Chapter 1954: It's common sense to show Opai when apologizing

Seeing that Luo Chuan finally finished reading and seemed to be posting something in the novel comment area, Yao Ziyan said softly: "Luochuan, what are you going to do?"

"What do you do?" Luo Chuan looked up and didn't quite understand what Yao Ziyan meant.

"That's what I just said." Yao Ziyan lowered her voice, as if she was afraid of being heard by others, "Luochuan, what are your thoughts? How do you plan to respond?"

"Do nothing." Luo Chuan yawned and said casually.

Yao Ziyan opened his mouth, but couldn't say anything. Maybe it was because he was not used to Luochuan's indifference? She didn't know what she was thinking in her heart.

When Luochuan saw the look of Yao Ziyan, he probably knew what the girl was thinking. He pressed her hair and felt very good: "In other words, haven't you been preparing for it all the time?"

Yao Ziyan was dumbfounded: "Well, it seems to be too."

Then he shook his head again and patted Luo Chuan's paw from his head.

"You also know what Su Nan said just now. This one million years is only a rough range, and the error of tens of thousands of years belongs to the normal range. You can't always struggle with the problem of how to deal with it for such a long period of time, right? What will you encounter, and how should you prepare specifically?" Luo Chuan analyzed the current situation for Yao Ziyan.

Yao Ziyan thought for a while, leaned in Luo Chuan's ear and whispered: "Luo Chuan, have you known about this a long time ago?"

In this way, the reasons why Luochuan did these things from beginning to end make sense.

The purpose of the Origin Mall may be to improve the combat effectiveness of the entire Tianlan Continent. Ordinary people can play a small role in the face of such disasters and are temporarily excluded.

As for the holographic equipment, in Yao Ziyan's view, in addition to allowing customers to improve their cultivation, exercise their combat awareness, and learn various abilities, they may also become another battlefield.

A battlefield based on the space of consciousness.

Since the type of disaster is unpredictable, why can't it be the soul? The consciousness space constructed by the consciousness of all creatures in the entire continent, perhaps the nightmare space application was launched for this purpose, which can increase the intensity of consciousness.

Glory is a hero in creative consciousness, and customers can manipulate it.

The leisure model is to create a unique role for each customer, that is, their embodiment in the consciousness space.

The arena is a type to improve combat ability. The movie should directly create the battlefield and formulate the rules...

Thinking carefully about the various products in Origin Mall, Yao Ziyan suddenly realized that Luochuan had already considered the occurrence of various situations unknowingly, and had also made various countermeasures for this. This effect will be achieved in two years. If a period of time passes, the impact on Tianlan Continent will definitely be even greater.

This is why Yao Ziyan would ask so.

The gentle and warm breath rushed to the ears, with a faint scent of good smell, the slender eyelashes quivered slightly, and his reflection could even be clearly seen in those purple eyes.

Luo Chuan moved his body slightly: "How is it possible, I don't know anything."

Yao Ziyan rolled his eyes, and the expression on his face could roughly be classified as something like "Go on, do you think I believe it?"

"Didn't I say that before, I'm just an ordinary shop owner who is interested in it, and no foresight has anything to do with me." Luo Chuan emphasized his personality.

"Well, ordinary Tungluo boss, I know." Yao Ziyan nodded lightly, smiling.

Luo Chuan sighed, very helpless, no one believed the truth these days.

He really didn’t think so much, and he did it by himself. Originally, he wanted to reflect his ideas when he lived on the earth. Incarnate as a character in a moba game, it’s very interesting to think about it. As for other things, he basically do not know.

Moreover, the goods in the store are also obtained through a lottery.

Does the system matter have anything to do with his boss?

That's definitely okay.

The origin of the nightmare space is a bit strange. The silver "river water" recovered in the place called the Lost Kingdom can reflect people's inner fears and even possess the characteristics of contagion.


Luo Chuan suddenly understood something. In other words, this should be regarded as the third natural disaster in the world of crisis that he strangled in the cradle, right?

Well, he has begun to accept his savior's personal design.

However, Luo Chuan still wants to make it clear that these are additional. He is essentially an ordinary boss and a good person. He will naturally help when he can do anything he can. That's it.

"Luochuan, what are you thinking about?"

The voice of Yao Ziyan brought Luochuan's thoughts back to reality.

"I was thinking about what to eat at noon, what to eat at night, and what to eat for supper." Luochuan stretched, "When will the weather clear up? Didn't you say that you haven't taken a rail train before, and you have time to accompany you." have a look."

"Hey, Luochuan, you didn't forget about this." Yao Ziyan was surprised.

"Then let me forget." Luo Chuan picked up the magic phone.

"Don't." Yao Ziyan grabbed Luo Chuan's arm and apologized seriously. "I'm sorry, I was wrong. I shouldn't treat the boss with my own eyes."

The purple eyes blinked lightly, which was innocent and lovely.

"It is common sense to show your belly when you apologize." Luo Chuan said with a serious face.

Yao Ziyan was stunned: "Huh?"

common sense? Why hasn't she heard of such common sense?

"Luochuan, you are so strange." Yao Ziyan hugged his arms and moved a distance away from Luochuan, staring at him delicately.

Show your belly and apologize...Where is this strange common sense!

"Forget it, when I didn't say anything." Luo Chuan coughed slightly, and some customers had already noticed the movement at the counter and cast their gazes here.

Yao Ziyan wrinkled her nose, and after hesitating, she whispered, "I don't hate such a boss, but it will take some time..."

Luo Chuan, who was absent-mindedly looking at the magic phone, looked up when he heard the words, and asked with a little smile in the words: "What did you say?"

Perceiving Luo Chuan's gaze, Yao Ziyan's body stiffened slightly, her face seemed to be covered with pink, and she turned her head in shame, "Nothing to say!"

"It's great." Not far away, Qing Yuan supported her chin, and said softly with emotion when she looked at the two people at the counter.

"If Sister Qing Yuan is envious, find one yourself." Yao Ziyue, who was looking at the magic phone, looked up at Qing Yuan's gaze, and said casually.

"No." Qing Yuan shook her head, with a firm attitude, "I am free and comfortable by myself. Why do I have to add trouble to myself? I don't want to make someone cheaper at that time. It's scary to think about it."

Touching his arm, a layer of goose bumps appeared on the white and smooth skin.

"Well, it makes sense." Yao Ziyue just nodded, and didn't comment on this. Everyone has their own way of life, and it is not the turn of others to comment.

"Besides, if I really feel that a person is too lonely, I'm looking for a girl." Qing Yuan shrugged and said casually.

"Huh?!" Yao Ziyue froze when she delivered the potato chips into her mouth, and looked at Qing Yuan with her eyes wide, with an unbelievable appearance.

"How wonderful, it is fragrant and soft, and it can be used as a pillow when you sleep. I wake you up in the morning and cook for you. This is the ideal life."

" makes sense..."

"Purple Moon."

"Sister Qingyuan, I'm still young, even if you don't have the coming-of-age ceremony, even if you want to give me an idea, it's not allowed, and my sister will never allow this to happen, so don't think about it."

"...I think you have misunderstood something, I just want to eat some of your potato chips..."