CH 246

Chapter 246: Goddess, who are you really with? Forced to withdraw from the Alliance! New Holy Light Alliance! Xia Yi Meng!

Feng Qing said, “Who is there in our Alliance that secretly colluded with the Anti-Angel Alliance and secretly supported their top-ranked soldiers? If it’s anyone of you, then take the initiative to step forward!”

It instantly shook the internal group of the All Gods Alliance.

In the All Gods Alliance, there were a lot of people secretly colluding with the Anti-Angel Alliance because many of them hoped that the Anti-Angel Alliance would win.

The reason was very simple. As the top Castle Lords, each of them had a glorious future. Which one of them wanted to be suppressed by Lin Yi?

As soon as Lin Yi died, the Angel Castle would be destroyed.

The mountain that almost suffocated them disappeared.

So in the All Gods Alliance, many members sold their top soldiers to the Anti-Angel Alliance at a very low price to support the Anti-Angel Alliance.

Although the number of individuals sold was not much, there were almost a hundred of them.

However, no one expected this.

The top-ranked soldiers they sold for support hadn’t even lit up and hadn’t even appeared on the scene, yet they had been blasted away.

Now, Feng Qing had brought this matter directly to the surface, which could be considered as uncovering the scars of some people.

They didn’t only feel distressed, but they were also furious.

[Goddess, what do you mean by that?].

[That’s right, Representative Feng Qing, from your tone; you seem to be here to punish?].

[Could it be that the members of the Alliance have fallen to Lin Yi?].

[Goddess, you should protect us, not help Lin Yi investigate who helped the Anti-Angel Alliance!].

[To be honest, in the All Gods Alliance, many members have helped the Anti-Angel Alliance in private! Everyone was hoping that Lin Yi would be eliminated!].

[Representative Feng Qing, it seems like Elder Black was also your friend, right?].

[Elder Black’s body isn’t cold yet, but you are helping Lin Yi to speak?].

[Back then, the All Gods Alliance was formed by you, Elder Black, and Brother Fire! The core purpose of the Alliance was to fight against Lin Yi’s angel! Now, you are betraying us and turning to Lin Yi?].

[Feng Qing, I need an explanation!].

[As a member of the Alliance, you should not help outsiders!].

[I agree with the Lord of Flame Dragon Nest!].

The Castle Lord of the Flame Dragon Nest also stepped forward.

He wanted Feng Qing to explain.

Although Feng Qing only sent one message, everyone could see the hidden meaning behind it.

Feng Qing was there to punish the Castle Lords who supported the Anti-Angel Alliance against Lin Yi.

This made many Alliance members express their dissatisfaction!

There was a tendency to resist the wind.

[A friend told me that the Goddess had added Lin Yi’s friend. I didn’t believe it at first, but now it seems to be true!].

[How can there be such a thing?].

[The representative of our Alliance is a good friend of our enemy!].

[Tsk tsk……].

Feng Qing took a deep breath when she was looking at the information in the internal group.

She knew that if this incident was not handled properly, she would be isolated and have to leave the All Gods Alliance that she had created.

However, she did not regret it.

When she learned that Lin Yi had used [Sky City] to exterminate the Anti-Angel Alliance, she had already decided to do so.

At worst……

She would rebuild the [Holy Light Alliance] around Lin Yi.

In any case, she could not go against Lin Yi for the sake of these Castle Lords in the All Gods Alliance.

After breaking away from the All Gods Alliance……

She was still there, just losing some connections. Confronting Lin Yi would be a dead-end!


Feng Qing —

[Yes, I’m Lin Yi’s good friend, but it’s not important! What’s important is that the core purpose of our Alliance is no longer to be enemies with Lin Yi, but to build our Alliance into the strongest castle forces!].

[Up to now, we have already succeeded in half!].

[I don’t want the All Gods Alliance that I led to be destroyed because of some people’s actions!].

[The members of the Alliance should work together to advance and develop together!].

[Instead of creating trouble for the other members who are working hard to maintain and advance towards this goal!] [Support!] [I agree with the Goddess!].

[Our All Gods Alliance is not in the same area as Lin Yi. There is no need to provoke Lin Yi!].

[Being able to coexist peacefully with Lin Yi is also a good thing for the All Gods Alliance!].


After, Feng Qing’s message was sent out.

She received the support of some Alliance members.

Some of them were sincere in seeking peace, while others were scared out of their wits by Lin Yi.

But very quickly, an opposition voice appeared.

[After all! Representative Feng Qing wanted to help Lin Yi and suppress her Alliance members, right?].

[Is this council member with us or with Lin Yi?].

[I admit, I secretly sold a few top soldiers to the Anti-Angel Alliance, but so what? Representative Feng Qing, are you prepared to kick me out of the Alliance for Lin Yi?].

[I also sold two soldiers!].

[I sold ten Phoenix Guards at the most! We are the top Castle Lords, so we should stand at the peak, not be suppressed by others!].

[Support the brothers upstairs!].

[Representative Feng Qing, I feel that you are no longer suitable to stay in our Alliance!].

[If you want to stay, then delete Lin Yi as a friend and join us in fighting against Lin Yi’s Angel Castle! So what if he has Sky City? Sooner or later, we will have cannons and we will bombard the Sky City!].

[Not that serious, right?].

[The Goddess established the All Gods Alliance. If you want to leave, you can leave!].

[That’s right; don’t you think that you are forcing her away? Do you think that the All Gods Alliance is owned by your family?].



The scolding battle started instantly between the hundreds of top Castle Lords of the All Gods Alliance.

It was decisively divided into three factions.