Chapter 742 Paladin David

Chapter 742 Paladin David


The process was much faster than we thought, by contacting Granny Austucia through the Spirits, she quickly called a large squad of Knights, led by a prestigious Knight Commander that was also a renowned Paladin.

They followed our instructions and quickly arrived in the scene, seeing the destruction and everything else. They brought some Court Magicians as well to analyze the scene and everything else.

"It seems that it is as you said, this place was being used by Cultists to create abominations." The Paladin sighed, a man on his thirties, with short black hair and a small beard, with sharp green eyes. His name was David, and he was well known around the entire city as an enforcer of justice. "We are grateful for your help at taking them down. Even now, I am unsure we would had been able to defeat them all before a few were to escape, even less without casualties."

"The Spirits called us here after we were ambushed by chimeras some days ago." I explained. "Due to the lack of evidence, we couldn't really report it... But they seemed to be targeting Ambil, for some reason."

"Ambil, the last son of the Ember Family?" Wondered David.

"Yeah, the very same. We are working with him and helping him get his shop into a good shape." Said Mark. "He pays well and it's a good way to learn Blacksmithing."

"I see." David nodded. "I wonder why they targeted him; we'll have to put some knights around his perimeter, the danger of these monsters roaming our streets must be eradicated."

"Sir David, look at these papers!" Suddenly, a few knights came running towards David.

"Hm?" David looked at them carefully. "What...?! A chimera made using fragments of a demon king?! Did you... fought such a beast?"

"We did." I nodded. "It was most likely one of the many victims here... All these people that was killed... It was all to create that abomination. I used Spirit and Holy Light Magic to purify its existence."

"I-I see..." David swallowed saliva. "Players are sure in another level... Nonetheless, what they did here sure is awful. It is sad that there were no survivors though, we could had interrogated them a bit."

"There were." I sighed. "We tried to keep a few, but they committed suicide once they realized they had no hope of escaping."

After the battle, there were a few cultists that survived, we sealed their magic and bodies and kept them restrained until the paladins were to arrive.

However, they activated what was inside their chests, and ended exploding into explosions of darkness... making the entire effort pointless.

"So they have gone this far..." David analyzed, as the many corpses left behind were covered on clothing and carried away one after another. "It's terrible though... So many innocent lives taken away. If only the Lords allowed us to patrol the more dangerous and darker streets of the Commoner District, this... it could have been prevented."

He seemed visually frustrated and angered, gripping his fists tightly.

"Do the Nobles dislike taking care of the commoners?" Rita asked. "Unless we go close to the Noble District, we never see you guys anywhere."

"T-There are guards near the gates... But they seem to only care about their own safety. Even with the great wealth they possess, nobody desires to protect commoners at all." Said David. "I had implored several Lords, and even the King to create some sort of Squadron that could be placed in the Commoner District, but he often just says "he'll think about it" while never giving me a clear answer."

"I shouldn't had expected much from rich bastards." Jenny commented.

"Jenny! Think about what you just said, you're in front of knights!" Lily panicked, as many knights glared at her angrily.

"S-Sorry, that's my pet slime, she sometimes talks nonsense." I laughed nervously.

"Who are you calling a pet slime?!" Jenny cried. "These knights should- Mmgghh...!"

She was quickly silenced by Rita's shadow tentacles wrapping around her and shutting her up once and for all.

"Anyways, this place will be below our jurisdiction for now. We will be investigating these clues with the rest of the knights. This is also a good excuse to mobilize a part of our robust squadron to these more dangerous areas." David seemed slightly happy about that. "However, I am in no way telling you to move away. We would gladly cooperate with you, even if you're Players. We've sought through your antecedents and you're Adventurers already, so you've been registered as citizens."

"Well, yeah, I didn't knew that counted us as citizens though!" I said while wondering about it.

"That makes it much easier." Rita shrugged.

"Thanks, we will gladly cooperate in this investigation. We've learned about the Cult of the Demon King of Miasma for a couple of days, but because we lacked evidence, we found it would only bring suspiciousness if we tried to report them to authorities." Mark explained, he was exceptionally good at dealing with NPC and also explaining things well.

"Well, we can't blame you for that." David nodded, crossing his arms. "For now, you've done enough, we have reported the Adventurer Guild about your amazing feat, you can collect some rewards there, alongside some renown too."

"Oh really? Thank you so much!" I smiled.

David blushed a bit after seeing me smile, laughing a bit nervously.

"It is nothing, Lady Planta." He smiled, suddenly holding my hand. "I am amazed that there's such a beautiful and dazzling dryad in this city, and someone so strong and righteous too. I will be looking forward to working at your side so we can solve this mystery together." He gallantly kissed my hand.

"E-Eh?!" I felt slightly surprised, I couldn't help but blush a bit myself. "O-Okay, thank you..." I slowly dragged my hand back.

"..." Mark was glaring at him from behind but didn't said anything... He is well behaved even when he's a bit jealous.

"Whenever we find some news, we will report them to the Adventurer Guild for you to be notified." He said, waving his hand.

"Alright, thanks for everything!" I said.

Like that, we moved back to the Adventurer Guild.