CH 133


Park Moondae’s homma immediately clicked the W live notification without even having the chance to catch her breath.

‘Real-time video communication at this timing?!’

Although Testar usually didn’t forget to take care of SNS activities even when they weren’t on an activity period, she didn’t know they would do this right after the concert.

And within an hour of the concert, too!

‘They must be tired.’

When she thought of the set list where they poured all their stamina into, she was worried, but she couldn’t help but raise the corners of her mouth.

‘I’ll see you again soon, Testar!’

It felt like the depressing feeling of emptiness that could come rushing in after the concert was blocked in advance.

The video started appearing after a longer loading than usual, perhaps because there was a huge crowd of people.

It showed the picture of Testar sitting around a table full of delivery food.

[Oh, they’re coming in!]

[Can you see us?]

In addition, Testar was waving their hands and wearing party cone hats on their heads!

‘So cute!’

It was definitely an after-concert party. Homma quickly checked Park Moondae’s face with a warm expression.


Somehow… The Tibetan fox was showing up?

For some reason, he had a forlorn face as if he had gotten hit by reality.

‘Our professional idol Moondae barely wears the cone hat…?’

The homma, who was puzzled, immediately realized the reason.

Looking closely, the members probably decorated the cone hats themselves, they wrote down a phrase with crayons for each cone hat.

And Park Moondae’s phrase was this.

-(Cong) Crybaby king for two days in a row (rats)


It was insanely cute!

Although other members also had playful phrases like ‘Preparing for abs’ on their heads, Park Moondae’s sullenness was deadly cute…

She kept her mouth shut on the subway to avoid looking like a lunatic, not realizing that she didn’t have to.

Because half of the space there was filled with people who were on their way home from the concert anyway…

With their seats crossing one another, passengers were either groaning or unable to hold back laughter.

And the comments on app W were quickly filled with people asking about the phrases on the cone hats or requesting to be doted on.

Waving their hands a few times to check the comments and the number of viewers, Testar replied cheerfully, albeit slightly embarrassed.

[Oh, the phrase? Haha… You noticed right away.]

[That’s right. We wrote it for each other~]

[I like my phrase! Moondae hyung wrote it!]

On the cone hat that Cha Eugene lifted with his hands, ‘Kneel down to get on the wire one more time’ was written.

It was a cute phrase, but Cha Eugene seemed to think that the phrase was cool because it showed his passion.

‘Cha Eugene is cute, too.’

The homma generously acknowledged the situation.

It meant she had accepted the position of the maknae who played well with her kid.

Park Moondae also smiled.

[I’m glad you like it.]


[By the way, I’m really curious who wrote the phrase for my hat…]

[Hahaha! We all wrote it together. Together!]

[Ah! Lee Sejin hyung wrote it!]

[No, Eugene!]

It was a cute atmosphere. She concentrated on the screen, holding her breath.

Ryu Chungwoo opened his mouth with a smile.

[So, how was today’s concert?…]


Suddenly the video went off.

[W live has ended]


All of a sudden?

The members didn’t even touch the phone.

‘What’s with this? Is it an error?’

Perhaps Testar was also bewildered,  the live notification popped up again a little after a while.

[To Testar’s concert after-party again, Loviewer! We invite you♡> _ <]

Having taken off their cone hats as if embarrassed, the members sighed in relief at the W live that was turned on again.

[Phew! There must have been a problem!]

[Hello again, Loviewer!]

[I-It will be okay now, right?]

[Ei~ Of course! Now, shall we continue? Raebin-ssi!]

[Yes, for this W Live, we thought what if we could give Loviewers a different kind of fun on their way home..]

Pop. It was disconnected again.

This time, they couldn’t even stream for one minute.


Homma was struck by an ominous feeling.

They started the next W live immediately.

[Why is it like this?!]

However, the quality of the video was crap.

Looking like a dot image, Testa murmured while looking at the screen.

[I don’t think we touched it wrong?]

