Chapter 1196 So It Begins

Date- 5 April 2321

Time- 04:14

Location- Southern Region, Blossom district, Sky Blossom City, Outskirts

"So, who are you?" I asked the semi-demigod chick, tired of addressing her as the semi-demigod chick.

"Agent Lois Forger, Secret Police, the last name you will hear in this world," Lois said trying to sound cool, after hearing the boy call himself her death, she thought she too should give a cool introduction.

"Sure, Agent Lois Forger from the secret police," I acknowledged the opponent and then asked, "Before we begin I have to ask, Do you admit defeat?"

"No," Lois gave me a look as if asking me if I was for real.

"Cool, but remember, during any point of our fight you can admit defeat and surrender," I was being serious when I asked Lois if she admitted defeat. My wager with the devil had two conditions that weren't definitive so I had to add terms and conditions to the contract to make them definitive.

The two conditions I speak of were,

- Defeating Agent Lois Forger.

What constituted defeating Agent Lois could vary depending from person to person, therefore I set a few ground rules to define defeating Agent Lois, and Lois admitting defeat was one of them, the other was her being rendered unable to fight and the last one was trapping her. I wanted to add her fleeing as her defeat too but Belphegor did not agree to it, saying that being able to flee would be considered her capability. So defeating Lois was either rendering her unable to fight or her surrendering or trapping her.

- Use of external help to defeat Lois would lead to Belphegor winning by default.

What constituted external help? This one was tricky. It was given that involvement of a third party would be considered external help but what about using soul jades, broken runes, other energy sources, or borrowed items like the dummy ring, was it considered external help? Fortunately, Belphegor and I came to an understanding that the use of everything I had on me while signing the contract would not be considered external help. Making it so that Anna's ring which was on me the whole time would not be considered external help.

Now that I had informed Lois that she had the option of surrendering, I then wondered if I could trap her but her legendary physique's teleportation-like technique made it near impossible to trap her. Leaving me with the only option, beating Lois senseless within what remains of the five minutes.

"Sure, but you too remember, surrender is not an option for you. My orders are clear, to kill you," Lois felt that the boy was taunting her so she too practiced it.

"Cold, but cool, I don't blame you. You, salary slaves, have to do whatever your masters ask of you," This time I meant to taunt Lois but my taunt was weak.

However, it achieved its purpose, as, soon Lois vanished from my field of vision and I felt her presence in my spiritual channel. Then suddenly she appeared in front of me to stab her sword in my heart but before she could do that my two heads and pairs of arms floating behind me instantly appeared behind Lois preparing to restrain her but before that could happen, Lois, vanished once again.

'If you see me, I see you.' this was one of the abilities of my Gigamite physique which allowed me to instantly pinpoint people spying on me. The way this worked was if the target was watching me then my floating heads and arms would teleport behind them, restraining them for me. But the use of this ability was not limited to catching peeping Toms but also helped me avoid any possible sneak attacks on me. As long as the assassin sees me they were doomed to fail. Making it a bane of Lois's mysterious teleportation-like trick.

Though this ability of Gigamite saved me from Lois's sneak attacks, they were not able to teleport to where ever Lois vanished. It seems when Lois vanished she would go into a different space, my money was in the middle section of Lois's spiritual channel. Since she could appear in the middle section of my spiritual channel then she could also travel to the middle section of her spiritual channel.

I was so sure of this because when Lois vanishes, to normal eyes Lois was completely gone but to my soul pupils I could see the end of her spiritual channel that was in the physical plane. And also because the midsection was in between the physical plane and the spiritual plane, a separate space where my floating heads and arms could not follow her.

Right now my top priority was not defeating Lois but figuring out how I can stop Lois from vanishing and escaping into the mid-section of her spiritual channel. Because as long as Lois kept vanishing into the mid-section of her spiritual channel, I will never be able to defeat her within the time limit. I had to figure out a solution for this if I planned to defeat Lois.

But for me to do just that, I needed more data, therefore I provoked Lois into using her teleportation-like trick. As long as I figured out how her physique allowed her to move into her spiritual channel, I could always think of a way to stop her from doing so.

So I made use of my soul pupils and Hive AI to record every little change in Lois's soul pathways and arrangements. Not just Lois but the soul pathways surrounding her too just to be thorough as I had no idea how Lois was able to move in and out of the spiritual channel.

As much as I hate to admit this, for now like Anna I too was limited to defending against Lois's sneak attack but I faired a lot better than Anna against Lois's sneak attacks as Lois did not manage to land a single blow on me so far, my floating heads and arms made sure of it. But I did manage to get tonnes of data on Lois's mysterious ability.