CH 17


“… So, I guess I’ve finished showing most of the town’s facilities?”

“Oh, thank you. You saved me.”

“Yeah, it would be great, if you could help me.”

A list of major shops and a list of places you can visit.

Crim, who had finished the tour for Ryuunosuke, and was joined by George and Juna along the way, were now sitting on a bench overlooking the castle on the bank of the lake, drinking the fruit juice, they had bought along the way.

“… Nee-chan, that was all just a copy when onii-chan showed you around, wasn’t it?”

“Ah, haha…”

“You’re a copycat of onii-chan.”

Crim flinched at the gaze of George, who was staring at her, eyes half-closed, and Juna, who was looking happily at them. Ryunosuke watched the scene, with a smile on his face.

“Kohon. So… what are you going to do after this, Ryunosuke?”

“That’s right… I’m going to stay here for today. It’s a pretty good time ‘outside’. I’m planning to stay all day tomorrow and do some sightseeing.”

“Well then, see you tomorrow.”

“Oh, see you later.”

Saying that, Ryunosuke logged out.

Apparently, the NPCs in this world couldn’t recognize it, and neither Juna nor George responded to it in particular.

“Log out, huh…”

Staring at the place where Ryunosuke disappeared, she muttered.

(The game was fun, but I was just a little envious.)

The next day… Crim woke up in the Ludger family’s detached house, as usual, when she received a call from NLD.

“Ah, it connected. Long time no see, Kurenai. How have you been?”

“Akane-san? It’s unusual for me… since I logged in.”

“Yes. I brought you good news today.”

Yes, from Akane’s lively response, it seems she’s very excited.

And… the reason for that was something that Crim knew.

“Good news… I guess!”

“Yeah, both Hijiri and Subaru passed their first choice! With this, they can go to school with you, for this year!”

“Good…! Congratulations, I’m also very happy!!!”

Kurenai and Akane couldn’t help, but put their hands together through the monitor, and cheered.

“That being said, when the two of them found out, that Kurenai is playing that game, they said, that they’ll log in once the paperwork is finished, so how about you?”

“Ah… that’s right, I understand.”

(You all can play together again.)

Just thinking about it made Crim’s mood rise.

(…and I can’t help but be happy.)

(However, how would we join up?)

“It’s just that my starting point wasn’t right, and it’s likely that the two of them will be able to start the game properly.”

In order to meet these two, Crim would probably have to go to [Windham, the city of beginnings].

But Crim doesn’t know the way. She remembered once again that she was in a special situation, and she held her head.

But… fortunately, I’m not alone now.

“- So, I want to pick up my friends. Could you lend me your wisdom?”

She put her hands on the table and bowed her head.

That person was… Ryunosuke, who logged in after finishing his work in the evening.

Crim, who ambushed him at the point, where he logged out yesterday, pulled him by the hand as soon as he logged in, took him to the lakeside gazebo, and explained the situation.

Although he had been forcibly brought along, Ryunosuke listened to her earnestly, as expected of an adult.

“No, if that’s the case, use a teleporter… I see. You haven’t been to the ‘Windham’ plaza, where you could register in the tutorial, have you?”

Immediately realizing why Crim had come to ask for such a thing, Ryunosuke covered his face with his hands and looked up at the sky.

Teleporter Plaza can only be used once activated. Crim can’t fly to Windham like Ryunosuke…

“Yeah… there’s no world map in this town, so I can’t even get a hold of the topography.”

“Well, this difficult.”

“I know I’m asking you for troublesome things, but… I don’t have anyone else I can rely on, so I’ll do anything in return, so please!”

To Crim, who desperately bowed her head… Ryunosukes face, for some reason, turned red and looked at her with a gaping mouth. (Bersleid: Why is the writer so afraid to say it? I don’t get it; would he violate some kind of law or standard?)

However, he seems to have regained his composure immediately and cleared his throat.

“… OK, I’ll show you the way.”

“Really? Thank you!”

At Ryunosuke’s words, Crim raised her face full of joy.

However, in contrast to Crim, Ryunosuke’s expression turned bitter.

“Oh… but!”

With a thud, Ryunosuke grabbed Crim’s shoulders and approached her with a frighteningly serious expression.

Taking the bewildered Crim elsewhere… he opened his mouth with a bitter expression.

“… Crim. Listen, you can’t do anything with your appearance, absolutely… you can’t say anything, is that right?”


“You really don’t understand, do you? You’re way too defenceless…”

Seeing Ryunosuke holding his head for some reason… Crim tilted her head and a question mark appeared on her head. (Bersleid just tell him/her to take a look at the mirror… or the waters reflection, sit down and don’t stand up, don’t even dare to move from that spot, until he/she understand that he is actually a she!)

We will leave tomorrow, as soon as Ryunosuke finishes his work and logs in.

Fortunately, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are Saturday and Sunday, so they wanted to travel as far away as possible.

Thus, Crim began to act, as if she was in a hurry to do good.

With Ryunosuke’s advice, she only kept the materials of the monsters that occupied her inventory, which could be traded at a high price… the fur of the monsters around this town seemed to be high-quality materials. If you sell it to a production worker, you won’t be lacking money.

Then, she bought necessary items such as medicine, water, and portable food to prepare for the trip.

–And that’s how the hectic day ended… the next day.

“Then, are you ready? Have you bought as many medicines as you can afford?  Windham potion prices are soaring right now, so you can sell them rather than use them yourself.”

“Ahaha, I don’t really want to make a profit from reselling. But, just in case my friends are in trouble, I bought a bunch of them.

“Okay. Then…”

Ryunosuke was about to take the lead, but he stopped partway.

Crim tilted her head, wondering what was going on, but… she poked Crim on the shoulder and pointed towards the town.

“Before Crim. That, that.”

Saying that, in front of Ryunosuke’s finger was… Juna and George standing there, with expressions on the verge of tears.


“Where are you going?”

Juna and George, who came running over grabbed their hands and held them back, making Crim happy, but at the same time, making her give a troubled look.

“It’s okay, Onee-chan is just picking up her friends. It will take some time, but she will definitely come back to this town.”


“Yeah, and look, I’m having the house rebuilt.”

In the distance Crim pointed her gaze, there was the appearance of a house that had just began to be repaired. It seems that it will take nearly two weeks to repair it… By the time she gets back, it will be complete.

Oddly enough, it almost coincided with the release of the area master registration system.

“That’s right, that’s right.”

It seemed that they were convinced, and George first, followed by Juna, reluctantly released Crim’s hand. With those free hands, I stroked their heads.

“Onee-chan… I’m a good girl and I’ll be waiting for you, so please definitely come back, okay?”

“Yeah, of course.

Saying goodbye to the two, Crim stepped into the Black Forest.

It was… the first departure from this town, where I had already spent two weeks…

(Bersleid: Voltage fluctuation got my pc shut down. Love this country. They renovated the whole city’s electrical system and even the high voltage lines got a do over, yet here we are. Still better than in the past though, where we needed to wait an hour before we got electricity again. Yeah, I know there are people who got it worse, but still. I am very thankful for autosave though, so I didn’t have to restart this whole thing.)