Chapter 247

C247: Director of the Planning Department (3)

Hugo swallowed dry saliva. He never thought Rudger would have moved this far.

‘He became the planning director this morning and he already figured this out?’

No matter how fast Rudger moved, it was strange that he found those issues so early. It was clear that someone helped from behind and Hugo immediately recognized who it was.

‘President has been working hard to keep us on a leash for a long time.’

Now that Rudger is in the position of planning director the president, who had a great sword in her hand, had nothing to fear.

She handed over the materials she had prepared for a long time to Rudger.

Rudger skimmed most of them in that short period of time and picked out those who would receive disciplinary action.

It was Hugo’s mistake to come here now.

“……Mr. Rudger.”

“Call me the Planning Director, at least for now.”

“……Yes, Planning Director. You spoke well but can you pursue that at will?”

“Do you think I can’t do it?”

Hugo tried to run a chicken race, but immediately regretted it the moment he saw Rudger’s eyes.

‘This guy. His eyes are sincere!’

Come to think of it, Rudger has done so before. From the moment he came to Theon, if a student did something wrong, he/she was punished regardless of his/her status.

Rather, if the opponent was a noble, they would be treated more severely and Hugo had warned Rudger several times about it. But even then, Rudger openly ignored his warning.

He didn’t act like that because he was a fallen noble and has been the same since the beginning.

No matter who the opponent is, he never intends to bend, and he has the will to push forward with what he has decided. Rudger was that kind of person in the first place.

Hugo clenched his fist, forced a smile and spoke softly.

“Haha. We don’t have to go this far, do we? Oh, of course it doesn’t mean we did well. I admit that we made some mistakes.”

The teachers who came together opened their eyes wide at the fact that such words came out of Hugo’s mouth.

Making a gesture of reconciliation, not coercion or appeasement showed that Hugo was going in with his head down.

Although the aristocratic teachers were surprised, Hugo had to suppress the disgrace that was now rising inside him. Nevertheless, he managed to maintain his smile without showing it on his face.

“Still, isn’t there such a thing as moderation? If you teach them well, no other teacher will do that again.”

It seemed like he was trying to persuade Rudger somehow, but everyone in this room knew that Hugo Burtag bowed his head to Rudger Chelici.

Even if it was because of his last remaining pride, he said it with a smile on his face the victor of this fight was as if it had been decided.

Rudger stared at Hugo, who spoke with a desperate smile. A cold sweat flowed down Hugo’s cheeks and Rudger nodded at the sight.

“Yes. Of course, I was worried about the disciplinary actions since I’m also a teacher.”

“Well, then……!”

“So let me give you a suggestion.”

Hugo’s expression, which had been swollen with hope, was again colored with anxiety.

“I don’t intend to discipline everyone, but I can’t go without any disciplinary action at all.”


“Don’t you know? That when there is a shower, someone’s clothes are bound to get wet.”

Not everyone packs an umbrella and although some escape the rain safely, some get wet.

“Well, yes.”

Hugo nodded awkwardly.

“So, I’ll give Mr. Hugo a chance.”

“What chance?”

“Mr. Hugo should pick those who were caught in the rain.”

Hugo remained silent since what Rudger said was tantamount to dismissing his aides with his own hands.

Hugo’s clenched fist trembled since Rudger wanted him, a person tightly bound with the aristocracy to do the dirty work.

‘You damn bastard!’

Rudger was saying that if he didn’t want to die he had to cut his tail with his hands.

Hugo stared at Rudger with bloodshot eyes, but the moment he faced Rudger’s cold gaze, his fighting spirit disappeared.

“Can’t you do it?”


“If you’re having a hard time, you don’t have to do it. I just need to refer the people on the list to the disciplinary committee.”


Rudger had nothing to lose.

It was Hugo and other aristocratic factions that made mistakes in the first place, and they were caught. They outnumbered them in this position, but it was Rudger who had the initiative.

“I’ve given you a chance.”

“With my hands… Are you asking me to beat the other teachers?”

“You’re saying something strange.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t understand why it’s hitting. Isn’t it natural to take appropriate disciplinary action against persons that made mistakes? Moreover, I even reduced the number of people who would be punished because Mr. Hugo came to me.”

Hugo swallowed his saliva. Rudger’s tone was light, but his voice crept up and pressed his throat.

“I hope you make a good choice while I’m being considerate.”

* * *

In the top floor of the main building of Theon laughter that was not normally heard came from the president’s office where Elisa Willow lived.

“You look happy.”

Wilford asked, putting out a well-done black tea in front of Elisa.

“Yes, it’s fun.”

Elisa usually didn’t show her emotions, but this time she had no choice but to be purely happy because a while ago Hugo Burtag came to her and handed her a list of teachers who committed irregularities.

