Chapter 446 - [Bonus ] The End

"Are you sure that's wise? Edward's desperate now and when he's that, he's dangerous. We should escape now that we have the chance to."

Tai scoffed as he listened to his brother-in-law talk. "You know, when Song suggested we enlist you for help, I wasn't too keen on the idea now, I remember why. You're a weak man Jinn and it's a wonder you've survived all these years in the mafia."

Jinn Yang's eyes grew wide as he watched Tai grab the gun on his table and point it at him. 

"You're a liability Mr. Yang and you'll be no use to me when I takeover."

"So you still believe..."

But Tai pressed the trigger, releasing the bullet that shut Jinn Yang up, forever. 

"Yes, I do."

He crossed over Jinn's stocky figure crumpled on the ground as he made his way out of the office. 

"Get the girl and meet me on the rooftop."

Song who had been rushing to get her husband so they could escape paused. 

"Let's just leave her Tai and go away. This fight is not ours anymore. Your men have fallen in numbers. I've already sent the girls away."

Tai looked at his wife and cocked his head to the right, "I just killed your brother for suggesting the same thing to me," he raised the gun at her, "Do you want to suffer the same fate?"

Song's eyes grew wide with shock. She turned around and ran to the room where they had locked Amy in.

Even blood can't stop the thirst for power. 


"Sir!" Viktor yelled to Edward. "Tai Pin's office is on the fifth floor."

Edward nodded. He shot the two men heading for them before running into the elevator with Viktor following closely behind. He hit the button for the fifth floor. 

When they arrived, Edward went into stealth mode. The hallway was quiet and he didn't want to alert Tai of their presence. They tip toed to the open door at the end of the hall where they were met with Jinn's dead body. 

Edward stopped moving as he assessed the corpse, He had anticipated this. "Tai Pin isn't here."

Viktor stopped searching the room and turned to face his boss. 

"We'll split up and find him. You go downstairs to the underground tunnels, I'll go up."

The guard nodded and left the room. He hadn't yet gotten any feedback from the men he had sent to find Amy and that worried him a lot. He took to the stairs and climbed to the floors one after the other looking for the man that had caused him so much trouble all these years. 

Tai's army of bloodthirsty men poured out from every corner in numbers and Edward killed them all. There was no sign of Tai himself on any of the floors until he got to the rooftop where he found Tai running for the chopper with a bound Amy struggling beside him. 

Edward shot into the air stopping them from running. Tai grabbed Amy and spin her around until she was facing Edward with his gun pointed at her head. 

Just then, Song ran up and Edward grabbed her, keeping her in the same position as Tai. 

"Edward my boy," Song whispered shakily, forcing a smile. 

"I'm not your boy anymore you treacherous leech."

Song gulped. 

"Let Amy go and I won't have to shoot your wife."

"Oh that's fine, I'll shoot her myself."


The shot penetrated her heart before she could get the words out. Just like her brother earlier, Song Pin fell to the ground in a heap of white as the blood spread from the hole in her chest. 

Edward staggered, shocked by Tai Pin's outrageous behaviour. He looked up at the man with wide eyes. 

"Now, I'll give you my options," Tai said. "You give me your position with the mafia or you say bye, bye to your baby and it's mother."

"All this just for a seat at the head of a table that will never accept you?"

"Never accept me? You forget that I once was a member of that table."

"Yeah, and you left."

Tai Pin laughed, "No, that's where you get it wrong, I never left. I've been planning this takeover for a long time. When I killed your parents, I thought the swoop in would easy for but then someone had to go and fill his daddy's shoes."

Edward gasped. So that car accident hadn't been an accident. He should have known. 

"My father was your best friend. How could you? He protected your family!"

"Oh please, there are no friends in the mafia, didn't anyone tell you?"

Edward shook his head. He couldn't believe this. But the shock was slowly turning to anger and he began to inch forward for Tai Pin. 

"Careful now," Tai warned him from moving any further as he pushed the gun closer to Amy's temple.

But Edward was only seeing red. Tai Pin had made him really angry now.

"You took my parents. There's no way I'm letting you take my wife and child Tai Pin." 

Without hesitation, Edward threw the knife he had taken out of his pants while Tai Pin had been distracted by his blabber, the weapon hit the man square in his forehead and he fell to the ground. The gun rolled out of his hands and Edward ran for Amy. He pulled her into a hug and squeezed her to himself. 

"I'm so sorry Amy. I'm sorry all of this happened to you."

Amy shook her head, "Shh, shh, it's okay, Edward. It's okay."

Just then Viktor ran up and paused as he assessed the scene. He smiled at Edward and  Amy who stood in each other's arms. "Good to have you back ma'am." 

Amy nodded, returning his smile. 

"I'm never letting you out of my sight, ever, do you understand me?"

"For now, I'll contest the overprotectiveness later."

Edward shook his head. She was still the same stubborn Amy. 

"So, your wife huh?" She had heard clearly when he'd called her his wife. 

Edward lifted her head so she could see clearly the love that burned in his eyes for her. "Marry me, red."

"After all of this?" Amy chuckled, "Hell yeah!"

And there, amidst the dead bodies and bodyguards, the two kissed. 

The End

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