Chapter 165 - 165: Leizi’s Marriage

Chapter 165 - 165: Leizi’s Marriage

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At noon, Lei Mingtang arranged to have a quick meal at the restaurant near the residential area. Then, according to Lei Mingtang’s directions, Zhou Chao drove with Jiang Li towards the flower shop.

“This is Jianhua Florist! This must be the place,” Zhou Chao remarked, looking at a flower shop by the roadside.

“Yes, it should be here.” Jiang Li also surveyed the surroundings, confirming that this was indeed the right flower shop.

‘Til go in to have a look first,” Zhou Chao said, parking the car in front of the shop and getting out to head inside.

“Hello, welcome to Jianhua Florist!” a mature-looking lady greeted them.

“Hello, I’ve come for the floral decoration on the wedding car, as we arranged beforehand.”

“May I know the last name of the person who made the reservation? Let me check.” The lady walked towards the front desk to look up the booking records.

“The last name is Lei.”

“Alright, we have your reservation. Is the car parked outside the one you’re using for the wedding?”

“Yes, please arrange the most beautiful one, and I’ll come back to pay. How long will it take?”

“It will take about two to three hours,” the lady replied. Zhou Chao nodded in understanding, handed the car keys to the shop owner, and then walked out.

“All Li, let’s go for a stroll and come back later. It will take two to three hours to decorate the wedding car,” Zhou Chao leaned on the car window and said.

“Okay,” Jiang Li agreed and prepared to get out of the car. Zhou Chao took a step back, allowing her to open the car door and step out.

There happened to be a large commercial complex nearby, and Zhou Chao took Jiang Li for a leisurely walk.

“Do you want to have bubble tea?”

“Is it good?” Jiang Li asked curiously.

“I’m not sure; I usually prefer freshly squeezed fruit juice,” Zhou Chao admitted. He had never been a fan of bubble tea but had a strong liking for various types of freshly squeezed fruit juices.

“Then let’s both have freshly squeezed fruit juice!” Upon hearing this, Zhou Chao gently patted Jiang Li’s head.

“You can sit here for a while; 1’11 go and buy it.” Zhou Chao headed towards the juice shop.

As Zhou Chao returned with freshly squeezed fruit juices, he noticed a young man standing next to Jiang Li, engaged in conversation. He couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Jiang Li looked displeased. Zhou Chao quickly walked over, curious about the situation.

“Miss, are you alone? Let me treat you to some fruit juice. Would you be interested in taking a walk with me?” Zhou Chao walked up to Jiang Li and handed her the fruit juice.

“Sure!” Jiang Li happily accepted the fruit juice, stood up, and linked her arm with Zhou Chao’s. The two of them walked away, leaving the surprised young man behind.

It wasn’t until Zhou Chao and Jiang Li had walked far away that the young man regained his senses. “Wow, he’s really smooth!”

“You have no idea. That guy just now was so persistent, even after I told him I have a boyfriend. He was getting on my nerves!”

“Who wouldn’t be captivated by our beautiful baby? Haha.”

“Of course!” Looking at Jiang Li’s naturally charming expression, Zhou Chao couldn’t resist giving her a kiss.

“It’s about time; let’s head back,” Zhou Chao checked the time. It had been three hours already. They headed towards the flower shop.

“Wow! This is incredibly beautiful!” The entire hood of the G63 was covered with roses, even the edges on both sides. Most of the car was surrounded by fresh flowers, and it looked truly stunning.

“Let’s go. We will return to Leizi’s house first. It’s getting late.” Zhou Chao entered the flower shop and settled the bill, which amounted to over 2000 yuan, but he felt it was worth it. He took the keys and left the shop.

On their way back, Zhou Chao’s car became the center of attention. People were taking pictures with their phones, and it took about ten minutes to reach Lei Mingtang’s house.

“Brother Chao, you’re back!” Zhou Chao had just reached the door when he ran into Lei Mingtang, who was about to leave with his best man, his cousin.

“Yeah, the wedding car is ready. Where are you heading?” Lei Mingtang and his cousin were getting ready to leave.

“The emcee asked us to come to the hotel for a rehearsal. We don’t want to embarrass ourselves tomorrow, so we better practice.”n(-o(-v))e.(L.)B//I)-n

“Alright, do you want me to give you a ride?”

“No need, we’ll drive ourselves. You go and rest for a while.”

“Okay, you go ahead.” Zhou Chao then entered the house with Jiang Li. Most of the arrangements were already in place, and some people had even left by now.

Zhou Chao and Jiang Li stayed at Leizi’s house until evening. Lei Mingtang had also returned by then. They had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the evening, and there were quite a few people, with more than ten tables reserved.

After dinner, Zhou Chao and Jiang Li said their goodbyes and headed back home. Zhou Chao had to get up early the next morning to drive the wedding car. Unfortunately, he was too handsome; if he became the best man, it would overshadow Lei Mingtang’s role.

“Shall we take a ride back?” Because Zhou Chao’s car had already been decorated as the wedding car in the afternoon, it wouldn’t be convenient to drive it back home.

“Sure, let’s take a cab.” Zhou Chao contemplated for a moment and decided that taking a taxi was the best option.

Zhou Chao hailed a taxi by the roadside, and they headed home.

“Brother Chao, do you think our wedding will be as troublesome as this?” Jiang Li asked as they lay in bed, her hand drawing circles on Zhou Chao’s chest.

“No, I’ll take care of everything. You just need to wait patiently for me to come and pick you up,” Zhou Chao reassured her and kissed her forehead.

“Alright, let’s go to sleep. You have to get up early tomorrow to drive the wedding car,” Jiang Li said, getting up and turning off the bedroom lights.

The next morning, at 5:30 AM, Zhou Chao was awakened by the alarm clock. He looked at Jiang Li, who was still asleep in his arms and quickly turned off the alarm. Carefully, he got dressed and picked up his clothes and phone before leaving the bedroom.

After putting on his clothes and freshening up a bit, Zhou Chao left the house. There happened to be a taxi waiting at the entrance of the residential area. Zhou Chao got into the taxi, and the driver drove him to Lei Mingtang’s house. “Brother Chao, you’re here. Have you had breakfast? Have a couple of glutinous rice dumplings to fill your stomach!”

Zhou Chao didn’t hesitate and started eating. After finishing two large glutinous rice dumplings and drinking some soup, he felt warm and satisfied. “Have all the other wedding cars arrived?”

“I just called, and they said they’ve already arrived,” Lei Mingtang replied. Zhou Chao nodded and found a seat to sit down.

Time quickly passed, and it was 6:30 AM. Lei Mingtang saw that most of the people had arrived and announced, “Let’s go! It’s time to get married!”

Everyone picked up their things, and those carrying blankets did so as well. They all took the elevator to the garage. Zhou Chao took Lei Mingtang and the best man to their designated car.

Seeing that everyone was in their cars, Lei’s father stood by each car and handed out a pack of cigarettes and a red envelope. Zhou Chao accepted without hesitation.

“Brother Chao, we can set off now,” Lei Mingtang, sitting in the backseat, said to Zhou Chao after seeing that his father had made all the arrangements.

“Alright! Oh, by the way, where does Zhou Qian’s family live?” Zhou Chao remembered that he didn’t know where the bride’s family lived.

“Brother Chao, they live in the Tianlai Courtyard next to your house!”

“Okay, let’s go!” Zhou Chao started the car and drove out of the garage, followed by a line of Mercedes-Benz cars..