Chapter 141


A purple portal was formed in the air and Oliver went into it.

When he left the portal, it was the warehouse. It was inside, not near or in front of the house.

He was surprised. He gave Merlin the address but didn’t expect the portal would be on the inside.

He knew that the magic of Spatial school was great but now realized its usefulness.

Oliver turned his head to ask questions, but unfortunately, the portal had already disappeared.

Well, there was nothing to regret.

Merlin said he would contact him after finishing the urgent work in about two to three weeks.

Oliver looked at the cuff-type communication device from Merlin.

“Um, I’m just thankful that he took care of Rosbane and the other children.”

Suddenly, he remembered what had happened over the past few days.

Looking back, it seemed like a lot had happened.

After finishing Edith’s request to protect Jane, he took a break in the name of rest after the money came in, but he met Joe and taught him black magic, ordered corpse dolls at the black market, and locked heads with the Mattel Lab.

He even promised to learn magic by establishing a contractual student-teacher relationship with Merlin, who he thought was a used bookstore owner…….

It felt as if it were all a dream. Nevertheless, the new clothes he received from Merlin told him they were not a dream but a reality.


Oliver looked around the room.

A place where you can lie down and sleep, and have a simple meal.

The things were in a mess. Like, someone broke in and searched.

It was an unexpected situation, but on the other hand, it wasn’t that surprising.

Even if there were gangs around and some security was guaranteed, he didn’t expect that there would be no thieves at all.

Above all, nothing disappeared.

Indeed, there was only a small refrigerator which wouldn’t amount to much money.

Oliver cleared up the mess and came out and went down to the entrance of the basement.


There was no need to worry too much about here either. There was nothing particularly important in the basement because important and sensitive items such as [Child], processed bodies, broken corpse dolls, drugs, and surgical tools were fed to Big Mouth.

Nevertheless, the reason for going down was to grasp the situation.


He was just wondering, but as expected, a body lay in front of the entrance to the basement.

When he looked at the wound, it seemed the person had been killed by the security device installed just in case.

Made by combining a black magic circle and a minion, it was designed to react and kill anything in front of it when someone tries to open the door forcibly or dispel the defense black magic.

The lying body seemed to have been attacked while attempting to invade.

When he saw the smell of decomposition, he thought it had been a few days since he died.

Oliver observed the body quietly and searched his clothes to see if there was anything he could identify.

After a few rummages, he found something.

It was a hand mirror-like object with mana, a wallet, and an identification card that said Mattel Lab apprentice researcher.

He seemed to be from Mattel’s side.

Oliver thought, looking silently at the dead body.

‘Will there be a problem with Mattel again?’

He wasn’t sure, but he shook his head.

Whatever it was, it was their side who tried to break in first.

“Ian Charlson…. from Northland.”

Oliver read the man’s ID in his wallet and took it along with the money bills.

After that, he took out Big mouth from his waist and told it to take the corpse.

Although it was rotten, this much could be processed and used.

The expiration date will be short, and it was not a big problem because he will make a new corpse doll and replace it anyway.

Above all, it was the body of a wizard from Magic Tower, an apprentice, or whatever.

He thought it would be perfect if he mixed it with the corpses of doctor and warlock ordered from the black market.

It was not a bad harvest.


Big Mouth who swallowed the whole body looked at Oliver.

Apparently, according to the creator of Big Mouth, the bigger it gets, the worse it gets to obey orders, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Suddenly, Oliver wondered why.

Maybe the person who made it didn’t understand his skills?

He thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to visit and ask him later.

He wondered if he would be able to learn how to make black magic items while talking with him.

After organizing his thoughts in that way, Oliver folded the Big Mouth again, put it in a leather case around his waist, extracted emotions, and put emotions into the security black magic circle as if putting a key to unlock the black magic lock.

As the black magic circle disappeared along with the emotion transmitted from his hand, Oliver entered the door and examined it.

For reference, even if the black magic was forcibly released and the protruding minion was harmed, the minions loaded with Las Boom were set to pop out and explode the inside of the basement, which was also to prevent just in case.

All he had was cheap and unimportant things such as tables and furniture, but still, he prepared like this just in case.

‘I’m sorry Mr. Murphy.’

Anyway, Oliver checked the basement, which was better than the bedroom on the second floor. There seemed to be no problem.

“Um… I’ll have to change the location though.”

Oliver mumbled after a moment’s thought.

He didn’t have a big problem right now, but it turned out that this place was not a very safe place.

In order to increase the size and quality of the lab, he had to find another place.

Of course, that didn’t mean he was angry or disappointed.

It was just an objective judgment.

And he didn’t mean to do everything right away.

“……Let’s not go in a hurry. Slowly.”

Oliver muttered, examined the basement, and came out.

He put his thoughts together again.

There were so many things that happened, and something unexpected happened that needed to be sorted out.

