Chapter 166 - 166: During the Wedding

Chapter 166 - 166: During the Wedding

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About ten Mercedes-Benz cars were driving in a grand procession on the highway, with the leading Mercedes-Benz G63 attracting unusual attention!

After all, in this small city, such a convoy was considered quite impressive. “Leizi, are you nervous?” Zhou Chao, who was currently driving, glanced at Lei Mingtang in the back seat and asked.

“For now, I’m fine. I’m just worried about getting nervous when we arrive at the hotel. After all, my family and Zhou Qian’s family have known each other for a long time. Our families are acquainted, so I won’t be too nervous,” Lei Mingtang scratched his head. It was his first time, and he was excited yet nervous.

The convoy soon entered the Tianlai residential area, where a crowd had gathered at the entrance. Lei Mingtang got out of the car, looked back to ensure everything was ready, and then led the way inside.

Since they had to take the elevator, they couldn’t go up all at once. They had to divide into two groups. Lei Mingtang led a few groomsmen in the front, eager with anticipation and a touch of nervousness.

The procession swiftly reached the door of Zhou Qian’s home. When Zhou Chao arrived upstairs, Lei Mingtang was already searching for the bride’s shoes. Zhou Chao couldn’t help but admire Lei Mingtang’s efficiency.

“Found it!” One of the groomsmen discovered the hidden shoes under the bridesmaids’ dresses, and Lei Mingtang quickly took them and helped Zhou Qian put them on.

Then came various rituals. Zhou Chao watched them with great seriousness, knowing that he might need to go through similar rituals in the future.

After staying at the bride’s house until almost 9 o’clock, they eventually departed. Zhou Chao patiently waited in the car.

“Brother “Chao!” As soon as Zhou Qian got into the car, she spotted Zhou Chao and quickly greeted him.

“Congratulations on your wedding!”

“Thank you!” Zhou Qian and Lei Mingtang sat in the back, and Zhou Chao couldn’t help but think, “Beauty and the Beast!”

“Qianqian, who’s this handsome guy driving? He’s so good-looking. Does he have a girlfriend?” A bridesmaid looked at Zhou Chao, her eyes filled with admiration, and whispered to Zhou Qian.

“You shouldn’t even think about it; Brother Chao has a girlfriend!” Lei Mingtang bluntly shattered the bridesmaid’s fantasies.

Zhou Qian gave Lei Mingtang a wry smile, then looked at her close friends beside her. After all, the bridesmaids were all her good friends and besties.

“Give up on the idea of becoming Brother Chao’s girlfriend. Even if he’s single, he won’t be interested in you,” Zhou Qian candidly whispered to her friends.

“All, what a pity!” The bridesmaid looked out of the window, seemingly resigned. The rest of the group burst into laughter.

“Brother Chao, where’s sister-in-law? Is she at home?” Lei Mingtang suddenly remembered that he hadn’t seen Jiang Li today.

“Yeah, she’s at home. I’ll drop you off at the hotel, and then I’ll go pick her up!” While Zhou Chao was speaking, they had already arrived at the garage of their new home. Zhou Chao didn’t go up but made a phone call to Jiang Li from the car.n(-o(-v))e.(L.)B//I)-n

“Lazy little pig, are you awake? 1’11 be back to pick you up shortly, so get up soon!”

“Yeah, I know. I’ll get up right away!” After saying that, Jiang Li hung up the phone. Zhou Chao looked at the disconnected call and couldn’t help but smile.

“Wait until I get home tonight; I’ll deal with you!” Zhou Chao leaned back in his seat and took a break.

Soon, Lei Mingtang came down with Zhou Qian, accompanied by groomsmen and bridesmaids.

“Brother Chao, to the hotel!” After everyone got into the car, Zhou Chao drove toward the Jinke Hotel.

In less than 10 minutes, they arrived at the hotel. After everyone got out of the car, Zhou Chao said to Lei Mingtang, “I’ll go back to pick up Jiang Li first and be right back!”

