Chapter 526 - 526 Sky-high Costs

526 Sky-high Costs

Many young boys had dreams of becoming heroes since they were young. They joined mech training schools early on and took formal courses alongside mech training.

They viewed it as a lifelong career because one could only be a hero to the masses by working as an outstanding mech pilot.

It was worth mentioning that many academies regarded mech piloting as a special skill, and they would even give bonus points during the examinations.

A craze for learning about mechs was set off in the whole of China, and it even spread overseas.

However, a foreign journalist later published a report in an influential magazine.

According to the report, China already had advanced mech that could integrate humans and machines. They should take the initiative to provide Battle God’s all-purpose module to benefit the world.

However, when he made this argument, many people cursed him endlessly and thought that he was extremely shameless.

This all-purpose module had been developed by China. Why should it be shared with the whole world?

Of course, many people had the same idea. They believed that the main reason for their country’s inability to manufacture a mech was the lack of a universal module.

They lost control of Kaiyuan because the core module’s quality had not been up to par.

If they could obtain Battle God’s core module, the mech’s intelligence and automation would reach a higher level. It could even automatically activate an evasive program when it encountered danger!

However, the all-purpose module was extremely challenging to produce from a technical aspect. Very few countries could figure it out. Until today, they still could not manufacture high-level mechs.

“Wu Mo, public opinion is rising out there. They’re all hoping that you’ll take the initiative to make the all-purpose module available.”

At this moment, the old chief approached Wu Mo for a private chat.

Wu Mo smiled and shook his head.

Of course, he had seen the reports. Besides, many countries had issued so-called alliance invitations in an attempt to force China to sell its technology module.

“Chief, if they keep insisting, we’ll sell it to them!” Wu Mo suddenly said.

“What? Wu Mo, are you sure? You plan on selling them the technology for this all-purpose module?”

The old chief found it unbelievable. This technology would be considered top-secret in any country, and it could never be sold to the outside world.

Decades or even centuries ago, other countries had restricted China and prevented it from obtaining authorization for certain top-notch technologies. Hence, its people could only rely on others.

Now, however, China had such top-notch technology, and it was leading the world. Why would they sell it?

However, Wu Mo said, “It’s not a problem, Chief. They’ll develop this all-purpose module technology sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time. We can make a fortune now before they succeed in their research and development.”

After a pause, Wu Mo continued passionately, “Furthermore, we should pursue continuous technological advancement and innovation instead of indulging in the results of the past! I’ve developed an even more advanced module, which will act as our super smart control system. This system is even more precious than the module!”

When the old chief heard this, the worry in his heart gradually dissipated. So, that was the case.

Wu Mo had already developed a more advanced technology, so there was no harm in selling the all-purpose module.

As long as China’s technology was always ahead of the rest, that was enough!

“Wu Mo, how much are you planning to sell it for?” The old chief raised another important question.

After all, they had to listen to Wu Mo’s opinion on the price.

Wu Mo pondered for a moment and said with a firm expression, “Let’s sell it for two billion per module!”

Two billion?

The old chief was shocked because it was such an exorbitant price!

“Wu Mo, are you confident that other countries will accept this price?” The old chief smiled bitterly.

Two billion for an all-purpose module. It was indeed a staggering price.

If the cost of materials to make a mech was only so much, would the price of this module not exceed the cost of the entire mech?

“Two billion is definitely worth it,” Wu Mo said confidently. “Without this module, the thing they built was just a decoration. It will only be a mech with this module. If they don’t want to buy it, then so be it!”

Indeed, if they did not want to buy it, then they did not have to buy it. It was simple logic.

The old chief smiled bitterly and nodded in agreement. He immediately sent people to negotiate with those countries that were interested in purchasing the universal module.

“What? Two billion per module?

When the people responsible for purchasing the module for their country heard the news, they were shocked.

“Two billion for a module. Isn’t China asking for too much?”

The buyers from some countries were indignant, and they accused China of being greedy.

Meanwhile, the person in charge of the negotiations from China sneered.

“Hehe, it’s up to you. In any case, if the sea monsters destroy any of your cities, your losses will cost more!”

His words hit the nail on the head and instantly made the other party speechless.

That’s right. If a city suffered a devastating blow, it would cost several dozen billion yuan to rebuild it. What was two billion?

Furthermore, with a mech, they would have the capital to fight the sea monsters. They would benefit from it permanently.

No matter what, China’s stance was firm. Whether anyone was willing to purchase it or not, the all-purpose module was there. It would not be going anywhere!

However, if they were unwilling to pay the price of two billion, they would never obtain it.

Before long, a representative from a country in the far end of the continent appeared. Although this country did not have a large territory, it was extremely rich.

They were rich in oil and rare minerals, so money was not an issue.

Therefore, they did not hesitate to spend four billion to buy two all-purpose modules at once!

Such generosity secretly surprised the other countries. After all, this country did not need mechs!

They were not a coastal country. If the sea monsters started attacking their territory, the entire continent would be in danger.

On top of that, this country bought two all-purpose modules at once. Was it not a waste?

As such, other countries immediately condemned its actions.

However, the country’s spokesperson said that they wanted to stock up on two modules just in case.

Besides, the all-purpose module contained many high-tech elements. Their research team wanted to study it to improve the country’s overall scientific research level.

Once they gave their reason, the other countries fell silent.

Not long after, a coastal country spent two billion to buy the all purpose module as well!

With this module, they could now develop a real mech.

Although their mech might not be as powerful as Battle God or Zero, it would definitely be a true mech with the ability to fight against sea monsters.

Everything was difficult at first. As long as someone took the lead, other countries would naturally follow suit.

As expected, one country after another began to purchase the all-purpose modules from China.

An officer was in charge of coordinating the matter. He went to the laboratory and nervously asked, “Wu Mo, fifteen countries are eyeing the all-purpose module, and we’ve earned ten billion so far! But do you have an unlimited supply?”