Chapter 904: Unreasonable Woman

Chapter 904: Unreasonable Woman

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 17:18

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, VIP Venue

"Ahh…" As I neared the center of the VIP venue where the energy sword cards are put on display I had a sharp scream. Followed by the yell of a familiar voice, "Don't touch her, let go of her,"

Hearing the familiar voice yell my pace hastened, piercing through the crowd I made it to the nine glass columns displaying energy sword cards. Only to see an agitated Lucy summon her grimoire and activate her origin card aiming at a middle-aged woman with heavy makeup, "Dessert Cannon activate,"

"Ahhh! She wants to kill me, somebody help me," Seeing Lucy's hands morph into cannons, the middle-aged woman let go of Lucy's hair and screamed for help, causing panic in the crowd.

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Once the middle-aged woman let go of Lucy's hair, Eliza hugged Lucy's head in her bosom, while gently brushing her hair she whispered, "Lucy, calm down, everything is going to be okay, calm down, big sister is here,"

Eliza's whispers in Lucy's ears worked like a charm. Lucy's cannon arms morphed back to normal hands and she did not seem to be as agitated as before. And soon the duo was surrounded by a fleet of men in uniform.

Lucy activating her origin card had triggered the soul energy monitoring alarms, alerting the security of the auction house who responded in a record time as per their training. The chief of security walked out of the men surrounding Eliza and Lucy addressing them, "Miss, you have violated the rules of the auction house, please leave the auction houses while we politely escort you out."

Hearing the Chief of security the middle-aged woman from earlier flared up yelling, "That bitch tried to kill me, and you guys want to let her go, does the card creationist association have no sense of justice? I want her to be imprisoned."

Hearing the middle-aged woman, Eliza threw a glare at her but before she could refute the middle-aged woman's slander, the Chief of security respond by saying, "Madam, that is not possible since no one is harmed, we have no reason to detain them but if you want to press charges against them, please contact the city cops."

The Cheif of security did not make things difficult for Eliza and Lucy hearing the middle-aged woman's demand because he knew that the card apprentices present in the VIP venue were all influential people with high backgrounds. So he did not want to offend either of the parties so decided to do things by book so that neither of them come back for his head.

"What? She almost killed. I was so frightened by this incident, I may be traumatized for the rest of my life. But you are telling me no harm was done? Is there no justice in this world? I want you to hold her for the attempt to murder charge," after the Chief of security said there was no harm done the middle-aged woman flipped yelling she was mentally traumatized.

"Hey, old lady, don't just go around spouting your bullshit. If anyone here was traumatized then it was my friend. If you had not grabbed her by her hair and tried to slap her, she would not feel the need to use her card to defend herself. She should be the one pressing charges against you. Hold on I will call the city cops myself and let them decide who is in the wrong here," Finally getting her chance Eliza did not spare the middle-aged woman.

"Old Lady? Little slut who are you calling old lady?" Being called old Lady the middle-aged woman who was targeting Lucy so far snapped at Eliza.

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"Old Lady, please watch your language. I will add it to your list of offenses when the cops come here," Eliza did not bicker with the middle-aged woman but threatened her with the law.

"Cops? Go ahead and call them I have nothing to worry about since I have done nothing wrong," the middle-aged woman acted as of the word, cops, did not fear her but she visibly calm down from before Eliza threatened her with it. This woman knew who was wrong here but still bickered to not give Eliza the satisfaction of being right and winning against her.

"Fine, I will call the cops right now," Eliza was not willing to let this go until she found justice for her friend because she knew Lucy did nothing wrong yet was abused by this unreasonable middle-aged lady.

Hearing that Eliza and the middle-aged lady wanted to settle this through cops the chief of security knew things were already above his pay grade and right now he should do what he was paid to do, maintain peace in the VIP venue.

"Okay, ladies, I will have to ask the three of you to step out of the auction house, you are disturbing other guests." Now that the trio wanted to call the cops, the chief of security did not want the arrival of the cops to ruin the open auction experience of the other guests. Therefore he decided to escort the middle-aged out along with Eliza and Lucy.

"What? You will regret this," hearing the Cheif of security wants to throw her out too, the middle-aged woman gave him a death glare while making thrid-rate cliche threats.

"Security, escort them out," ignoring the middle-aged woman's threat the chief of security ordered his men to escort the three ladies out of the auction hall.

"Come on, Lucy let's go," Eliza said to Lucy as the security escorted them out but Lucy did not move an inch and said, "No, I want the energy sword card."

Hearing Lucy, Eliza's expression turned complicated as due to this incident with the middle-aged woman they were being expelled from the auction house meaning the bids made by them will become invalid which meant Lucy will not be able to buy the energy sword card through this open auction.