Chapter 2136

It has been a year since the road to becoming a god started.

At this moment, the outsiders scattered on the road to becoming a god all felt the same as Su Yi and realized that it was time to leave.

starting city.

The rays of light circulated, the time and space fluctuations continued to flicker, and returning figures appeared one after another.

"Finally home!"

Some people feel as if they have been separated from each other, and they are full of emotion.

"Although I have only embarked on the road of trial for one year, the harvest during this period is far more worthwhile than the countless years of seclusion in the outside world!"

"Who can believe that in just one year, I have successfully advanced to two great realms and become a real Taixuan rank existence?"

Some people are happy and can't hide their joy.

Most of the powerhouses who entered the path of the ancient gods were characters under the Taixuan rank.

Among them, many people have won many magical fates in this year's trials, and their cultivation has improved by leaps and bounds.

"My senior brother... he will never come back..."

A woman looked sad and lost her soul. "He died to save me. If I had known this earlier, I would rather not let my senior brother come with me..."

This remark made many people look sad and brought up sad things.

The road of trial is not only about chance and good fortune, but also many terrifying murders and dangers.

The relatives and friends who traveled with them have all suffered on the road of trials and can never return.

Some people gain a lot, and some people go home empty-handed.

Some people feel that the trip was worthwhile, and some people feel sad for the relatives and friends who were killed or injured.


This is the road of trial. Those who can truly come back alive are only part of it.

It is only a handful of people who can truly win the fortune of the world.

Feng Wuji, Bi Kongliu, Buddha Liansheng and many other god-like figures also returned from Huashen Xinghai one after another.

Most of them have become gods, and when they returned, they immediately caused a sensation and became the object of much attention.

"Look, that's Su Yi!"

Suddenly, in the noisy atmosphere, someone shouted excitedly.

All of a sudden, all kinds of voices disappeared, the atmosphere suddenly became silent, and all eyes turned to the same place—

There, a tall figure appeared in the void.

The green robe fluttered, and it was elegant and dusty.

It's Su Yi!

All of a sudden, various images appeared in the minds of everyone present.

Some people remember that Su Yi killed the second priest Qin Wenxiao in the beginning city, and suppressed the feat of all the gods.

Some people think of the bloody scene of Su Yi in charge of Zhou Xu's order in the sea of ​​​​the transformation of the gods, killing all the enemies.

Some people think of the unparalleled divine calamity that caused a sensation on the road of the ancient gods not long ago and spread to the world!

Some people also remembered the legendary deeds of Su Yi breaking all records of the Nine Great Heavenly Passes in the Ancient God Realm.

...for a while, the atmosphere became more and more silent and dull.

Everyone looks different, there are shock, admiration, and deep fear.

It's like witnessing the arrival of a contemporary myth! !

Su Yi!

This name, like magic, carries a legendary color that is unparalleled.

Even those who were present at the same level who had become gods, when they faced Su Yi again, could not help but feel a sense of being out of touch.

If it is said that the most eye-catching person on the road to the ancient gods this time, Su Yi is definitely the undisputed one!


After returning to the starting city, Su Yi and the three main priests, Lie Xingqu, met, and then they started to sacrifice the drumsticks that sounded the grievances and integrated them into the Zhoutian rules of the starting city.

On that day, all the powerhouses who returned to the starting city like Su Yi left.


The Era River is flowing in a mighty way.

Kingdom of Eternal Day.

In front of the Ancient God Ridge.

This is the entrance to the road of the ancient gods.

At this time, there are already many figures waiting here.

In the front, almost all of them are gods!

Most of them came from the major forces in the realm of the gods.

There are also some from the kingdom of eternal day.

Some of the most powerful gods among them are the upper gods of the creation realm!

"In just one year, I don't know how many of those god-child characters have become gods."

A middle-aged god in a python robe spoke.

A year may be a long time for ordinary people.

But for these gods, a year is too short.

You must know that in normal times, the time they retreated once was thousands of years.

"Those gods have Taoist guardians around them, and they have prepared well in advance, so they don't have to worry about not being able to prove Taoism and become gods."

Someone makes an inference.

The way of the ancient gods runs through the time and space that disappeared in the past. In the outside world, no one knows what happened to the way of the ancient gods.

Even the Lord of God cannot infer anything!

So that when talking about things related to the ancient gods' path, the gods present can only speculate.

Suddenly, someone whispered: "I don't know if Su Yi's heresy has been captured and killed."

In a word, it attracted a lot of attention.

"No accident, this child is destined to suffer!"

Someone makes predictions.

A year ago, Su Yi also entered the road of the ancient gods. At that time, there were also the nine gods of the Kingdom of Eternal Sun, Ren Beiyou, Wen Xiao and a group of high-ranking gods from the great lineages of the gods!

With such a lineup, killing a Su Yi is absolutely as easy as the palm of your hand!

"Take 10,000 steps back and say that even if he is lucky enough to come back alive this time, with people like us, he will not escape death!"

An old man in a black robe said indifferently, "That mysterious He Bo is not in the country of eternal day now! He can't save his life like he did last time!"

