Chapter 1586 Torn Between Love & Duty

Date- ???

Time- ???

Location- Reverse Dungeon, Yellow Plain Planet, Freedom Fighter's Base

"What happened? Did you guys forget how to fight?" The demigod in charge of the finances in the Freedom Fighters would not have dared to be so rude to wards Luna a card King but he did not think twice before taunting demigod Baylor. This was not the case until the top brass of the Freedom Fighters learned that Matron was Baylor's wife. All the reputation Baylor had built among the Freedom Fighters fell in one night. It was already a miracle that they did not suspect Baylor of colluding with Matron.

"Have all of the injured been treated?" Demigod Baylor chose to ignore the demigod in charge of the finances and instead asked if all of his injured subordinates had received the appropriate medical care.

"Apologize," Before the demigod in charge of the finances could even answer Baylor, Henricks calmly said to the demigod in charge of the finances. Though Baylor was tolerating, as his mentor Henricks wasn't. Causing Luna to look at the demigod in charge of the finances in interest, wondering if he would apologize to Baylor.

"..." Seeing the demigod in charge of the finances hesitate to apologize, Henricks did not repeat himself but he did explain himself, "Those card apprentices whom you just ridiculed were injured in the process of fighting for the very cause that brought us together. I don't care about the disagreement between you guys, hash it out. I will not tolerate disrespect toward the cause our hundreds of thousands of Freedom Fighter brothers and sisters have sacrificed themselves for."

"I apologize, that was insensitive of me," the demigod in charge of the finances apologized while Henricks stared at his disciple as if asking, 'How long are you going to let everyone walk over you out of guilt? You did nothing wrong.'

'Ignorance is as bad as the crime itself' Baylor's eyes conveyed this to his mentor.

With this, it became clear to Henricks that as long as Baylor wasn't willing to forgive himself, there was no helping him. Soon dark lines formed on his forehead as he heard Luna mutter, "Coward." in response to the apology issued by the demigod in charge of the finances.

Henricks needed to do something about this rich spoiled girl. She was causing disarray among the top brass left and right. Usually, she would be busy with her research so he did not bother with her. But now that they had withdrawn all the funds from her department, she had more time on her hands which was proving challenging for the bond between the Freedom Fighters.

"You—" the demigod in charge of the finances was enraged being called a coward but before he could give a proper rebuttal to Luna, Henricks yelled, "Enough!"

The demigod in charge of the finances once again swallowed his words despite noticing the obvious sneer on Luna's face. After the moment of rage passed, he understood he could not afford to piss off either Luna or Henricks. He, a demigod, did not find it shameful to be afraid of a card king. It showed that the amount of grip that Luna had over the leadership and subordinates of the Freedom Fighters was just insane.

"Did everyone receive the necessary medical care?" Henricks asked ignoring the small exchange between Luna and the demigod in charge of the finances. Was he enabling her by giving her a pass on such behavior toward her colleagues? It was hard to tell.

"No, there a few dozen more injured card apprentices that need medical care. Understanding that we were about to run out of medicinal supply, some Freedom Fighters refused medical care so that there were enough medicine ingredients for those with severe injuries. Though our medics were understanding enough to respect their sacrifice and only treat those with severe injuries first we ran out of medicinal ingredient cards before all those with severe injuries could be treated," It took a lot out of the demigod in charge of finance to keep his face straight as he spoke these words.

Today, he got to compare what was considered a severe injury, loss of a limb, or punctured organs. The answer was not simple when you were standing in front of a ward full of people with missing limbs refusing to undergo treatment such that the medics could focus on those with internal injuries.

"Take them all to Madam Joy, tell her to add all the expenses to my tab," Henricks ordered immediately. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

High-ranking medical card apprentices were very rare, so much so that Freedom Fighter did not have a single one of them. As a result, the seat for chief of the medical department was still empty. In desperation, Henricks even asked plague doctor Joy to fill in the post but she decisively refused the offer knowing that with her abilities and cards after becoming the chief of the medical department she would become a free medical care plan for the whole Freedom Fighters. She cared for the cause of the Freedom Fighters so much that she left her high status in the card world and joined them but not enough to turn herself into a battery for the whole damn Freedom Fighters. Therefore, she maintained as much distance from the medical department as possible.

"No!" Luna yelled in protest even before the demigod in charge of finance could agreed with Henricks. Madam Joy was treating Wyatt, she did not want her to split her attention with other patients and delay Wyatt's treatment. When Henricks glared at her, Luna dragged Baylor for support, "Baylor, you understand why I am saying this right?"

"..." Baylor could not speak a word. Right now he was basically being asked to choose between Wyatt and his subordinates who selflessly and heroicly fought at his command. All the eyes were on Baylor to see if he agreed with Luna but he stood there frozen without any reaction. His love for Elleen was such that he was struggling to make the obvious choice.

Henricks shook his head saying, "Did you not hear what I just said? Make the necessary preparations."