Chapter 1897 - Heaven Immortal Mei Ji

Black Yin Mountain, meeting hall.

A middle-aged man sat in the middle with a dark expression. He had a mustache that resembled two eyebrows sloping downwards.

This was the Territorial Lord of Black Yin Mountain, Ding Ye, a Grade 8 Black Immortal.

On both sides of the hall sat the commanders of the Black Yin Mountain; almost all of them were Grade 7 Black Immortals.

On Ding Ye’s left and right hands sat two protectors who were Grade 8 Black Immortals.

When the Left Protector saw that everyone was present, he stood up and asked with cupped fists, “Territorial Lord, did something happen for you to summon us here today?”

Ding Ye waved a talisman between his fingers. “The Two Great Bandits, the Evil Wolf Army and Goshawk Gang, are attacking Snow Wind Ridge. I’ve just received a distress letter from Snow Wind Ridge. What do you guys think?”

The moment the news spread, the hall fell into discussions.

“After Snow Wind Ridge destroyed Blood Sun Valley, they rose extremely quickly in recent years. To think that they would be targeted by the Two Great Bandits.”

“Hmph! Snow Wind Ridge’s previous reputation was merely because of Su Zimo. Now that he’s dead, Snow Wind Ridge isn’t worthy of being ranked alongside our major factions!”

A look of hatred flashed through Ding Ye’s eyes when he heard the name Su Zimo.

His son, Ding Yu, was killed by Su Zimo on the Dragon Abyss Star!

The Right Protector said in a deep voice, “Territorial Lord, there’s no need for us to incur the wrath of the Two Great Bandits because of Snow Wind Ridge,”

“That’s right,”

The Left Protector nodded in agreement. “We don’t have any ties with Snow Wind Ridge. There’s no need for us to get involved.”

Ding Ye nodded. “However, we can go watch the show. Left Protector, stay behind to guard. Right Protector, take 500 people with you and follow me to Snow Wind Ridge to take a look.”

Twin Dragon Sect.

Two men stood side by side at the entrance of the hall. Both of them were tall and sturdy with extraordinary auras!

The person on the right had messy hair and a sheathed saber on his back with an unruly expression. It was one of the sect masters of Twin Dragon Sect, Kou Yong.

The person on the left was handsome with his black hair tied up and draped down his back. Hands behind his back, he exuded a calm and aloof aura.

This was the other sect master, Xu Wan’s father, Xu Zhi’an.

“Father, Uncle Kou,”

Xu Wan pursed her lips. “Although Su Zimo is dead, Yue Hao and the others of Snow Wind Ridge have some ties with me. I-I want to save them.”

Xu Zhi’an remained silent.

Xu Wan sighed internally.

She knew very well that there was no need for Twin Dragon Sect to save Snow Wind Ridge—it was truly unwise.

Notwithstanding whether they could save Snow Wind Ridge, if Twin Dragon Sect were to attack, they would definitely offend the Two Great Bandits, the Evil Wolf Army and Goshawk Gang.

In the future, there was a high chance that Twin Dragon Sect would be targeted by the Two Great Bandits and would never have peace!

Suddenly, Kou Yong turned to look at Xu Zhi’an and asked with raised brows, “What do you think?”

“My thoughts are the same as yours,”

Xu Zhi’an smiled gently.


Kou Yong burst into laughter. “In my entire lifetime, you’re still the one who knows me best, brother!”

Xu Wan was confused and could not help but ask, “Father, Uncle Kou, have you guys decided?”

“Of course,”

Kou Zhong patted the saber on his back and said in a heroic manner, “Prepare yourself and follow us to meet these bandits!”

“Father, why are you guys…”

Xu Wan could not believe it.

Xu Zhi’an said with a smile, “The Four Great Bandits have massacred the Dragon Abyss Star for many years. However, their whereabouts are unknown and they come and go like the wind. It’s difficult to annihilate them.”

“Right now, it’s a rare opportunity that the Two Great Bandits are gathered. Even if not for Snow Wind Ridge, we would have gone to fight them!”

Apart from Black Yin Mountain and Twin Dragon Sect, the other five major factions received help from Snow Wind Ridge as well.

However, apart from Twin Dragon Sect, the other factions did not make much of a move.

Dragon Abyss Star, at the end of the abyss.

The moment the Two Great Bandits attacked the immortal formation of Snow Wind Ridge, Su Zimo who was in seclusion in this mysterious space woke up!

Su Zimo left a spirit consciousness imprint on the immortal formation.

As long as the immortal formation was activated, he would sense it!

Rising, Su Zimo’s expression was cold as lightning.

Something had happened to Snow Wind Ridge!

Before he left, he instructed Yue Hao and Xia Qingying not to activate this immortal formation unless they had no other choice.

That was because Essence Spirit Stones were required to activate the immortal formation.

Once the Essence Spirit Stones were depleted, the immortal formation would lose its effect.

Su Zimo was prepared to rush back immediately.

If the immortal formation was operating normally, the energy in the formation eye and Essence Spirit Stones would be enough to last dozens of years.

However, if external forces were to attack continuously, the consumption of Essence Spirit Stones would also become extremely intense and might not last long.

All these years, Su Zimo had consumed Essence Condensation Pills and cultivated with Essence Spirit Stones, causing his cultivation realm to increase rapidly.

If he cultivated normally, even his Green Lotus True Body would take hundreds or even a thousand years to break through to the Level 7 Black Essence realm.

However, he had already broken through three years ago and cultivated to the Level 7 Black Essence realm!

As for his Essence Spirit, it was at the terrifying Level 9 Black Essence realm!

This process took him less than 30 years!

Of course, the dozens of Essence Spirit Stones in his storage bag had already been exhausted in the past 30 years.

Su Zimo turned to look at the dilapidated palace in the distance before turning to head outside.

After passing through a barrier that resembled water, he returned to the abyss once more.

Su Zimo looked around and was prepared to use his Extreme Speed innate divine power to rush to Snow Wind Ridge right away.


He frowned and felt that something was amiss.

In the abyss, the corpses of various Earth Immortals and Heaven Immortals were strewn everywhere.

However, those corpses seemed to have been moved!

Although Su Zimo was cultivating in seclusion in the mysterious space, he could sense the activity outside.

However, that person managed to hide from his senses!

This was an expert that far surpassed him!

In fact, up till now, Su Zimo’s spirit perception had not sensed anything unusual.

However, he knew in his heart that there was a high chance this person was nearby!

“Come on out,”

Su Zimo said slowly with a grim expression.


A seductive chuckle sounded from behind him, causing one’s heart to skip a beat.

Su Zimo looked back.

Not far away, a charming woman blinked her watery eyes and looked at him with a smile.

It was the Heaven Immortal expert, Mei Ji!

“Impressive. How did you discover me, young man?”

Mei Ji asked curiously.

“You haven’t left yet?”

Su Zimo frowned and asked in an unfriendly tone.

To think that Mei Ji would guard this place for an entire 30 years without leaving!

Mei Ji was not annoyed and chuckled. “After the battle ended, I was indignant and returned. In the end, I realized that a corpse was missing…”

At that point, she glared at Su Zimo with shimmering eyes that seemed to emit a strange demonic power. She said gently, “That corpse was none other than you.”