[H-How about changing the phone…?]

[…For now, I think it would be better to broadcast a stable voice. I think the app itself is a little unstable right now….]

Before Park Moondae was done talking, the video ended.


Since the app was updated some time ago, an error had been occurring to idols one after another, and it was Testar’s turn this time.

The homma immediately checked the announcements on the W app, but there was no notice of errors or server instability no matter how hard she looked.

‘…That’s right. They don’t do that.’

She was speechless at their never-changing treatment of the gullible people.


Testa took five minutes to try the next attempt. It seemed they were changing the phone following Seon Ahyeon’s opinion.

Now, they started to add a crying emoticon on the title of the W live.

[Testar’s concert after party… Please let this workㅠ (Crying emoticon)]

A neat video screen greeted Testar and the viewers.

‘Ha, this time…!’

The homma was relieved for a moment because Testar’s strategy to change the phone seemed to haave worked.

But this time there was no sound.

[(Excited Cha Eugene)]

[(Kim Raebin asking a question)]

[(Bae Sejin reading the comments)]

[(Flustered Ryu Chungwoo)]

And Park Moondae, who had gone out of the screen, appeared with a piece of paper written with crayons.

– You can’t hear me?

There was a flood of comments saying yes.

With an expression that was neither smiling nor crying, Keun Sejin wrote something on the paper with crayons. 

– ㅠㅠ

And they tried again.

Testar was slowly getting worn out.

[Again… Glad to see you, everyone.]


[I guess you can hear me this time.]

However, it seemed it didn’t get cut off this time!

[Oh, I think it’s a little more stable now!]

[Hmm, there seems to be a bit of an error on the screen we’re seeing…]

[If we restart it, it might get cut off again, so let’s just keep going.]


Most of Testar nodded at Ryu Chungwoo’s cautious words.

Because they really didn’t have a solution if they turned it on again and still get cut off again.

[Now, shall we talk about the most impressive moment of our concert?]

[Me! I’ll go first!]

[Okay, let’s start with Eugene!]

Only then did Testar get excited and begin a full-fledged concert review.

[It’s fun to use the rope!]

[Oh my, so that’s why Eugene kept saying it was fun when practicing the rope~?]

[I won’t eat it!]

&#8221;[Idiot, [1]

[No, the idiot one is Kim Raebin.]

[…!! No, I am not an idiot! My IQ is recorded in the official test…!]

But they didn’t know.

That almost all viewers, except for a few of them, were thrown off the stream.

The error was not the decreased number of comments, but the number of viewers that remained the same.

The majority of Loviewers that couldn’t enter the live were crying like crazy at the endless loading or error screens that didn’t work.

And Park Moondae’s homma also belonged to the majority.

[A temporary error has occurred]


Among the very few who had succeeded in staying, there were some haters who giggled and relayed the situation on SNS as if they were making a joke.

– Wow, Shamstar is tearing off the chicken! I should leave a comment saying that they’ve lost their minds tonightㅠ

– During the concert rehearsal, Euggene and Raebinj checked how many people were outside. Didn’t all of them were ranked as young handsome kids when they’re actually old?

The aggros, which would normally have been buried, were receiving attention, and the number of shares and re-tweets was increasing.


The homma felt deeply upset for the first time in a long time since the Rookie Award controversy.

Because there were a lot of people like that, of course, W app’s SNS account was hit by a huge bomb.

– Do something about Testar’s W app

– Give me back their anniversaryㅠㅠ

– I wonder if it is possible to replace the app management. Since the update, there are cases of errors for each idol.

– There’s always error error error every time but how come there’s never a f*cking apology?

– WHY (angry emoticon)

However, W app didn’t even say a single word.

‘…I expected it, but…’

These guys made no apology even after making five errors on V-tic members’ personal W-live not too long ago.

Unless the function was paralyzed, such as blocked comments, etc, they just badly treated it as an error.