Whatever happened with Rudger, Hugo uncharacteristically confessed that several teachers belonging to his faction committed irregularities.

Of course, I said so, but it was clear that the expression itself was rotting and did not like this situation at all.

But what’s the point of that?

The important thing is that Hugo Burtag, the greedy aristocrat who always put everything on the line whenever he tried to do something, finally bowed his head.

When Hugo came to the president’s office, it was tantamount to admitting his defeat.

“I was wondering what happened when I heard that he visited Mr. Rudger, but I didn’t expect such a fun thing to happen.”

Elisa laughed so hard that she wiped away the tears from her eyes.

Wilford wanted to tell her to keep her dignity, but he knew how much she had suffered because of Hugo, so he decided to let it go this time.

“You got a big present from Mr. Rudger.”

“Yes, it’s a big gift. I’ve put him in that place through a deal, but who would have imagined this would happen as soon as he took office?”

“Mr. Hugo Burtag’s faction must have been greatly reduced by this incident.”

“That’s right. It’s because Hugo Burtag himself purged them, not anyone else. Mr. Rudger used his brain very well.”

If Rudger had made up his mind and set out to wield the mace, the faction of nobles, including Hugo, would have been more tightly united since a clear enemy is more effective than a great leader in maintaining an organization.

But Rudger did not act simply, instead he cleverly gave the blade to Hugo by telling him that he would reduce the punishment.

If Hugo refused to act, Rudger would’ve done it himself so Hugo hesitated because he knew it.

If he set an example of five people, the rest can be safe, including himself but on the contrary, he was too afraid to lose what he held if he rejected Rudger’s offer.

“Of course, the attitude that Mr. Rudger showed was also important for that. If he shows that he keeps what he says, the arrogant Hugo will also be pushed back.”

Hugo knew what kind of being Rudger Chelici was. And if he says he will do something he does it.

In other words, if Hugo rejected Rudger’s offer and somehow tried to use his faction to fight Rudger would’ve cruelly trampled on them.

“To be honest, I want to get rid of all those leech-like people.”

“If you do that, no matter how strong you are, there will be too many vacancies.”

“I mean, if I cut them all out, I’ll also have to find new people to cover the vacancies.”

There was a high possibility people with bad intentions would infiltrate Theon at that time.

She didn’t like the aristocratic teachers, but leaving the things as they were was because it was better than the alternative.

At least people like that are easy to read and can be controlled in a moment of need.

Rudger was also aware of that, and admirably, he caught exactly what Elisa was worried about.

“This, I feel like I’m in debt. I received something too big.”

“Haha. Then why don’t you give him a present?”

“A present?”

Elisa opened her eyes wide at Wilford’s words.

“Yes. Didn’t the president often say that? If there is something to give, there is something to receive, and vice versa.”

“That is…”

Elisa did not deny Wilford’s words.

‘A gift…’

Elisa was in agony.

‘Have I ever given a gift to anyone?’

Elisha was always on the receiving end of gifts since most people were fascinated by her beauty, talent, and status and tried to look good.

Elisha knew what they were like, so she accepted what they gave her when she needed it, and when she didn’t, she would reject it.

Even the gifts she received were only a condition for a worthy deal. She couldn’t see them as gifts of pure goodwill.

‘I’ve never been in debt in my life.’

But this time she certainly owed Rudger.

She was sure she had a business relationship with him. However, Rudger’s behavior this time went beyond just a business deal.

It would hurt Elisa’s pride if she didn’t give him something in return.

‘But a gift. Which one would be good?’

Elisa fumbled over whether she had ever given someone a present, but nothing came to her mind. This is because even when she was a student at Theon in the past, she was envied and only received gifts.

She certainly agreed with Wilford, but she couldn’t think of what to do when she tried to do it.

‘Come to think of it, I never did this in my life.’

Although she was treated as a genius and came up to this position, Elisa felt strange that she didn’t do something so basic in her life.

She didn’t think it was that important at the time but now she changed her opinion.

“Hmm. Are you thinking about what to give?”


Elisha replied sternly to the strange admiration felt in Wilford’s softly asking voice.

Wilford grinned at the remark.

“Hahaha. Oh, my. Maybe I should give you some advice.”

“…Mr. Wilford? You look happy.”

“Do you mean me? Huh. How could that be?”

‘What do you mean, that’s impossible.’

Now Wilford was the image of a grandfather who was making a fuss, no matter who looked at him.

“Mr. Rudger Chelici is also a man, so I’ll recommend you roughly what kind of gift he would like.”

Elisa was strangely anxious, but she didn’t refuse since a man would know another man tastes better and she also didn’t think of asking Rudger what he wants.

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