Chapter 624 Through The Eyes Of The Primordial Beast

Chapter 624 Through The Eyes Of The Primordial Beast

The Greed system facilitated an extraordinary journey for Lenny, letting him absorb memories of the primordial beast. Memories deep within its core.

In the ethereal expanse of time, Lenny was propelled beyond the boundaries of his immediate reality. As if caught in the ebb and flow of temporal tides, he found himself transported back millennia, to the primordial genesis of the world.

A silent witness to the cosmic ballet, Lenny gazed upon the swirling cauldron of molten magma that birthed the very Earth itself.

The molten core, a symphony of searing hues, painted a vivid portrait of creation in its most elemental form.

Lenny, now more an observer than an active participant, felt the resonance of ancient knowledge permeating his essence. It wasn't just the surge of information; it was a communion with the origins of existence.

His perception transcended the limits of his familiar form. Instead of hands, he looked down and discovered that he had tentacles, the appendages of a primordial being.

It took a moment for realization to dawn—the memories unfolding before him were not his own but those of the primordial beast, a witness to the dawn of the Eighth Earth. noVe(lB.In

As Lenny raised his eyes, the panorama unfolded. The molten core cradled them all, the embryonic forms of primordial beasts suspended like infants in the cosmic womb.

Eight of them, fragile and vulnerable, each harboring the potential for colossal power that would shape the course of the world. Among these celestial progenitors, one figure stood out—a face Lenny knew all too well.

It was Mr. Augustus, his countenance untouched by the ravages of time, his wings unfurled in majestic splendor.

The scene resembled a dream, a surreal tapestry woven with threads of ancient memory. Lenny marveled at the delicate interplay of light and shadow, the pulsating energy that animated the core of creation.

The revelation was not merely a glimpse into the past but a visceral experience, an immersion into the primordial essence that shaped the very fabric of reality.

In this cosmic cradle, where time danced to an eternal rhythm, Lenny stood as a silent witness to the genesis of worlds and the emergence of beings whose destinies intertwined with the unfolding narrative of existence.

The tableau shifted once more, and Lenny found himself present at the moment of the primordial beasts' emergence into the world. Breaking free from the molten embrace of the core, they ascended into the open expanse of the universe. Yet, the Earth they emerged onto was not the lifeless canvas Lenny had anticipated.

And then an ethereal voice, a harmonious symphony of unspoken languages, melody like never before heard resonated through the void. It was a linguistic masterpiece, a chorus of celestial melodies that stirred the very fabric of reality. The sound of it made lenny's eyes tear a bit because of its beauty.

This is was the voice of the One Above All.

Lenny, unable to comprehend the intricacies of this celestial speech, could only marvel at the profound connection the primordial beasts shared with it. Each note of the otherworldly composition carried with it the power to shape reality itself.

As the voice wove its spell, the desolate Earth transformed before Lenny's eyes. Barren landscapes gave way to vibrant greenery, a riot of colors bursting forth like an artist's palette coming to life. Plants, adorned with blossoms of every hue, sprouted from the once lifeless soil.

The primordial beasts, nodding in silent agreement, became stewards of this newfound creation.

The majestic beings wielded their cosmic might with grace, sculpting the land into grand mountains and valleys. Rivers and oceans unfurled like liquid ribbons, weaving through the landscape in perfect harmony.

The orchestration of their powers was a ballet of creation, a spectacle of awe-inspiring beauty that spoke of the unity between the primordial beings and the cosmic forces guiding them.

Lenny stood as a witness to this magnificent genesis, his senses overwhelmed by the sheer majesty of a world reborn from the symphony of celestial music and the benevolent touch of the primordial architects. It was a moment of divine artistry, where the very essence of creation unfolded in a tapestry of life, color, and boundless potential.

The visions unfolded like a tapestry, each scene a fragment of the ancient past. Lenny's consciousness traversed time and space, witnessing moments etched in the annals of existence.

Adam, the first man, strolled across plains and fields, encountering the primordial beast. A friendly pat on the creature's back forged an unspoken bond between them.

Yet, before Lenny could fully grasp the significance of another, Lucifer's image, the scene shifted once more. Now, he found himself amidst the trees of the garden of Eden, an ephemeral glimpse of a moment lost in the corridors of time.

Abruptly, the setting changed again. Rain fell from the heavens, a cleansing cascade that bore witness to a tumultuous battle among the primordial beasts. In this cosmic conflict, they waged a ferocious struggle, consuming one another in a dance of predation.

The azure blood of these majestic beings tainted the land, poisoning the very earth beneath them. The very lands they had mantained from birth was destroyed by conflict.

Lenny did not need anyone to tell him before he knew that this was after the fall of Adam. This After the birth of Death into the world. After all, it is said that the first man sinned and his sin gave birth to death.

From this savage contest amongst the primordial beasts emerged three survivors: Crimson Seraph, Mr. Augustus, and an enigmatic third entity.

As they stood amidst the aftermath, the remnants of their fallen kin painted a haunting backdrop to the brutal beauty of their existence. However, the subsequent memories were fractured, mere fragments that refused to coalesce into a cohesive narrative.

Lenny, suspended in this cosmic reverie, bore witness to the eons-old struggle for dominance among the primordial beasts, their survival etched in the scars that scarred the world they called home.

The echoes of their ancient conflict reverberated through time, leaving behind a legacy of creation, destruction, and the enduring resilience of those who emerged triumphant from the crucible of warfare.

A certain realization came to him, "so that is why they were consuming each other. They had a disagreement about their survival. They knew that demons would one day come. some wanted to fault and join them and some others wanted to maintain the peace on earth, but even after crying for thousands of years to the One Above All, they was no answer, and they were left to their own devices..."

At this moment, Lenny suddenly felt a pull on his shoulder, and his mind was forced back into the Nether where he was.

"What the fuck are you doing spacing out, do you want to die?" Lenny turned surprised to hear a very familiar voice. It was none other than....