Chapter 1177

Sure enough, soon, the middle-aged man had woken up. After knowing all this, he immediately expressed his gratitude to Ye Yu.

"Thank you, Mr. Ye. If it wasn't for Mr. Ye, I don't know when I would wake up!" The middle-aged man said immediately.

"This time I see you, sir, I am predestined with you, so I don't need to say anything more. Since I am predestined, I will help you!" Ye Yudao.

"Mr. Ye has such medical skills. He must be a famous person in Jinghai. I don't know where he is. I will visit Mr. Ye in the future." Said the middle-aged man.

"No, but since you want to know my name, I will tell you my name is Ye Yu!" Ye Yu replied.

"Mr. Ye Yu, thank you so much this time. If it wasn't for you, we don't know what to do!" Huang Yi said in a hurry.

"Yes, Mr. Ye, we were all cheated by that liar. If it wasn't for this, we wouldn't end up like this!" Said the middle-aged woman.

The middle-aged woman's face is a little ugly when she thinks about what happened just now. She didn't expect that she would have been cheated by that liar. If ye Yu hadn't been here, he didn't know what to do today.

All this is thanks to Ye Yu.

But ye Yu saved her husband today. How could she not appreciate Ye Yu?

"Mr. Ye, this is our little wish. I hope you can accept it! You saved my father this time. Here's a million. Please take it down! " Only Huang Yi said.

The Huang family is not an ordinary family, so it's not a big problem to take out the million.

Ye Yu was not polite, so he took the million.

"Miss Huang, I hope you can have a good look in the future. Who can be trusted?" Ye Yu said with a smile.

"Mr. Ye Yu, we already understand!" Huang Yi is embarrassed to say.

If it wasn't for Ye Yu, this time their family didn't know what to do.

This time, thanks to Ye Yu.

But before the Yi but will ye Yu as a liar, now think of it, naturally feel embarrassed.

"If there's nothing else, I'll leave first!" Ye Yu said with a smile.

After Ye Yu left, Huang Yi's family got together happily.

Ye Yu didn't forget that he made an appointment with Yan Xue's friends at noon.

After Ye Yu arrived at the airport, he went to meet Yan Xue's friend.

This friend is also a beauty. When she saw Ye Yu, her eyes brightened, and she praised Yan Xue for her foresight. She found such a handsome husband.

This friend's words, but let Yan Xue very happy.

After Yan Xue's friend arrived, Ye Yu and Yan Xue went to invite that friend to have a meal together, and then that friend left happily.

The next day, Ye Yu is quietly spent with Yan Xue.

Ye Yu has been here for three years, and has experienced a lot in these three years, but for Ye Yu, the most important thing is to accompany Yan Xue.

So this time, Ye Yu plans to accompany Yan Xue through this period of time.

This period of time is the whole life.

Ye Yu and Yan Xue happy after this life, will take Yan Xue back to the fairyland, when his fairy princess.

(grand finale)