Chapter 2188

The next day, early morning.

Zhang Feng and Ye Juechen returned to Jiangcheng by plane.

Zhang Feng originally planned to invite Qingxuanzi to attend his wedding together, and let Qingxuanzi return to Zixiaozong by the way.

But Qingxuanzi seemed to be used to the life of idle clouds and wild cranes, and he didn't like to interact with too many people, so he refused.

And Luo Mei did not go to Jiangcheng with Zhang Feng.

After all, as a strong woman, she also has a lot of things to do.

When the plane successfully landed in Jiangcheng.

Lin Feier, Fang Zhihua, Xie Huaqiang, Zhou Qiaoqiao, and everyone from Zixiaozong stood at the gate of the airport excitedly waiting for Zhang Feng to appear.

After a while, Zhang Feng stepped out of the plane.

At a glance, he saw the beautiful woman in the long white dress standing in the waiting room.

The clothes Lin Feier was wearing at this time were the same as the clothes Zhang Feng wore when they met for the first time.

Countless memories flashed in Zhang Feng's mind.

Zhang Feng felt that what he had experienced in these years was like a dream.

And Lin Fei'er was also looking at Zhang Feng, tears seemed to flow in her eyes, she couldn't even believe that Zhang Feng actually stood in front of her again.

In the next second, tears welled up in his eyes.

Zhang Feng walked up to Lin Feier with strides, and then directly hugged Lin Feier into his arms.

Lin Fei'er also hugged Zhang Feng tightly, and her eyes fell down.

At this moment, Lin Fei'er was so excited that she couldn't control herself, and felt as if she was dreaming.

"Don't cry, let's get married!"

Zhang Feng wiped the tears from Lin Fei'er's face with his hand, and said softly.

"You... what did you say?"

Lin Fei'er looked at Zhang Feng suddenly, with an unbelievable expression on his face.

"I said... will you marry me?"

Zhang Feng replied with a smile.

"Are you serious?"

Lin Fei'er couldn't believe what she had heard.

"Of course it's true, don't you want to?"

Zhang Feng asked with a playful expression.

"Yes, of course I would!"

Lin Feier shouted with an extremely excited expression.


three days later.

On a beautiful island.

It is like spring all year round and the scenery is beautiful. It is the holy place for the retirement that countless rich people dream of.

But because of its superior geographical location and extremely comfortable environment, the price is extremely high, even those rich businessmen on the Forbes list can only stay away.

But Zhang Feng spent a lot of money, through his own relationship, directly bought this island, and used it as a place to hold his wedding.

This handwriting can be described as extremely bold!

On the island, the luxurious wedding was being arranged enthusiastically, many guests had already arrived ahead of schedule, and the atmosphere was extremely lively.

Apart from their relatives and friends, most of the guests who could come to Zhang Feng and Lin Feier's wedding were famous people in the world.

Originally, Zhang Feng wanted not to invite outsiders, but who knew, Fang Zhihua directly spread the news after learning that Zhang Feng was going to hold a wedding.

Before Zhang Feng sent out the invitation letter, these bigwigs responded one after another, saying that they would come to the wedding.

In desperation, Zhang Feng had no choice but to ask Fang Zhihua to send out all the invitations.

And at this time.

In the hotel room.

Lin Fei'er was sitting on the dressing table, wearing a wedding dress designed by a well-known foreign designer, with her jet-black hair hanging down.

The bright sunshine outside the window gently sprinkled on her body, as if even her skin was glowing, she was extremely beautiful.

At this time, Lin Fei'er was like a fairy descending from the earth, which made people feel ashamed.

And beside her, besides a few makeup artists, there was also a group of top-notch beauties in bridesmaid clothes.

They are Qin Lan, Liu Yanyan, Mina, Zhou Qiaoqiao and Yi Yun, several of Zhang Feng's confidante.

Fortunately, none of the guests who came to the wedding knew their identities. They all thought that these beauties were Lin Feier's best friends, so they came to be bridesmaids.

If they knew that these top-quality beauties actually had an inexplicable relationship with Zhang Feng, they would probably be extremely surprised!

"Fei'er, you are so beautiful today, even a woman like me can't help but feel heartbroken after seeing it."

Liu Yanyan looked at Lin Fei'er at this moment, and said from the bottom of her heart, her pretty face was full of envy.

And Qin Lan and others on the side also expressed their agreement.

When they are placed among the crowd, they are also goddess-like existences, no matter where they go, they are all attention,

But even so, facing Lin Fei'er at this time, they felt a little ashamed.

Hearing this, Lin Feier's pretty face was full of smiles, and she said a little embarrassedly: "My sisters are really joking, you are also very beautiful today! But it is really a bit of a shame to let you be bridesmaids!"

"How come, we can't wish for it."

Several beauties shook their heads and said in unison.

When Fang Zhihua told them that Zhang Feng and Lin Fei'er were going to hold a wedding on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

The first thought that popped into their hearts was not envy and jealousy, but full of expectations.

Because they also want to see that Zhang Feng can start a family and start a business, stabilize in the hot summer, and stop running around the world.

In this way, Zhang Feng can also squeeze out time to spend more time with them.

Although they all have inexplicable feelings for Zhang Feng, and they have all thought about it, it would be great if Zhang Feng only belonged to themselves.

But later, they all figured it out, this fact cannot be changed, Zhang Feng cannot belong to any of them.

So they don't care about these, as long as Zhang Feng has himself in his heart, that's enough.

Lin Fei'er and Zhang Feng have gone through so many ups and downs together, and she is Zhang Feng's favorite person. Of course, they hope that the two can achieve a positive result and enter the palace of marriage.

"Hmph! That guy is really cheap."

Qin Lan couldn't help but snort softly.

"That's right, Fei'er, you must discipline Zhang Feng well in the future, and you must not let him run around. With us behind you to support you, don't be afraid!"

Liu Yanyan immediately agreed and said viciously.

When the rest of the people heard the words, they all nodded and couldn't help laughing out loud.

In the room, the goddesses were chatting happily.

And the gentle sea breeze gently blowing the white curtains, this scene can be described as extremely beautiful.

This grand wedding is finally about to begin.

Zhang Feng and Lin Fei'er walked out of the lobby hand in hand.

Under the witness of everyone, the two exchanged rings, fulfilled their vows of love, and finally entered the palace of marriage.

And this wedding has also become a good story in history, which has been passed down for thousands of years...

(end of book)