Chapter 280 - Chapter 280: Princess Yun Hua

Chapter 280: Princess Yun Hua

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On the mountaintop, one could see the northern border city at a glance. There, a new tomb was built.

The old woman wanted to return to the northern border city, but she passed away before she could enter the city. Burying her here where she could look at the city all the time was probably also what she wanted.

Si Yingzong knelt in front of the tomb and kowtowed three times. He muttered, “Granny, I’ll come back to see you when I can.”

The mountain wind blew gently, brushing past his face, like an elder gently stroking a junior’s head, gentle and warm.

Si Yingzong stood up and turned around to look at Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong. His eyes were red. “Let’s go.”

Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong nodded and left together.

Chu Qingzhi changed the plaque on the top of the door from the Qin mansion to the Chu mansion and cast a barrier around it. She summoned some wild beasts from the mountains to guard this place. After doing all that, she returned to the northern border city.

The three of them went to the inn first to look for Wu Yaqing.

Wu Yaqing had been waiting anxiously. When she saw the two of them return, she was as happy as butterflies fluttering in the flowers. “You’re finally back.”

Chu Qingzhi did a twirl and returned to her original appearance.

Wu Yaqing widened her eyes as she watched this magic being performed. She was so shocked that her tongue was tied. “You, you’re actually a woman?!”

Chu Qingzhi said apologetically, “Princess, I had no choice but to hide my identity before. I hope you don’t mind.”

Wu Yaqing took a while to accept the truth. “1 don’t mind, I don’t mind. I also hid my identity when I first met you.”

After saying that, she stared straight at Chu Qingzhi’s face. “But you’re so beautiful. I feel inferior.” As she spoke, she touched her face.

Chu Qingzhi smiled. “Princess, you are also beautiful in your own way.”

Hearing this, Wu Yaqing was very happy. “Can you tell me your name?”

Chu Qingzhi said readily, “Chu Qingzhi.”

Wu Yaqing pointed at Tang Jinghong. “What about him?”

Chu Qingzhi waved her hand and helped Tang Jinghong return to his original apperance. “His name is Tang Jinghong.”

Wu Yaqing took two steps back in shock and pointed at Tang Jinghong. “Tang, Tang, Tang Jinghong? Divine General Tang Jinghong?”

Her train of thoughts was different from ordinary people. In the next second, she shouted excitedly, “Wow, you’re so good-looking. You’re so handsome. Qingzhi, you’re so compatible with him. The two of you are like a match made in heaven.”

Chu Qingzhi was speechless, and so was Tang Jinghong.

This princess’s way of thinking was so different.

Tang Jinghong said, “Princess, we came to tell you that we’re preparing to return to the capital.”

Princess Yun Hua said without thinking, “I’ll go to the capital with you.”

After saying that, she scurried back to her room like a monkey. She took out a letter and stuffed it into Tang Jinghong’s hand. “Look, this is a letter from my mother.”

Tang Jinghong glanced at Yun Hua and then read the letter, which said, “Yun Hua, you’re lucky to have met Tang Jinghong. You have to cherish fate. I hope that you can marry Tang Jinghong and stay in the Daling Dynasty…”

Tang Jinghong’s expression darkened. “Then what do you plan to do, Princess?”

Chu Qingzhi saw the drastic change in Tang Jinghong’s expression and could not help but take a glance at the letter from the corner of her eyes. She thought to herself, The queen of the An Huai Kingdom is really far-sighted. As long as Yun Hua marries Tang Jinghong, her safety can be guaranteed.

Princess Yun Hua said in a joking tone, “General Tang, don’t worry. You and Qingzhi are so compatible. 1 won’t be a third wheel. However, you have to help me find a good husband. Otherwise, I’ll always stay by your side and keep bugging the two of you.”

Tang Jinghong’s expression softened. He smiled and said, “1’11 try my best to help you.”

Princess Yun Hua asked, “Alright, when are we setting off?”

Tang Jinghong said, “We’ll set off tomorrow. Do you know how to ride a horse?”

Princess Yun Hua patted her chest and said smugly, “Of course. I’m good at both martial arts and literature.”

The corner of Chu Qingzhi’s mouth twitched. She didn’t sound all that convincing.

In an ordinary courtyard.

Li Yuanshao had prepared a sumptuous farewell banquet for Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong.

Li Yuanshao personally poured wine for Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong. “Thank you for your help. Otherwise, 1 wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Tang Jinghong looked at the clear white wine and said, “Seventh Prince, I’ve already submitted the memorial. If nothing goes wrong, your position is already secured. I just want to remind you that it was you who took the initiative to be responsible for the northern border. You have to remember what you told me at the beginning. You can’t break your promise.”

Li Yuanshao solemnly raised his wine glass and said firmly, “General Tang, I will never go back on my word. 1 will definitely protect the northern border.”

With that, he raised his head and downed the wine in his glass.

Tang Jinghong also raised his glass and drank the wine.

After drinking the first toast, the atmosphere became relaxed and happy.

Tang Jinghong gave Li Yuanshao the first test. He handed a map to him.

“Seventh Prince, there’s a lot of wealth marked on this map, including banknotes, silver, and gold. Collect it and distribute it among the people who were harmed by the fake Lord of the Northern Border. In the next tax period, 1 hope that the Northern Border will not be filled with complaints.”

He would arrange for secret guards to observe in secret. If Li Yuanshao did not do well, the power in the northern border would be taken back.

Of course, he had already secretly arranged for the guards to transport the gold coins back to the capital, which was what he had promised to Chu Qingzhi. When Qingzhi returned, he would give her a surprise.

Li Yuanshao was smart and instantly understood Tang Jinghong’s words. “General Tang, don’t worry. 1 will not disappoint you.”

Tang Jinghong nodded and stopped talking about politics. He focused on eating.

Tong Yujie looked at Yang Jingwen and hesitated for a moment before asking, “Sister, are you going back to the capital with me?”

He had to follow Tang Jinghong and work for him.

Yang Jingwen avoided Tong Yujie’s expectant gaze and replied, “I plan to follow Yuanshao.”

Tong Yujie looked away in disappointment. He lowered his head and looked at his bowl. For some reason, his sister was not close to him. She was clearly in front of him, but he felt that they were very far apart.

Was it because he wasn’t doing a good job as an elder brother?

What would it take for them to return to how they were when they were young?

Yang Jingwen lowered her head. In the beginning, she treated Tong Yujie as her savior. However, Tong Yujie’s care and love for her during this period of time made her accept this elder brother from the bottom of her heart.

But she couldn’t bring herself to leave Li Yuanshao..