Chapter 1026 Ch 1026: The Void

"Tell me in detail!" Ye Xiao looked at Void God and asked.

Void God told him that he was not from Chaos but from a Source Universe, and he needed the weapon inside the wooden box in order to become a "Being of Chaos". It means, only by becoming a "Being of Chaos" could he truly step into Chaos.

What exactly is Chaos?

And if only "Beings of Chaos" could step in the true Chaos, then what lies in the void between?

Since Void God is from a Source Universe, how did he come out of his own universe?

Ye Xiao was damn sure that the Will of the Universe will never let him leave its border, just like Heavens. It'll go to an unexplainable length to stop the people who want to break free from its restriction and surpass its limit.

In fact, no Universe will want this to happen.

Then how did Void God do this?

And again, a universe will do everything to never let an outsider enter its border. Then how did Void God enter Jia Fei's universe, massacred the entire universe, and swallowed the Universe's Source?

How did he do this?

Ye Xiao wanted to know everything.

Void God smiled and a deep look flashed in his eyes. He seemed to have thought of something and then spoke, "I'll tell you everything, but you have to promise me one thing!"

"That I have to open that wooden box?" Ye Xiao asked.

"Exactly!" Void God nodded.

Ye Xiao didn't say anything. Seeing this, Void God shook his head and a bitter look flashed in his eyes.

Ye Xiao could not understand many things. Among them was this Void God as well.

He could not understand what sort of character the Void God actually is. Why does he look so harmless?

If Void God is really a villain that destroys the Source Universe just to use their Sources to become stronger, then he shouldn't be like this. Void God should have tortured him in every way possible to make Ye Xiao do things that he wants.

Void God should have threatened him with his women and others, just like how he threatened to kill him previously and make Queen open the wooden box.

Why does Void God's face look so bitter?

"I'm from a Source Universe that used to be much stronger than your universe, the Heavens."

For some reason, even without Ye Xiao's promise, Void God started telling him his story. He said: "The strongest in your universe is Ancient God Realm while in my universe, the strongest ones were Fake Divine Gods. That was the limit of my universe and I cultivated to the limit."

"I was a newly ascended Fake Divine God but also one of the strongest. I also controlled many worlds like a King above everyone else. Everything was going right when my world welcomed a catastrophe in the form of Heavenly Demons!"

"Heavenly Demons?" Ye Xiao was shocked. Now, this came with a surprise.

But if it really is the truth, then why did the Void God didn't recognize that he has the bloodline and physique of a Heavenly Demon when he transformed earlier?

Ye Xiao was again puzzled.

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"Yes, Heavenly Demons!" Void God took a deep breath and nodded. He then started saying again: "Heavenly Demons are a kind of demon race that lives in the void, for they are banished to enter Chaos for some reason."

"And when I'm saying void, it means the true void. It is the void where you'll appear if you ever leave the cosmic membrane of your universe. The Void is filled with Chaos Energy but these energies are too berserk. These Chaos Energies will destroy the body and soul of any person who is not a Being of Chaos."

"I have never stepped my foot in the true Chaos, but I've encountered some people who came from them. Chaos is far more dangerous than any Source Universe, and it is also far stronger."

"Wait a minute!" Ye Xiao stopped Void God from continuing. He asked in a puzzled tone: "As far as I know, there are countless Source Universes, and every one of them exists in Chaos. If that is so, then how would we appear in the Void after leaving the Source Universe, but not in chaos?"

"If Source Universes really exist in Chaos, then after leaving Source Universes, we should also appear in Chaos. And even you said before that the Void is filled with Chaos Energy. This proves that void exists in Chaos!"

As Ye Xiao said these words, he raised his eyes and frowned a little bit, before gazing at the Golden Energy Rope and said: "And... Can you let me go, please?"

Void God nodded and waved his hand. The Golden Energy Rope disappeared slowly and Ye Xiao got freed. He started falling to the ground, but soon balanced in the air and slowly landed.

Looking above, he found that the pillar had also disappeared at some point in time.

"I don't know how you know about Source Universes, but you are right. There are countless Source Universes and every one of them is located inside Chaos. Each one of them is far apart from the other, and if by chance, two Source Universes are very close to each other, they'll fight and try to swallow each other. And in the end, only one Source Universe will remain."

"Your question; Since Source Universes exist inside Chaos, then how come leaving the Source Universes we don't appear in Chaos but the void? And since the void is filled with Chaos Energy, the void should also exist in Chaos."

Void God looked at Ye Xiao and shook his head, saying: "Where do you think, my title came from?"

"I have the word 'Void' in my title. How did I gain this title?"

Ye Xiao, of course, didn't know anything so he didn't reply. He knew even without him saying anything, Void God will definitely tell.

As expected, Void God didn't wait for Ye Xiao's answer. He started speaking again: "I have spent hundreds of thousands of years in Void and survived countless dangers lurking in Void. But even so, I was never able to find the true Chaos. I found many Source Universes but never found a land to step on."

"I can't answer your question, for even I don't know why it is like this!"

"I don't know how come Source Universes exist in Chaos but we can't enter the Chaos after leaving the Source Universes."

"I met countless powerful people, even some Beings of Chaos in the void. But even they might die in Void in order to find the true Chaos to enter."

"As far as I know, people lurking in the Void looking for true Chaos call 'the land' true Chaos, not the void."

Taking a deep breath, Void God waved his hand, causing two comfortable chairs to appear. He gestured for Ye Xiao to sit before sitting on one of them himself.

After Ye Xiao sat down, Void God pointed at him and said: "Let's take your Source Universe for example. There are countless worlds but every world is far apart. The thing that separates them is Space. And Space is Void."

"The Worlds and the Void together is the Heavens. But this is not true for Chaos. Only vast lands (worlds) are known as true Chaos. As for the Void, it is just the Void. The void between two lands in Chaos is so big that even if a True Divine God were to wander there for his whole lifetime, they might never be able to find a land to step on."

With this, they both fell into silence. Ye Xiao started digesting the information he has just obtained and Void God gave him time to digest.

Ye Xiao now understood very important points about Chaos.

In Chaos, there is no such thing as worlds. There are only lands. But every land is very very far away from each other, so far that finding them is almost impossible unless you are a Being of Chaos.

Maybe, Beings of Chaos have an innate connection with Chaos, granting them small possibilities to find the lands to step on.

And between the land exist void. In the Void filled with endless berserk Chaos Energy, there are countless Source Universes. But even those Source Universes are far apart from each other.

Ye Xiao now understood many things. He nodded his head and signaled Void God to continue.

Previously, Void God talked about Heavenly Demons. He was now more interested in knowing about them.

How come Heavenly Demons exist in Chaos... Void!

Was his previous speculation about them being not from the Heavens true?

And... Void God said that the Heavenly Demons are a special kind of demon race that is banished from ever stepping on Chaos (land).

Why are they banished?

What kind of race are they?

And why does they invade Void God's Source Universe and brought a catastrophe there?

There were many questions in Ye Xiao's mind. He wanted to know about everything, he was waiting for Void God to tell him everything.