Chapter 94 - Demonic Tree Lord

After mastering the heart of the Earth realm, Lin Xuan naturally had the right to enter and exit this space.

After taking a step forward, he returned to the outside world once again.

The environment that was originally filled with sand now had countless Demonic Trees existing. It was crowded. The vines on their heads grew and they whistled through the air toward the sky.

The desert turned into a forest in a short period of time!

The heart of the Earth realm once again sent out a fearful thought, urging Lin Xuan to leave as soon as possible. The further the better. Otherwise, the world would fall, and an even more powerful Demonic Tree would be created!

The corners of his mouth curled into a savage smile. He lightly waved the iron rod in his hand, and terrifying wind blades spread out in all directions. Countless vines fell powerlessly in the air when he waved them, and they turned into ashes before they even landed on the ground.

For a moment, the terrifying power of healing rules descended once again. The strengthening effect that had originally been suspended was activated once again. Feeling the powerful energy that was continuously gushing out from within his body, Lin Xuan became excited.

Stepping on the wind to move forward, he also had to pay attention to what was behind him!

At this moment, the bright moon hung high in the sky. The fine sand in the desert was mixed with a few crystal clear small particles. When the moonlight shone down, those small particles would reflect, forming a layer of dim light film. It was not bright, but it could be seen.

At this moment, these light elemental particles were being used by Lin Xuan. The wind and light elements buffed him. At this moment, his speed was unbelievably fast. The willow wind technique coupled with the explosive technique of the eight steps technique boosted him.

With a step and a turn, countless wind blades shot out in all directions, taking away the lives of the Demonic Trees one by one.

Lin Xuan looked at the green light spots that were spreading out from his body with a regretful expression. If he could learn the breathing technique of the five internal organs now, he would definitely be able to advance extremely quickly.

Although these Demonic Trees were not smart, it did not mean that they were brainless. Seeing their companions dying one by one, they were naturally extremely fearful of the wind blades that spread out in all directions.

They took root on the spot and transformed into ten-meter-tall trees. They no longer took the initiative to attack. The red patterns on their bodies began to flow while the black patterns began to change.

Lin Xuan did not stop at all. He waited for the enemies to get into formation before attacking again. One strike after another, his attack spread in all directions!

The tiny wind blades carried a weak blade aura as they hacked at the Demonic Tree that had taken on the form of a big tree. Just as these wind blades were about to attack the Demonic Tree, the black and red patterns finally completed their transformation. The firewall suddenly appeared in front of the Demonic Tree. All the wind blades were blocked!

Looking at the wind blades being blocked, the Demonic Tree in the front row laughed loudly, as if they had already won.

“Heh, it’s just a casual attack. Since you want to play a new trick, then I’ll play a trick for you too!”

With his right hand, he drew a knife and placed the iron rod on his left hip. He crouched slightly, closed his eyes, and with a flash, he dashed forward.

With a dazzling turn, the sword light formed a circle, carrying the wind supreme — sharp wind blade!

The firewall could not block this attack at all. His attack easily broke through the defense and then heavily slashed at the trunks. This time, the kill did not trigger the instant death judgment, instead, the damage that Lin Xuan caused this time had reduced the HP of these trees by a lot!

The Demonic Tree in the front row was directly cut in half. The Demonic Trees in the back row were not spared either. They were injured by the slash. Although they could not be directly cut in half, the instant death judgment was effective!

Two rows of Demonic Trees were directly killed!

Spitting on the ground, Lin Xuan bent his knees and immediately jumped up. Naturally, he was not trying to act cool, but because he knew that the next wave of attacks would come from underground.

In an instant, countless roots rose from underground and twined around Lin Xuan. The densely packed roots gave Lin Xuan Goosebumps.

Wind slash!

He swung his blade in mid-air and directly pressed down on the roots that were constantly rising. Immediately, many of the roots turned into ashes. However, at this moment, the surrounding vines also whipped and attacked Lin Xuan. At this moment, Lin Xuan had no way of retaliating.

Wall of Sighs talent class template, switch!

Countless vines wrapped around Lin Xuan’s body, tightening and constricting him before turning into ashes.

“You’re all a bunch of trash.”

Lin Xuan was slightly injured. Moreover, he was tightly wrapped and his breathing was a little difficult. However, those Demonic Trees had also paid the price with their lives.

Stepping on the ground, one’s stamina was limitless!

Just now, Lin Xuan was surrounded by countless Demonic Trees. It could be said that they were impenetrable. He could not use the willow wind movement technique at all. Now, it was replaced by the Wall of Sighs that rampaged around.

The eight steps instantly exploded. The rock-heavy body skill increased his defense and body weight. He was like a meteorite that fell from the sky, crushing all the way over. One had to know that Lin Xuan could deal double the damage at this time, half physical damage, half true damage.

After a long while, the battlefield quieted down. Lin Xuan took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. Countless Demonic Trees turned into ashes and disappeared on the spot.

Lin Xuan frowned from the rumbling that came after this attack. He noticed that things weren’t as simple as they seemed. Then, he walked towards the top of the sand dune. When he saw an incomparably huge tri-colored forest slowly moving towards him in the distance, he was stunned!

What the f*ck! What the h*ll was this thing?

[Wild Monster: Demonic Tree Lord]

[Level: Yellow-rank (warping)]

[Template: Overlord (currently in transition)]

[Skills: Natural Absorption, Demonized Vine, Photosynthesis, Poison Mixer, Tree Clone, Fusion, Scapegoating, Parasitic Seed…]

This was a yellow-tier monster that was currently in transition to black-tier, and its target was the heart of the Earth realm in his hands! It even had an endless set of skills!

Initially, he thought that the earth spirit’s words of completely submitting to the pain was an exaggeration. He did not expect the current boss to actually make him feel exactly like that!

This boss was too f*cking terrifying!

Lin Xuan narrowed his eyes and an extremely sharp slash directly cut off one of the vines of the Demonic Tree Lord. It was still a yellow-ranked monster, and it still had to face Lin Xuan’s instant death judgement after all.

Did he succeed?