A year ago, when the road to the ancient gods was opened, Su Yi was surrounded by the will power of a group of gods and was in a desperate situation!

Everyone clearly remembered that it was the mysterious He Bo who appeared at that time to save Su Yi's life.

And now, that Hebo has disappeared for a year, not in the country of eternal day!

While talking, suddenly, the ancient gods roared in the distance, and a space-time force emerged, constructing a huge portal in the void.

Immediately, there was a sensation in the field.

Everyone stopped talking and looked at the space-time portal.

Then, under the gaze of countless eyes, silhouettes swept out of the portal of time and space one after another.

Densely packed, just like crucian carp crossing the river.

The field suddenly became lively.

Soon, Feng Wuji, Buddha Zi Liansheng, Bi Kongliu and other god-level figures also came out.

When they saw that they had become gods, those who were waiting for the high-ranking gods in the field couldn't help showing joy.

What makes them strange is that until now, the nine heavenly gods of the Kingdom of Eternal Sun, Ren Beiyou, Wen Xiao and other high-level gods have not appeared.

What's going on here?

Before waiting for the gods to ask, they saw Su Yi's tall figure floating out of the portal of time and space.

Suddenly, surprised voices rang out one after another.

"This heresy is not dead!?"

"This son's life is really hard enough..."

"Has he become a god?"

...for a while, the upper gods who were waiting there all fixed their eyes on Su Yi.

Like staring at a prey!

Feng Wuji, Bi Kongliu and other god-child-level characters all changed color, and quickly transmitted their voices to tell the elders of their respective camps what happened on the road of the ancient gods.

But before they could explain it clearly, there was already a high-level god who couldn't hold back and moved Zhang Kong directly, blocking Su Yi's path.

This is an old man in a black robe, with an indifferent expression and terrifying eyes, "Su Yi, you can't leave!"

He didn't act immediately, but was worried that Su Yi would escape, so he wanted to stop Su Yi here, and then decide whether to act after clarifying the situation.

"Yes, you can't leave yet!"

Seeing this, other upper gods also looked bad and blocked the nearby area.

The atmosphere in the field suddenly became depressing and chilling.

Everyone present was trembling, and all the upper gods were murderous, blocking this place, who could not be shocked?

Many eyes looking at Su Yi were filled with pity and sympathy. What if they came back alive from the Ancient God's Path?

Doomed to be doomed!

However, there were also many big figures in the field who did not act. They were communicating with Feng Wuji, Bi Kongliu and other god-child-level figures to understand the situation.

"If I want to leave, can you stop me?"

Su Yi laughed.

There are many people here, and it is too noisy and noisy, and he does not intend to stay here.

Saying that, he took a step forward and walked towards the distance.

In my heart, I was thinking, where should I go to find that old fellow He Bo.

"Oh, what a big tone, just take a trip to the road of the ancient gods, how dare you not put me in your eyes?"

The old man in the black robe who was the first to dispatch his face sank, his eyes filled with murderous intent, "If you dare to take another step, this seat will kill you!"


His mighty energy roared and spread, earth-shattering, and the terrifying murderous aura was like a storm, locking Su Yi firmly.

Seeing this, the other upper gods were all ready to wait, ready to move.

They came from different factions, so naturally they wouldn't let the Mopao old man kill Su Yi first.

This situation also made everyone else in the room tremble with fear.

But Su Yi didn't seem to realize it, he raised his feet, took a step, and then said lightly, "Come on, kill me."


There was an uproar.

And the old man in the black robe couldn't hold back any longer, he sneered, jumped into the sky, and slapped it out.

This palm, without reservation, fully motivates the Dao Xing in the middle stage of the Creation Realm!

Not because of fear of Su Yi.

But worry about being interfered by other competitors!

Sure enough, at the moment when he shot, some other high-ranking gods on the scene also attacked boldly, one faster than the other.

Some high-level gods are even more ruthless, directly sacrificing the treasures and performing the strongest secret technique!

"Damn it! I knew they would grab it!"

The old man in the Mopao cursed secretly, but fortunately, when he started, he also used all his strength, and he was the closest to Su Yi, so he didn't worry about being taken first by others!


In an instant, he had reached Su Yi's approach, and the palm of his hand was as powerful as a mountain, and he slapped Su Yi fiercely.

In those eyes, it was full of grimness.

At this moment, Su Yi didn't even look at it, and waved his sleeve robe casually.

boom! !

The figure of the Mopao old man slaughtered suddenly exploded when he was only three feet away from Su Yi.

Like a suddenly lit fireworks bloom.

Scarlet hot, poignant and dazzling.

In other directions, those high-level gods who were rushing to kill Su Yi were all stiff and horrified.

Almost out of instinct, they stopped abruptly halfway and were about to retreat.

But it's too late!

Seeing Su Yi shaking his head and chuckling, he stepped forward, and a chaotic sword energy suddenly appeared and swept away.

In an instant, the upper gods in different directions exploded like paper.

Was beheaded on the spot!

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