Chapter 1142 Return

Date- 5 April 2321

Time- 00: 57

Location- Southern Region, Blossom district, Unknown

"Okay, I will give it some thought," I said that but did not mean it.

Be it Earth or this card world there was always going to be people stronger than me, if I thought otherwise, I would be a fool. However, if I let the fear of them dictate the terms of my life then I might live but it was not going to be a life worth living.

They say as long as you are alive you can get revenge and it will be worth the wait but that means you have to get hurt first. However, I did not plan on getting hurt in the first place. I can't always be ahead of others but I can always trust in myself.

Back on earth when I started my journey to the top, there was always some big MNC or a government agency that wanted what I had or did not like what I was doing. If I had let them get what they wanted, my journey to the top would have ended even before it started. And just because I made it to the top, did not mean that there was no more threat. It was always there waiting for me to let my guard down and strike when I was most vulnerable.

​ This did not mean, I was not asking to stand tall even when you knew a bullet was heading your way, that would be stupid. I was saying to be prepared to make the difficult choice, not the safe choice or right choice as there was no such thing called a safe or right choice.

"Do you have to be stubborn about this?" Jill asked knowing that the boy said that to assure her and did not plan to act on it.

"Jill, I appreciate the heads up and the card. However, I don't appreciate this," I warned Jill to say no more.

"I hate this side of yours but it's so… fuck it," Jill grabbed the boy's hair at the back of his head as she leaned in for a passionate but nonconsensual kiss.

"..." I did not resist Jill, rather I grabbed one of her ass cheeks with my right hand and her long silky hair with my left, trying to dominate the kiss.

Just when I was feeling aroused Jill broke the kiss and backed out of my embrace saying, "If we continue any longer I don't think I can suppress my physique. I better get going, see you at the university."

"Sure, bye," after bidding our goodbyes Jill got into her Chariot and headed home.

Date- 5 April 2321

Time- 2:43

Location- Southern Region, Blossom district, Sky Blossom City, Passion Motel

Morphing my appearance I entered the city and booked a room in an expensive motel. This decision of mine had nothing to do with Jill's warning but with myself, I was exhausted after a long day. I wanted to be by myself, so Instead of heading to the warehouse as I usually would, I decided to spend the remaining night in a motel room before easing into my regular life.

But just when I was about to enjoy my big and cozy bed I was disturbed by a sudden knock on the door.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

I used my Soul pupils to check who it was and I had to have guessed that this would happen. The visitor knocking on the door was none other than Anna. I guess the ring she gave me for protection against the curse-type cards gave away my location.

Reverting to my original appearance, I opened the door only to hear Anna yell, "Surprise."

I looked behind Anna and asked her, "So, where is the surprise?"

"I am the surprise, silly," Said Anna and entered the room without being invited.

"You take the couch," Closing the door behind me, I ordered Anna to sleep on the couch knowing she likes to sleep nude and I, myself, leaped into the huge bed trying to return to my sleep.

"What the fuck, Wyatt? I came all the way to surprise you and this is how you treat me?" Anna complained.

"Anna, I am already being generous by giving you the couch, or would prefer to sleep outside," I provoked Anna knowing how she would react.

"Just because you fooled a bunch of semi-demigods, don't get full of yourself?" said Anna climbing into my bed but she suddenly cried out, "Aaah."

I grabbed Anna by her wrist and pulled her into my embrace and spooned her.

"Wyatt, what exactly are you planning to do?" Anna asked and a little tremor could be heard in her voice. Was it out of expectation or shyness I couldn't tell?

"You tell me what you were planning by surprising a single man at a motel and climbing into his bed," I said as I wrapped my arm around her waist and slowly kissed the back of her lily-white swan neck.

"Clearly, I wasn't expecting this," Anna uttered, feeling the boy's moist lips on the back of her neck sending a titillating feeling through her body.

Anna was caught off guard as she never expected her crush to be so enthusiastic. She walked into the room expecting him to be his usual cold and dense self but he surprised her with this rarely-shown side of his.

"I missed you, Anna," I wasn't just saying this to make Anna feel better, I genuinely missed her. I never thought there would be a day I would get to say this to a girl.

*Squeak* Anna let out a weird short cry, seeing me be vulnerable and hearing me tell her my genuine feelings.

"I missed you too," Anna said, turning around to make eye contact with me. I did not shy away this time, I glanced into her eyes and let myself be vulnerable like I promised myself.

Lost in each other's eyes, we both slowly leaned in, as if our lips were magnets of opposite polarity attracting each other for a passionate kiss.