“First of all, Elder will solve the problem with Mattel, and he also said he will take care of Rosbane and the other children, so…..”

Thinking about it, there was nothing Oliver had to do.

Merlin said he’d handle most of what Oliver had to do.

He didn’t know because he was tired, but when he thought about it, he received more help from Merlin than he imagined.

In fact, with Oliver’s power, it would have been impossible to do the cleanup.

But that doesn’t mean he can stay still.

It will be two or three weeks before he could meet Merlin again, so Oliver has had to do what he can.

“Um… I have to meet Mr. Forrest first.”

Thus Oliver decided the first thing he would do.

Oliver’s decision to meet Forrest first was from a combination of reasons.

First, Oliver unilaterally cut off contact with Forrest.

He didn’t mean to, but he got a few calls from Forrest since he went to Mattel to save Rosbane.

The problem was due to various reasons, he couldn’t take the call and just ignored it.

He hasn’t visited him for a few days, so he thought it would be best to go and talk first.

The second reason was to work as a Solver.

Although he went through a fuss, he recovered his condition thanks to Merlin’s consideration, and most of all, he needed money.

It was not urgent right now, but there was a sense that he rested for too long. In addition, he had to save money from now on to get a better experiment place, materials, and other necessary things.

The third and last reason was to follow Merlin’s teachings.

When asked to teach him about the world, he advised him to see and learn for himself.

– The world that you learn through someone’s mouth is not a real world, but a fabricated world.

On second thought, it didn’t sound wrong.

The world seen through someone’s eyes and experience had no choice but to go through processing.

That’s why Jane and Merlin’s descriptions of colonization were different.

The only way Oliver could know about the world was to work as a Solver.

Oliver wanted to know more seriously about the world.

How could Mattel do such a thing, why orphans are being treated as test subjects, why there are so many orphans, why colonies were created, what exactly is parterism, and all the phenomena that occur in the world and their roots.

He wanted to know as much as he wanted to know about black magic, demons, and beautiful light.

There was no end, and he felt like there was more work to be done, and to be honest, he didn’t hate it.

Having a lot to know means that there was a lot to learn. It was a great pleasure.


Forest Restaurant opened as usual, and the bell rang to announce the arrival of the customer.

And at the sound of the bell, Al, an employee of the restaurant, came out and welcomed the customer.


As soon as Al saw Oliver, he looked surprised.

It was such a rare sight because his behavior and expressions were always restrained while working.

Looking at such Al, Oliver greeted him first.

“Good morning. Mr. Al.”

“Oh, hello, Dave… It’s really nice to meet you. Forgive my rudeness.”

Al spouted those words as soon as he came to his senses. As soon as he saw Oliver, he showed a feeling of surprise and shock.

It was true that he ignored the call and didn’t show up for several days, but he thought it was a bit excessive.

Returning to his usual self Al said in a very professional way.

“…Dave. Have you come to see the boss?”


“Then, I’ll show you the way. Follow me.”

“Don’t I have to wait?”

“No, of course not.”

With that, Al guided Oliver, and Oliver followed him.

Usually, to meet Forrest, it was either a small restaurant office or the broker’s offices deep underground, but this time he was shown to the second office.

Looking at the side door next to the storage room, Oliver asked.

“Is it this way?”

“Yes, it is.”

As Al answered with his head down, Oliver nodded and opened the door.

Just as he tried to close the door completely, Al said.

“Thank you very much for coming.”

Oliver nodded, unaware of the meaning behind it.

“Thank you for saying that.”

After a brief greeting with Al, Oliver began to go down.

Every time he went, it felt really deep.

No matter how much he thought about it, it seemed to be connected to another city under Landa that Kent said about.

With plenty of room to hide or escape in case of emergency.

It certainly seemed like a place a broker needs.

While thinking like that, Oliver reached the bottom of the basement.

Then, like a habit, he began to walk along a narrow corridor made up of one road.

Nothing has changed even though he visited after a long time.

Knock, knock, knock.

Oliver, who arrived at the end of the corridor, knocked on the small door.

After a while, a voice was heard.

“Come in.”

Hearing a weak voice, Oliver politely opened the door and went inside.

The familiar office scenery, such as tables and chairs on one side, huge counters, and document cabinets that filled the back, caught his eye.

If anything unfamiliar, it was Forrest, who was struggling with several communication devices the size of a human head.

He was always dressed in a neat suit and looked clean, but in just a few days he had become haggard.

The shirt was soaked in sweat and wrinkles, the hair that had always been oiled was messy, and faint dark circles could be seen under the eyes.

He seemed to have suffered a lot in a few days.

Oliver instinctively felt that he was responsible for the trouble.

Not knowing what to say, Oliver greeted first.

“Um……Hello Mr. Forrest. How are you?”

“Not good.”

Forrest replied with a sigh.

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