pay off personal debts, it would have been fine.

In the recent battle with the Holy Empire----Krische decapitated the General's adjutant, takes the General's assistant (advisor), and was rewarded even more than Selene for her other accomplishments.

But it will be difficult to do the same for many more in the future.

All of this is thrown into Chrishtand's house, but it was also an allowance system that Krische could withdraw at any time. If she wanted to help her, she could get by with that.

However, in the future, it will be difficult if there are many people in the same way.

"(Political) Power, violence, and wealth. Those who have power are required to use it in the right way. After considering this carefully, what do you want to do? What do you want and choose? There is no such thing as the right answer, and it is a very difficult question..."

"...Berry said the same thing a long time ago."

Troubled, Krische's eye swum around, and she lowered her head.

"Thank you. ...Krische, will think about it a little more."

"Yeah, that's fine. ...However, whatever the conclusion is, it's up to Krische-sama. No matter what the conclusion is, I'm willing to help."

Krische looked at Eluga happily.

Eluga, too, had a happy face----a face like those of a corpse-eater ghoul rising from under the grave, and he gently stroked the Krische's head.

Krische, blushing slightly, looks at his hand stroking her head and smiling.

"Ehehe, Krische've been receiving a lot from skeletons. Krische has to give back a lot too."

"Krische's doesn't need to repay anything. I'm just helping of my own accord."

"Then, Krische will help Skeleton lots and lots too. Feel free to ask Krische anything."

"How troubling..."

Adjutant Quinez, who secretly watched the exchange alone, rubbed his eyes, thinking that it would be a heartwarming exchange if he only heard their voice.

A good-natured old man and his granddaughter----but the sight in his eyes was wicked to the core.

When he stands up, he is the Reaper, when he sits down, he is the Demon King; when he smiles, no one could make a sound

The evil look of Eruga, feared even by his subordinates, was made even more terrifying by the smile on his face.

The other party also has the appearance of a pretty girl, but she is a monster who is called a headhunter by her enemies.

There were some soldiers in Marcellus' army who fought in the Dragon's Maw, but all of them feared Krische. He had even heard that some of the captives even fled because they were afraid of her.

What could she have done to be so feared?

Many armies were known for their bravery, but none were so full of wickedness as this one.

"...Quinez, did you hear that?"

"Yes sir!"

"Make arrangements so that we can respond to everything."

"Yes sir! Understood!"

The exact opposite Krische------a curse-like voice that seems to echoed from the depths of the earth.

Quinez performed a methodical salute.

"We will also investigate from our side too. But first, there is the battle in front of us."

"Yes, thank you. Krische will do her best."

"Yeah, yeah. So that Krische-sama won't have overdo it, even though I'm not as untalented, I will help as much as you can."

"Fufu, Skeleton is a corps commander who does everything properly, Krische is also very reassured. Let's do our best together."

"Of course."

When Krische finished talking with Eluga and left the tent, the 1st Squad was outside as usual.

'The work is over', Krische told them.

"My, as expected of Usa-chan. Even though Mia immediately loses sight of him."

"...That's Kalua too right."

"Didn't I properly find and chase after him?"

Kalua laughed as Mia puffed up her cheeks and said that.

It was the Black Century that had surrounded the perimeter.

Even for Krische, it would take a lot of time and effort to chase a single spy who escaped.

Extremely efficient use of magic power, and handling of the body----Krische's physical ability can be said to be out of common sense even among magic holders.

However, when considering various conditions such as simple physique differences, stride length, and the amount of magical power in the body, there were many areas where she is inferior to other people, and it was inevitable that she would have a certain amount of trouble chasing an opponent who was running away in a straight line.

Accelerate using walls, ceilings, and trees as footholds, turning and jumping.

Even though Krische has such high mobility, she didn't have a great advantage in simple speed over other magic possessors.

Therefore, this time she used the Century just to narrow down the route.

Anticipating the escape route of the man who was preoccupied with the century, she hid her presence and ambushed him.

With Krische's skill, that was enough.

Once she knew where he was headed, it was easy for her to ambush him and take away his resistance.

Dagris was caught in her trap.

"Adol, report to Bald Eagle. After that, we're going to take a big break. Tomorrow will be quite early after all."

"Yes ma'am!"

"We'll be in the tent today, so why don't we sleep together, Usa-chan?"

Kalua said teasingly.

It hadn't rained so far, and since it was a completely open-air lodging, she had been sleeping alone, but today the tent is firmly set up.

Krische was a little surprised at her suggestion, but thought about it, and nodded somewhat shyly.

"Um, well then... Ah, Mia, please sleep next to Kalua."

"Uh...y-yes...or rather, me too...?"

"...? Mia won't sleep together?"

"T-that's not.."

Krische fundamentally has no doubts about sleeping with others.

There was some question as to how it was as she was the Corps Commander, but no one ostensibly complained about it, given Krishce's age and appearance.

The remaining three men look at the two with a slightly envious looks.

And then Bagu jokingly said,

"Corps Commander, may I join you?"

"With men is no, you know. The only members of the opposite sex who can sleep in the same blanket are family members."

"Wow, enemies of women. The worst... Or rather,so Usa-chan has at least that level of vigilance, it's a little reassuring."

"...Kaa-sama (Mother; Grace), properly taught Krische. Krische is a lady after all."

"Yeah, yeah, that's a good thing. Men are beasts, after all. With women it feels more safe and secure... That's right, should I teach you various things today----Hya!?"

"Kalua, don't say stupid things."

Mia sighed as she pulled on Kalua's ponytail.

"What will you do my beautiful hair fell out, geez"

"Because you keep saying things like that. From now on, every time you say something stupid, I'll pull it."

Krische looked at Kalua's sullen profile and tilted her head.

Illuminated with the face in her memory and overlapped.

"Hmm, what's wrong? Usa-chan."

"No, well, let's rest."

"Yeah. Fufu, are you sleepy?"

A gentle smile. The atmosphere is completely different.

However, the long slit eyes and slender features were somewhat similar to that servant.

"It's been a long time since I took a bath, so I want to just relax and enjoy it."

"Uuh, how nice, I wanted to go too."

Wondering if that could be the case, Krische swallowed her yawn and walks straight to her tent.

"Well, today Krische is going to wipe Kalua's body. Krische pretty good at it."

"Ooh... I feel like I have accomplished something big. It's worth a try saying it."

"Krische and Bery always wash each other, but since today, Kalua is only on the receiving end. Do you want to wipe Mia too?"

"Huh? No, no... um, by myself..."

Mia shook her head embarrassed, and Kalua tells her in amazement.

"...... You're so shy for someone who grew up in the country."

"It's because Kalua makes fun of me, saying, cutting boards."

"Kuku, are you still worried about it? I just said that you have a modest chest."


"...Certainly, Mia, it might be smaller than Krische's."

Krische looked at her chest and tilted her head looking at the frozen Mia.

Krische headed for the tent as Kalua chuckled and grabbed her hand.