Chapter 3040

"Your parents came here, and you didn't tell me!" Lou Ying asks Pei shuoheng in a low voice.

She drank some wine at noon, and then because of the sudden proposal, she was so moved that she wanted to knock Pei shuoheng down.

After all, there are only two of them here, and they are now unmarried. This kind of thing has not happened before, so in Lou Ying's opinion, this is a very normal thing. As a result

Never thought of it!

They're all here.

"They know I'm going to propose today." Pei shuoheng whispered.

Suddenly, I feel that I have made a mistake. I shouldn't tell them that I want to propose to Lou Ying. Just tell them afterwards.

Lou Ying is really hard to take the initiative. He doesn't have time to enjoy the process. As a result, he is directly interrupted.

His mood is depressing!

How can you be interrupted so directly?

However, they did not feel the general smile on their faces is very strong.

"It seems that the proposal was successful!" Ye Yining said.

He was very happy for both of them. Seeing a big bunch of red roses in Lou Ying's hand, he seemed to think of something and said, "we don't seem to have come at the right time. Let them make out first."

Ye Yining's words, Lou Ying more embarrassed, really want to find a hole to drill in.

"Yes, let's go home first. Maybe I'll have a little nephew and niece coming out soon. I'm not sure." Pei Lesheng nodded in recognition.

The two and the four of them got up again and went to the door.

Ye Yining is also very kind to push them into the room, said, "remember to go home for dinner at night, mom to celebrate for you, you have a good rest!"

Until they were pushed to the door, ye Yining seemed to think of something and said, "it's said that afternoon and morning are the easiest time to get pregnant. You two have to come on!"

Lou Ying suddenly feels so shameful! They really don't feel embarrassed at all!

When ye Yining came to the door, he said to Pei shuoheng, "son, come on!"

Then, they left!

When the door is closed, louying can even help me to get a group of crows flying over my head.

She blinked and said, "am I drunk?"

Or Ye Yining, they drink too much.

"You didn't drink much!" Pei shuoheng said with a smile. He took the flowers in her hand and put them aside. Holding Lou Ying, he went directly into the room. He also closed the door and put Lou Ying on the bed. He also bullied him.

"What are you doing?" Lou Ying is a little embarrassed. If ye Yining didn't make fun of her like that, she might dare. But after their teasing, Lou Ying just thinks What a shame!

"I think my parents are quite right." Pei Shuo said.


"Mom said it's easier to get pregnant by doing that in the afternoon, so Let's have a try? "

Hearing Pei shuoheng's words, Lou Ying shakes his head. "I don't want to get pregnant before I get married. It's not nice to wear wedding dress with a big stomach."

Pei shuoheng did not give her more opportunities, but leaned in her ear and whispered, "I can't let my parents down."

What else does Lou Ying want to say? Pei shuoheng's kiss has fallen down. She has already drunk wine, and now she is allowed to kiss.

Doing the most intimate things between lovers, a small life also came to them on this day

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