Chapter 1923 - Snow-white Butterfly

The moment he met the Scarlet Blood Spider, Su Zimo was in immense danger and his life was hanging by a thread!

The difference in strength between them was too great and all his trump cards were useless against this Scarlet Blood Spider.

In the Hell Suppression Tripod, the souls of two sacred beasts were awakened.

However, the power of the two sacred beast souls had already been exhausted in the previous battle.

The power of the two sacred beasts’ souls could only be recovered if there were enough sentient Dharmic treasures for the Hell Suppression Tripod to devour and refine.

Right now, Su Zimo did not have anything to rely on to defend against the power of this ancient living being!

Even if the Scarlet Blood Spider did not attack again, the poison on the spider silk would kill the Green Lotus True Body before long!


With an excited expression and a ferocious gaze, the Scarlet Blood Spider let out an ear-piercing cry and lunged towards Su Zimo with its eight legs.

The path ahead was completely sealed by the spider silk and there was no way to charge through.

There were too many spider silk that were everywhere.

Even with the True Dragon Nine Flashes, Su Zimo did not dare to release it recklessly, afraid that his landing spot after the flash would descend on the incomparably sharp spiderweb that was filled with poison!

Helpless, Su Zimo could only retreat along the mine tunnel.

However, without the wings of the Roc, even if he released Boundless Golden Light, Heavenly Feet and other movement divine powers, his speed was far inferior to the Scarlet Blood Spider.

Before long, the Scarlet Blood Spider had already closed in and extended its front legs that resembled spears, piercing towards Su Zimo!

There were even sharp spikes on its front legs that emitted a foul stench and were extremely toxic!

Even if he was scratched by the spider leg, he could die on the spot, let alone struck by it!

The poison on Su Zimo’s calf had already spread.

One of his thighs was numb and his movement technique was sluggish.

When he saw the Scarlet Blood Spider charging over and could not dodge, Su Zimo summoned the Hell Suppression Tripod. In a flash, he curled up and hid in the tripod.


A pair of spider legs tore through the air and struck the Hell Suppression Tripod, causing a metallic sound and sparks to fly!

Although he was hiding in the Hell Suppression Tripod, Su Zimo could still feel an extremely terrifying force sending it flying!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Hell Suppression Tripod retreated the entire way and smashed through the stone walls of the mine tunnel, causing dust to billow.

The Scarlet Blood Spider charged forward in pursuit.


Su Zimo felt a chilling intent descend and the Hell Suppression Tripod stopped in its tracks, hovering in midair motionlessly.

To be precise, the Hell Suppression Tripod was frozen in midair!

Instantly, a layer of frost covered the surface of the tripod.

Even though he was curled up in the tripod, Su Zimo could not help but shudder—he could not circulate his bloodline no matter how he tried.

Frost appeared in his bloodline as well!

A figure flashed past the Hell Suppression Tripod.

Instinctively, Su Zimo looked up.

A butterfly the size of a palm floated in midair. It was snow-white and emitted a chill.

When it saw the snow-white butterfly, the Scarlet Blood Spider suddenly paused as well!

The snow-white butterfly could not compare to the Scarlet Blood Spider at all and even looked a little weak.

However, at that moment, the aura of the snow-white butterfly was not disadvantaged at all!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he recalled something.

Previously, he discovered a blurry white shadow on a nearby stone wall that was a little strange.

Out of caution, he did not excavate the stone wall.

But now, because of the Scarlet Blood Spider’s pursuit, the Hell Suppression Tripod accidentally shattered the stone wall and the blurry white shadow appeared.

It was the snow-white butterfly before him!

There was an ancient living being buried within the stone wall as well.

Furthermore, this ancient living being was not dead!

As though it recognized the origin of the snow-white butterfly, the Scarlet Blood Spider’s eyes were filled with fear. It was no longer as arrogant and unbridled as before as it lingered on the spot to test the waters.

The snow-white butterfly glared at the Scarlet Blood Spider and suddenly flapped its wings.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A terrifying cold current surged over and a layer of frost covered the Scarlet Blood Spider instantly, even forming ice crystals!

The Scarlet Blood Spider was shocked.


The Scarlet Blood Spider channeled its blood qi and a loud bang sounded from its body. Instantly, it broke free from the frost on its body and shook off the ice on the ground.

Glaring at the snow-white butterfly, the Scarlet Blood Spider waved its eight legs and fled the way it came, disappearing beneath the mine in the blink of an eye.

Su Zimo was secretly alarmed.

To think that this seemingly weak snow-white butterfly was even more terrifying and managed to repel the Scarlet Blood Spider!

Ever since the snow-white butterfly appeared, it had never targeted Su Zimo.

However, the temperature beneath the mine had already fallen to its limits!

Even the Bronze Square Tripod could not withstand the coldness.

Su Zimo was shivering from head to toe and his teeth chattered.

All of a sudden!

On the other side, a clamor of people could be heard. Their clothes fluttered, as though many cultivators had already arrived underground and were rushing over.

“The Scarlet Blood Spider escaped that way! Go and chase after it!”

“That Scarlet Blood Spider’s strength is terrifying. It has just awakened and has already killed more than a hundred thousand people before its combat strength has even recovered to its peak. We’re probably not its match either.”

“It’s fine, just hold it back and try your best to keep it here. The County Governor is rushing over personally with his men!”

“The County Governor was alarmed?”

“The County Governor is a Perfected Immortal expert. With him around, we’ll definitely be able to suppress that beast!”

Su Zimo’s hearing was strong and he heard everything clearly.

Initially, it was rare for something to happen beneath the Essence Spirit Mine.

Even if they dug up any flesh or corpses, the Earth Immortals and Heaven Immortals of the major cities were enough to settle them.

To think that a living being would be dug out from the Essence Spirit Mine!

Even Heaven Immortal experts could not suppress such a living being!

“An extremely powerful lifeforce fluctuation is coming from this side as well. Follow me!” Right then, a man said in a deep voice.

The cultivators that arrived split into two groups and one of them sensed the commotion and sped over.

Su Zimo lamented internally.

As a Black Immortal, he had no way of protecting himself in such a situation.

They were like fish and prawns in a wave and could not resist at all.

He wanted to escape from this place as soon as possible. However, the snow-white butterfly was right in front of him and he did not dare to act rashly!

Before long, a few figures rushed out from a few mine tunnels—there were hundreds of them.

Their leader had a powerful aura and stood in midair. He wore iron armor and wielded a spear. The moment he arrived, he glared at the snow-white butterfly not far away with a grim expression.

Behind the armored man were many Glass City guards.

Although their cultivation realms were different, they were all Earth Immortal experts.

However, the aura of the armored man was clearly much stronger than many Earth Immortals!

Unexpectedly, that should be a Heaven Immortal expert of Glass City!