Chapter 93 - Earth Master

Lin Xuan was dumbfounded! The figure pushed the responsibility to him and killed itself!

However, that’s good, it would save him the trouble of having to find the boss!

The Heart of the Earth realm was the reward for clearing the dungeon. If it was really a piece of spiritual equipment or item, especially a human spirit with sufficient wisdom, Lin Xuan would never dare to keep it.

The control of the Earth realm’s heart was directly taken over by Lin Xuan. In an instant, Lin Xuan understood the situation at hand.

The Heart of the Earth realm was not as big as he imagined it to be, it was only about ten acres of land. In the middle of it was a small piece of land with some fruit trees planted. The surroundings were surrounded by water, and there was a gurgling stream. There was also a pavilion by the side of the fruit trees, and further out was a misty mountain range. However, that was just an illusion, it did not exist.

To the east, there was a stone wall, which was given to him by the ability users when the earth spirit worked with the ability users of the outside world to eradicate the demonic plants. There was even an extraordinary path of cultivation in this world — Earth Masters!

Earth Masters were masters of nature, respected nature, and created nature. The earth was their source of power. They could freely travel through the earth and explore the treasures that were nurtured in the earth. Their cultivation was to create a blessed land. They would cultivate from the mortal land and advance to the spirit land. After that, they would create the blessed land and lift up the grotto-heaven!

The heart of the Earth realm was a grotto-heaven world evolved by an expert a long time ago. However, with the fall of the expert and the deterioration of the external environment, the grotto-heaven world continued to shrink. As of now, the spiritual energy within it also continued to dissipate leaving it to what it was today. Even the spirit land was gone, leaving only the mortal land.

In a few more days, this last bit might not be able to be preserved and might even turn into ashes.

Lin Xuan stood in front of the stone wall. Although he could not recognize the words carved on it, there was still a layer of spiritual power on the words.

This stone wall was not big, and there were not many words on it. However, each word was as heavy as a thousand pounds, containing countless principles and values.

With one hand, he touched the words on the stone wall, and the spiritual information recorded slowly transmitted into Lin Xuan’s mind. The research on the Demonic Tree, the origin and development of the Earth Masters, the responsibilities and missions of the Earth Masters, the cultivation methods, the skills of the Earth Masters, everything!

The Earth Masters were not considered to be strong in the offense. The only thing that caught his eye was their ability to escape. Their advantage did not lie in battle, but in logistics. Whether it was planting spirit food potions or regulating the mountains and rivers, those were their specialties.

Other than that, it also had another advantage. They had a mature extraordinary system that was completely isolated from the power of the dungeon!

Whether it was to be a backup plan in the future or to develop it and incorporate it into the current system, it was a very good choice.

However, he came to the conclusion that it was best to exchange for another mature class. This was because after Lin Xuan obtained the Earth Master Class, he might get different feelings of the Earth.

Could other systems be connected by analogy? Or could it be an accelerator for comprehending the supreme attribute?

Anyways, what he had now was the heart of the Earth realm. How much earth comprehension would a grotto-heaven that was upgraded from a blessed land contain? There were countless of them!

The first thing to know was that no matter which class reached the end, the ultimate mission was to assist the user to grasp the laws of the Great Dao, grasp the laws of the Great Dao, and finally jump out of the limits of the Great Dao!

Although the Earth Master was a supporting class, its upper class was being an Earth Immortal. It was the true immortalization of the celestial sect of wonders who was ranked among the other beings. It was also known as the Great Abhijna of the ancestor of the earth immortal.

In this world, the mythological system was sparse, and the legends of these Earth Immortals were not widely known.

No matter what, Lin Xuan — who held the heart of the Earth realm in his hands — would be able to comprehend the supreme of the Earth very quickly in the future now. It was so fast that it was inconceivable. In fact, he had already comprehended the supreme earth, Zhen!

The power of the tremor punch immediately soared!

Other than the stone wall, the earth spirit also left a big gift bag for Lin Xuan!

Previously, due to the influence of the external environment, the spiritual energy within the heart of the Earth realm was drained. It was not that the earth spirit did not do anything. It tried many methods and only succeeded in a few aspects.

The reason why the spiritual energy within the heart of the Earth realm was draining was that the Demonic Tree was constantly devouring the spiritual energy within the soil and rocks, causing the spiritual energy density in the external environment to drop extremely quickly. The difference in the spiritual energy density between the two spaces was getting larger and larger. In the end, the grotto-heaven barrier could no longer hold on and continued to drain the spiritual energy in order to alleviate the pressure of the spiritual energy density.

The earth spirit did not know about the theory of spiritual energy density. It only knew that this thing had to be left behind, so it did what it had to.

Fine wine and spirit wine from thousands or even tens of thousands of years ago would appear in many places. The wine contained a large amount of spiritual energy, and after drinking a mouthful, one would become immortal!

Originally, he did not know how to brew wine. He only recalled a faint memory of how to make it from his neighbor.

Spirit fruits were planted in the spirit land, and a large number of spirit fruits were stored in the cellar. The spiritual spring water was poured in, and finally, it was completely sealed.

The wine was made in three whole cellars, and it successfully retained a large amount of spiritual energy.

Later on, it went crazy, and completely forgot about these cellars!

Lin Xuan stood outside the cellars and took a deep breath. The rich aroma of the wine spread out through the walls of the cellars. With a slight sense, he could even feel that there was a huge amount of spirit energy contained in the interior of the cellars.

This was spirit wine, and it was a spirit wine that had been aged for countless years!

It was a huge profit!

Spirit wine was a good thing. Moreover, the materials used to make it were different, and its effects were also extraordinary. For example, tiger bone spirit wine could be used to temper bones, snake wine could be used to increase poison resistance, and so on!

As for spirit wine brewed from spirit fruits, it was most suitable for replenishing energy and consolidating vitality. Of course, the wine that had been aged for countless years would be beneficial no matter what!

Moreover, if he could add this spirit wine into his future cultivation plan, it would definitely be even more perfect.

He did not open the cellar rashly. This thing might still need to be handled by a professional. If he accidentally hurt the spirit wine, then he would suffer a huge loss.

These wine-making cellars were the most direct harvest of this dungeon exploration!

Through the heart of the Earth realm, Lin Xuan could sense the situation outside. It seemed that a terrifying enemy was advancing in this direction.

Although the heart of the Earth realm no longer had the earth spirit, it still had a rich spiritual legacy. Some of the habits and thoughts left behind by the earth spirit had even affected the current spiritual legacy.

Fear, horror, and unknown thoughts flowed from the heart of the Earth realm to Lin Xuan’s sea of consciousness.

“Don’t be afraid. I can kill them all easily.”

Lin Xuan said softly.