Perhaps in Testar’s case, expressing their intention would be more awkward.

‘Like this, Moondae’s live… I can’t watch it.’

Park Moondae’s homma clicked on Testar’s real-time W live thumbnail and kept coming in and out just in case, but nothing happened.

And by the time she got home, Testar’s W-live was completely over.


The replay would come tomorrow at the earliest, or a week later at the latest.

‘If the error is really serious, I won’t even be able to see the replay… No! That can’t be true!’

It was better not to think of any more ominous foreboding.


Homma entered the house with a long sigh.

‘I washed up and came out… I need to organize the data.’

She came back from the concert in a good mood, so she didn’t have to be upset about this.

‘Right, it was so good.’

When she remembered the two-day concert, she immediately felt better again.

And when she picked up the phone again, news had arrived.


Testar’s SNS notification.

From Park Moondae, at that!


Hello, Loviewer

This is Moondae (dog emoticon)

This is today’s W live fancam.

I wanted to meet a lot of Loviewers, but it’s too bad. I’ll be back soon.

(clumsy drawing of a fox)



The attached video… It was the recorded version of the W live that they just did!

Right. When the members changed the phone and tried to stream again, Park Moondae put his phone next to it just in case.

With the video recording turned on.

And as soon as the W live was over, he figured out the situation and uploaded it immediately.

It was filmed with a completely different phone, so it didn’t violate the app’s contract regulations.

‘…Oh, my gosh.’

The homma slammed her head into the bed.

Park Moondae was such a brilliant and great idol that she became at a loss for words.

And when she finally looked at Park Moondae’s SNS post again, something she hadn’t paid attention to earlier caught her eye.

Crookedly drawn with crayons… It was a drawing of a fox.

‘No, does this really make sense? Crazy!’

Considering Park Moondae’s devastating drawing skills, it was clear that he had copied and practiced a lot before uploading it.

‘You even paid attention to the lack of Tibetan fox emoticon?!’

The homma cried, asking what kind of idol he was, and SNS was the same.

And the flow didn’t end with Park Moondae’s solo fans.

The members commented on Park Moondae’s post and started posting pictures of concert practice and the after-party preparations.

In addition, they also included a few pieces of information.

– Crazy, Bae-Ah-Moon unit stage’s royal ribbon headband was picked by BaeseㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAhyeon said thank you for choosing a pretty oneㅋㅋㅋSo funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– It’s Lee Sejin who picked I like waiting, as expected of my idol

– ㅠㅠㅠㅠThank you so much for the picture of Ryu Chungwoo wearing a white T-shirt and a gongryongpo. Really. I love you, Raebin

– No, they only posted pictures of other peopleㅋㅋㅋI understand, we can become multi-fans, guys

The disappointment of not being able to attend W Live together in Testar’s fandom disappeared.

* * *

“Hm, everyone likes it!”


“I see.”

“I am glad!”

In response to Keun Sejin’s confirmation, voices of relief came from here and there.

I held back my sigh.

‘We got an error at that timing.’

It would be troublesome if the atmosphere turned bad on the day of the concert.

Everyone had to be excited and happy so that they would come to the next concert and listen to the album.

It was fortunate that it turned out fine in the end, but the fact that theW live didn’t go as planned left a bad aftertaste.

‘We even rented a place to do this.’

What a bummer. However, things didn’t always go according to plan, so let’s be satisfied with this.

“Then, shall we continue a little more comfortably?”


“Let’s order chicken!”

Currently, having returned to the dorm, Testar had finally changed into comfortable clothes.

And now the second round was about to begin.

‘You guys have good stamina.’

They were probably excited, and because they didn’t have a schedule for tomorrow morning, it seemed they got carried away.

‘I will also play along in moderation and then leave.’

Even Bae Sejin was choosing food, this picture alone was strange to see.

Instead, I would get some business done while these guys were talking.

‘Status window.’

Thanks to the concert’s successful completion, I had a little something to settle.