“Sure!” Watching Lei Mingtang and the others enter the hotel, Zhou Chao drove back home.

“All Li, are you ready? I’m on my way back now.”

“I’m all set!”

“Come down to the garage and wait for me!” Zhou Chao quickly passed through the residential area and, as soon as he entered the garage, he saw Jiang Li’s figure. He parked the car steadily beside her.

“Brother Chao, how was it? Any interesting stories to share?” As soon as she got in the car, Jiang Li looked at Zhou Chao like an inquisitive child.

“Um... Can I say I’ve just been driving the whole time?” Zhou Chao admitted somewhat sheepishly.

Jiang Li chuckled in response. He had been busy all morning, mostly driving, and hadn’t encountered anything particularly interesting.

“Let’s go, it’s already past 11 o’clock. If we don’t leave now, we won’t catch the ceremony!” Zhou Chao checked the time and saw that it was almost 11:30. He started the car and left the garage.

When Zhou Chao arrived at the hotel, the ceremony was just about to begin. He found their designated spot and walked there with Jiang Li.

During the event, Zhou Chao also saw some old classmates and greeted them briefly, chatting for a few moments. Most of the conversations revolved around envy for Lei Mingtang finding a beautiful bride.

The ceremony started soon, and Jiang Li watched attentively, her eyes filled with admiration when she saw the exchange of rings between the bride and groom.

“Brother Chao, I want the bouquet!” As the ceremony neared its end, the bride was preparing to toss the bouquet. Jiang Li looked at Zhou Chao expectantly. Zhou Chao reluctantly stood up and walked toward the crowd.

Lei Mingtang and Zhou Qian noticed Zhou Chao’s movement and immediately guessed that he was going for the bouquet. They exchanged glances, and Lei Mingtang directly took the bouquet and walked toward Zhou Chao.

“Brother Chao, here you go!” Zhou Chao was surprised but didn’t overthink it. He accepted the bouquet and walked over to Jiang Li, handing it to her.

“Thank you, Brother Chao!” Zhou Chao didn’t go for a dramatic one-knee proposal or anything like that. After all, he had a much bigger surprise in mind, and it wasn’t the time for hasty decisions.

After the ceremony, Jiang Li still had a sense of lingering happiness. However, her growling stomach reminded her to shift her attention to the dining table.

Midway through their meal, Lei Mingtang and Zhou Qian came over to offer a toast. Zhou Chao put down his chopsticks.

“Brother Chao, you must have a drink today!” Lei Mingtang held a glass of wine behind Zhou Chao.

“Today, you’re the boss. Your word is law!” Zhou Chao filled his glass with wine and had a toast with Lei Mingtang and Zhou Qian.

“Jiang Li, give the stuff to Leizi!” Hearing this, Jiang Li took out a set of car keys from her bag and handed them to Lei Mingtang.

Lei Mingtang took the keys and found that they were for a Mercedes-Benz. He looked at Zhou Chao in surprise. “Brother Chao, this is too valuable!”

“It’s not a big deal. Just accept it. No need for unnecessary words. The car is parked downstairs. When you have some free time, go take a look!” Zhou Chao raised his hand, signaling Lei Mingtang to stop talking. Their exchange left those around them in awe.

“Brother Chao, thanks!”

“Alright, go about your business!” Lei Mingtang and Zhou Qian then moved on to the next table.

“Qian Qian, what did that handsome guy give? Lei Mingtang seems so excited!” A curious bridesmaid asked from behind.

“A Mercedes-Benz!” Zhou Qian’s response shocked the bridesmaid. She hadn’t expected such a lavish gift. She glanced at the woman beside Zhou Chao with envy in her eyes.

After lunch, Jiang Li drove Zhou Chao, who had pretended to drink a bottle of white wine, back home. As soon as they arrived home, Zhou Chao lay down on the bed and fell asleep, not because he was drunk, but because he was exhausted..