CH 245

Chapter 245: Kill! The world shook! A thousand Miles gave his head! The terrified All Gods Alliance! Gone again!

[Sky City is Boss Lin Yi’s trump card!].

[No wonder from the beginning to the end, Big Brother Lin Yi had nothing to say about the Anti-Angel Alliance’s expedition plan. In his eyes, those alliance members were just a bunch of jumping clowns! He just wanted to kill them clean!].

[I am shivering in the Dark Forest!].

[Advise all the Castle Lords of the Dark Forest and even Rangers. If they can run, run! The Dark Forest is destined to become the slaughterhouse of Sky City!].

[Staying in the Dark Forest is a dead end!].

[I won’t stay in the Dark Forest anymore. I’ll go to the Bolili Heights next door and continue to run further away after developing for a while! Before Lin Yi would establish the Angel Dynasty, I will not come back!].

[Lin Yi could only allow us to live in his kingdom if he established the Angel Dynasty.].

[I’m already running away!].

[After the Angel Dynasty is established, I will return!].


Now, there were at least tens of thousands of Castle Lords in the Dark Forest.

However, at this moment, every one of them was terrified, even if it was the top Castle Lord, if they had reported hope before, then now, once [Sky City] was released, they no longer had any hope.

If they did not leave the Dark Forest, they would die sooner or later!

Lin Yi had wiped out the entire Anti-Angel Alliance. Not even a single flying soldier was spared. How could they be left in the Dark Forest to grow and seize resources?

Thinking of this, many of the Castle Lords in the Dark Forest began to organize the resources of the castle and prepare to run.

Just like what the World Chat Channel said.

Before Lin Yi would establish a dynasty.

They would never return, let alone get close to Lin Yi’s castle.

Only after Lin Yi established the Angel Dynasty, the Castle Lords would be able to survive under the wings of the Angel Dynasty.

But he did not need to think to know that they would pay a huge price at that time.

Of course, these were the guesses of the Castle Lords.

No one knew if the future [Angel Dynasty] of Lin Yi would accept the refuge of the Castle Lords and the Rangers.

The only thing that could be determined was.

Those who were enemies with Lin Yi were already dead.

For example, the leader of the Black Dragon Castle, who once won fourth place in the Beast Tide Combat Strength Rankings and was a member of the All Gods Alliance, died in this war.

However, he led the dark dragon army and crossed nearly 2,000 kilometers, dying in the Dark Forest.


All Gods Alliance – Internal Information Group.

It was a bleak scene!


Because the Anti-Angel Alliance was defeated, their representative died.

There were a total of nine representatives in the Alliance of the Gods; all of them were the top Castle Lords, such as the Black Dragon Castle, the nest of fire dragons, the Golden City, the Fairy Garden, and so on.

[I never thought this would happen!].

[Brother Black, the Lord of a councilman-rank castle, was even cooler than me!].

[It can’t be said that Elder Black’s strength was too weak. Everyone sitting here. Which Castle Lord was confident that he can defeat Brother Black? Lin Yi’s Angel Castle is too strong!].

[It’s not strong; it’s strong to the point of being abnormal!].

[No one had expected that Lin Yi would have the Castle in the Sky!].

[After such a long time, Lin Yi has been locking down the news of Sky City and has not revealed anything! I suspect that he was trying to lure the people from the Angel Alliance to send their heads off!].

[It’s also possible that Lin Yi didn’t expose Sky City to deal with the All Gods Alliance!].

[Hiss! Don’t say such words; I feel my scalp go numb!].

[Lin Yi is too sinister!].

[It’s just as well that the Sky City didn’t appear. Once it did, it directly killed the Castle Lords of the Anti-Angel Alliance, not even sparing one of their soldiers that was too ruthless!].

[This is killing to death!].

[That said, isn’t there any way to be able to check and balance the Sky City?].

[I also want to ask, such a terrifying weapon of war, even Twin Mountain was directly destroyed. If it was our castle, wouldn’t it be one shot at a time?].

[I have to find a way to counterbalance Sky City!].

[Otherwise, who would be Lin Yi’s opponent in the future battle of the castles and the battle of the dynasty? As soon as Sky City comes out, all of us will not be able to defeat it!].

[How? A fart method!].

[This is a giant city that can fly in the sky! Why did he shoot it down?].

[Shit! Not to mention, it is possible!].


[Since the Castle in the Sky is loaded with cannons, cannons must exist in this world! As long as we can release the relevant blueprints and build them, we will have the chance to bombard Lin Yi’s Sky City!].


[If Lin Yi can bombard us, then we can bombard him! It all depended on who could be blasted!].

[Brothers, we should use all kinds of relationships and methods to get similar cannon!].

[But if we have tens of thousands of cannons, we don’t have to worry about Sky City!].

[Hearing your words, I feel much more relaxed!].

[In this world, no power is invincible. There is always a way to contend!].

[So, we don’t have to be too afraid of Lin Yi!].



Kalami Prairie, the capital of gold.

Feng Qing stared blankly at the chat records in the Alliance, and then subconsciously swiped the World Chat Channel.

Lin Yi’s cannon had turned the Angel Alliance upside down, and the entire army had been wiped out……

The Black Dragon Castle Lord was also dead.

These two pieces of news shocked her too much!

Even now, her heart was shaken and was unable to calm down.

Feng Qing was silent for a long time.

Finally, she moved her finger and sent a message to the Alliance’s internal group.

Instantly, it caused another huge wave!