Chapter 938

In the ship.

With his scarlet eyes narrowed and a sleepy face, Felisa sat in his seat indifferently. He felt that the spaceship was separated from the speed of light. He opened his eyes eagerly, and a sinister smell of sin and blood came out of his body.

"Has reached the earth?" asked the cold voice.

"Yes, Lord Frisa, we have entered the planetary system where the earth is located," replied the cosmic demon around us.

Hearing the report from his subordinates, Felisa gave a sound, licked his lips, slowly floated from his seat and came to the transparent glass of the spaceship. What he saw was a beautiful blue planet like a pearl.

"Ho ho ho, is that beautiful water blue planet the earth? It's really a beautiful planet."

"The king really couldn't help but want to destroy it."

Feliza looked at the beautiful planet in front of him, with a cruel smile on his face. His father king crud was killed there at the beginning, and the Saiya who had defeated him also lived on that planet.

This time he came to the earth, in addition to avenging his father, he also wanted to let those saiyas who did not know the greatness of heaven and earth know the end of offending themselves.

"King feliza, Lord quikono has sent people to investigate the situation of the earth and has determined that there are dragon beads that may make people realize their wishes."

A spaceman in the spaceship stood up and reported.

"The king already knows the news."

Frisa waved his hand. "King arpei told me about the magical power of Namiki people. There is a Namiki people living on the earth. He must have made the Dragon beads. Hum, I didn't get the Dragon beads on Namiki at the beginning. I will get the Dragon beads on the earth."

"Inform everyone that they are ready to enter the earth."

"When you get to the earth, you spread out to look for dragon balls. The king wants to play well with those Saiya people."


All the cosmic demons and the masters of the frissa Legion saluted, and their eyes showed before the heat resistance.

Feliza looked at the reaction of his men with satisfaction, and his mouth gave out ho ho laughter, and then looked at the blue planet floating outside the window with a pair of blood red eyes shining like demons.

Although the devil seed provided him with endless power and made his strength surpass the original peak, the devil seed could not make him immortal, so Frisa did not reduce his desire for magic dragon beads.

"King feliza, Lord quikono's communication."


Feliza finished, and a screen appeared out of thin air in the spaceship, with a yellow skin like a frog.

"King feliza." kekono bowed slightly on the screen.

"How are things going over there?"

Kekono replied, "except for xisami, bahdi and Puyi, some small minions have been cleaned up. Hey, the people brought by King Frisa are really useful. Those traitors have no resistance in front of them, so they are cleaned up easily."

"There are also those Galaxy patrolmen and Galaxy mercenaries. They usually look very arrogant and great, but they only run away when they meet the king's men."

"Hum, the king's people are naturally not comparable to those Cosmic people."

Frisa looked up proudly and his face was cold. "Well, send me the information of xisami and bahdi. After the king has dealt with the Saia people, go and deal with them. Hum, the king will not make them feel better if he betrays the king."

"What king feliza said is."

Quikono smiled humbly and sent messages from some people in cisami.

On this trip, in addition to the team led by Frisa, some cosmic demons with ordinary strength were arranged in kekono's team to clean up the traitors of Frisa army with him. With the power of cosmic demons, the effect was naturally remarkable.

Hearing the words of quikono, a smile appeared on Frisa's cold face. Few people in Frisa's army were really recognized by him. Quikono and bailybulu were his confidants. There were captain Shangbo and captain Kinu in the past, but it was a pity that both of them died in the hands of Saiya.

Suddenly remembered something, kekono said, "by the way, King Frisa, there is one thing Bailey Blu asked me to remind you."

"What's the matter?"

"After the detailed investigation of bailybulu, it is found that there have been ships of Saifei power on earth. Bailybulu suspects that the Saiya people there have contacted Salada planet. You know the strength of Saifei power is extraordinary. If there is a misunderstanding with Salada planet because of these things, I'm afraid it's not a good thing. Do you want to contact Salada planet?"

"No need." Frisa flatly refused. "Although the Saifei forces cooperate with us, I don't need to say hello to them."

"Well, kekono, the next thing will wait until the king comes back. The Saifei forces don't have to care."

Feliza said firmly.

Hearing this, kekono certainly knew what to do. Although it was not wise to provoke Saifei forces, he must obey Felisa's instructions.

"I'm here to wish the king a successful start." kekono said this, and the empty screen disappeared.

"Listen to the king's order and prepare to enter the earth's atmosphere."



Planet Salada.

At Brolli's house, the girl zley saw the Brolli family she hadn't seen for many years. Her face was filled with a happy smile. She held Alice's beautiful face and kept sticking her cheek to it.

Alice, with a bitter little face, tried to push away zley's leaning body, but she held it too tightly.

"Dad, I want to see my sister."

"OK," brolly nodded.

"Earth, I'm going too, I'm going too." when zley heard that he was going outside, her rosy eyes lit up, loosened Alice's body and shouted loudly.

In the years when Brolli and his family were away, she liked to run into the universe, but her mother sonori thought she was weak and didn't agree that she ran too far.

"Well, let's go together," said brolly with a simple and honest smile.

"What's your hurry? The meal is ready. We'll go to the earth after dinner."

At this time, Meredith, who came out of the kitchen, listened to them, smiled and patted zley on the head, motioned her to go to the kitchen and bring out the food. Zley's beautiful eyes turned and happily followed Meredith into the kitchen.

"Wow, sister Meredith, you are so good at cooking!" looking at a rich table of dishes, zley has a big mouth.

"I didn't do this."

Pointing to a vertical robot in the kitchen, "this is Dr. Breves's new invention. With it, you can get hot meals as long as you prepare ingredients."

Zley looked at it in surprise and commented, "I think all soldiers will like this invention."

"Yes, it's necessary to go out."

Saiya people's love for food is no less than their desire to fight. These are engraved in genes. Breves's invention solves the food problem of Saiya people on the expedition.



Feliza's spaceship gradually approached the earth's atmosphere. As the spaceship gradually approached, a dark, evil, bloody and vicious breath rushed from the spaceship to all parts of the earth. It was cold and chilling, as if even the soul could be frozen.

Even if you are in different positions on the earth, you can quickly feel the coming of those breath.

In baozi mountain, the monkey king woke up from his meditation and felt the evil smell in the air. His face became dignified.

"There are a lot of evil smells, one of which is so strong. Who is it and why there is a familiar feeling."

Ring, ring, the phone rings. It's Colin.

"Wukong, do you feel it?"

"Well, I already feel that the earth is in big trouble."

On the other end of the phone, Colin's face hung beads of sweat. "There are many enemies this time. The weakest breath has hundreds of thousands of combat effectiveness. Among them, the most powerful one, what do you think?"

"Very strong, I don't know if I'm an opponent." Monkey King is very frank. He feels the strength of the other party, which is vaguely above Super Saiyan 3.

"Wukong, don't you have confidence?" Kling was surprised.

"I don't know. It feels like the demon God momongman in those days... Forget it. Let's get together first. The other party's landing position seems to be in the Arctic Ocean."

There was no more nonsense. Monkey King hung up Kling's phone and arranged his clothes to go out. Bulma heard from their call that the earth was in great trouble again. He helped to arrange Monkey King's clothes. He was worried:

"Is the enemy strong this time?"

The monkey king smiled and said, "it's very powerful. I don't know if it's their opponent!"

"You're always like this. You don't know how to be afraid." bulma glanced at the monkey king., the fastest update of the webnovel!