Chapter 1842

The girl held a long sword in her hand. Her face was incomparably beautiful, especially her long and deep Phoenix eyes were as dazzling as the stars above the nine heavens.

The corners of the lips are slightly hooked, showing a beautiful radian. The smile seems to be blooming in the dark night, with a trace of enchanting and evil spirit in the pure beauty, "since it's here, why not show up?"

The girl's thin and thin figure exudes a smell of evil charm and dignity.

As her voice dropped, a blue figure flashed from the corner of the street.

The man is dressed in green and looks elegant, just like a green bamboo.

His handsome face was cut like a knife, and his eyebrows were slanting into the temples. He was resolute and cold, but the evil smile at the corner of his mouth betrayed him.

"I heard that the saint of the holy family had the posture of pouring out the country, but now I see it, it is true that the name is not illusory." The fan "Shua" in the hands of the green man unfolded, which was extremely romantic.

He raised his eyebrows and eyes, without concealing his eyes, fell on the girl on the opposite side. "How about the virgin following me?"

"Not so much."

There is a trace of cold and heartless in the girl's beautiful voice. As soon as the words fall, the sword in her hand suddenly comes out of the sheath, and the whole person flies straight up. The sword in her hand stabs directly at the man in Green's chest.

The man in green steps lightly on the ground and retreats leisurely towards the back, but it is always an inch different from the blade in front of him.

His lips gently hook up a joking arc: "saint, why not pull out the sword if a word doesn't agree."

But when he turned around, he avoided the sword blade in the girl's hand in an extremely strange posture, and suddenly came to the girl's back, and his big hand directly put his arms around the girl's slender waist.

The girl's long, long, black eyes suddenly passed a frightening cold light, just like the stars suddenly lit up in the dark night, sharp and cold. Her long sword turned and suddenly stabbed the person behind her.

The man in Tsing Yi was so shocked that he let go. The girl turned back and kicked it out. The man in Tsing Yi flew out like a kite that had broken the line. He fell on the temporary grass shed on the street, smashed the shed, and the straw fell all over him.

On the long street, the girl is like a fairy on the nine days, cold and lazy, but with a trace of evil charm and noble breath, amazing.


The director's voice rang out in the distance, and the director stood up with a smile on his face and kept clapping his hands, "shallower, you are really good at shooting! No matter the posture, the eyes, or the momentum, every movement is perfect

"Pa Pa Pa Pa!"

There was a round of applause, and the crew and other actors looked at the white figure in the distance with envy and admiration.

"What a movie queen! It's a role that's tailor-made for her! "

"Yes! I found that the shallow goddess is very suitable for this kind of ancient costume drama of fairy swordsman! "

"Shallow, you worked hard." The director yelled to mu.

"No hard work, that's what I should do." Mu Qianqian purses his lips and smiles and reaches out to release Weiya from his waist.


Suddenly, Mu shallower's feet slip, the whole person's center of gravity is not stable, fall forward, and the front is a sharp convex tool, if hit, the consequences are unimaginable!


The director and others were shocked and yelled, but it was too late to rush through.

Just at this time, a very bright golden light from the sky, quickly swept, fell in front of Mu Qianqian. The bright and dazzling golden light almost illuminated the whole Chang'an ancient street, as dazzling.

Dazzle dazzling, so that the director and others are unable to open their eyes.

The expected pain did not come, but fell into a generous and warm arms, a faint snow lotus fragrance lingered in the tip of the nose, fresh and pleasant, but also with an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Mu shallow looks up, a beautiful face like a god suddenly bumps into her eyes

It was a beautiful and beautiful face, with delicate facial features, as if it were carved by heaven, and the facial outline was as clear as a knife.

Smooth lines, cold, but also with a trace of evil charm charm charm of the breath, especially that pair of eyes, is actually purple!

Such as the crystal clear purple eyes, as if the world's cleanest and purest color, purple pupil in the circulation of a little star awn, but also contains undisguised joy and excitement, as well as the dew ~ bone missing.

Warm voice with a faint, a tremor, seems to have restrained for a long time in general.

After a thousand years, he finally met the man who wanted to make him almost crazy

"Lady, I finally found you."

Mu Xiaoyue only felt a blank in her mind at the moment. She couldn't listen to the man's words. Instead, she looked at the beautiful face like a demon in front of her, and had a sense of deja vu.

"Shallow, how are you?" The director and others were stabbed by the sudden golden light and couldn't open their eyes. Then they reacted and suffered!They rushed forward, only to see the front of the golden light scattered, revealing the scene inside.

Under the bright moon, two white figures support each other, beautiful as a pair of ancient paintings, like a dream, quiet and beautiful.

Each other gaze in the eyes like a mirror, clearly reflect each other's figure, like the world's most gorgeous scenery.

They are like a pair of wall people made in heaven, and all the moments around them are eclipsed.

The director and others stare at the man in white who suddenly appears. They are also affectionate and affectionate, and they are shocked more and more. Who is this man? How did it all pop up in their crew?

What's more, what happened to the golden light that suddenly appeared just now?

"Director, director, who is that man? Male size one? When did the first man change A staff member looks shocked to ask.

"Wow! This man is more handsome than Mr. Zhuo

"Yes, yes! You see his appearance and temperament, is absolutely the best male candidates! When is there such an actor in the film industry, I don't know? "

"Director, who is this man?" The faces of the people were filled with curiosity.

"I don't know..." The director looked at the girl in front of him and asked, "shallow, is he your friend?"

I remember that there was no such person in the crew, and he didn't know the man.

Mu Qianqian was shocked for a long time. When he heard the director's question, he suddenly came back to his mind. He pushed away the person in front of him. His face was very shy. "Director, I don't know who he is..."

"Lady, don't you remember me?"

However, the man's good-looking eyebrows and eyes wrinkled, and his purple eyes Rose with a layer of water mist. His expression was hurt and aggrieved, just like a abandoned daughter-in-law, which made Mu shallow's heart suddenly feel guilty, as if she had abandoned someone else.

"That Now the play is finished. " Mu shallow depressed way, hurriedly toward the back of the dressing room.

"Lady, wait for me."

The man's lips were covered with a smile like evil spirits and evil spirits. With his long legs, he immediately followed him

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