Chapter 519 - 519 Team Competition Begins, Direct Reduction (2)

519 Team Competition Begins, Direct Reduction (2)

The countdown quickly ended, and both sides instantly began to fight. Lu Yan raised the Netherworld Soul Scythe in his hand, and a large number of undead surged out from the surroundings and directly headed towards the people of the Wind Academy in front of him.

The assassin in the team also quickly disappeared. Under the cover of the undead, the other party quickly sneaked towards the back of the opposing team.

The participants of the Wind Academy also reacted. The three heavy knights directly protected the seven people behind them.

Golden light seeped out of the three heavy knights and directly enveloped the seven people behind.

The seven people behind also attacked. The mage raised the staff in his hand, and dense magic power surged out.

The few archers also directly bent their bows. A large number of magic arrows formed and directly shot forward.

The assassin of the Wind Academy also disappeared, but he was not in a hurry to attack. Instead, he completely hid his figure in the surroundings.


Arrows shot out and arrived in midair before directly exploding. A large amount of violent energy bloomed and directly enveloped the undead.

Then, magic vortexes rose under the feet of the undead, covering a large number of undead. The violent magic power destroyed all these undead.

A gorgeous attack bloomed on the arena, making the surrounding audience cry out.

“Damn! The thinking of the Wind Academy is very clear. It’s not bad to let the three heavy knights take the lead and clean up Lu Yan’s undead army first.”

“Not only that, but a large number of area-of-effect attacks can also cause damage to Lu Yan and the others. This attack method is still very effective.”

Lu Yan looked at the continuous attacks in front of him and raised his eyebrows slightly.

This Wind Academy’s cooperation was really not bad. Almost all the attacks of the undead and the others were blocked by the defense of the three heavy knights.

With the golden barrier, their assassin could not enter at all.

Seeing this, Zhao Yuheng directly rushed forward and her attack directly landed on a heavy knight.

With his combat strength, Zhao Yuheng directly dragged a heavy knight out and away from the golden defensive barrier.

The strength of the defensive barrier of the remaining two heavy knights was clearly a lot weaker.

Seeing this, Lu Yan also directly rushed out. The bone dragon, Ao Yun, and the little Netherworld Dragon appeared and rushed forward with Lu Yan.

Arriving in front of a heavy knight, the Netherworld Soul Scythe in Lu Yan’s hand directly slashed down.


The Netherworld Soul Scythe landed on this heavy knight’s weapon, emitting a muffled sound, but it did not break through this heavy knight’s defense.

The other party should have focused on defense. Otherwise, with his strength, it was impossible for him to be so passive.

Then, a large number of Netherworld Soul Flames spread out and directly enveloped the heavy knights in front of him.

The Netherworld Soul Flame was still effective. When it landed on the heavy knights, the two heavy knights instantly frowned.

Under such circumstances, the Netherworld Soul Flame could constantly burn the other party’s soul. However, the other party’s defense was very powerful. It was probably relatively difficult for Lu Yan to use the Netherworld Soul Flame to win.

At this moment, a few magic vortexes rose beside Lu Yan, and several arrows suddenly pierced towards Lu Yan.


Lu Yan raised his eyebrows. It seemed that the other party was focusing on him and wanted to eliminate him first.

Lu Yan was naturally prepared. His body froze and he instantly disappeared from his spot.


A large number of attacks directly covered Lu Yan’s previous location and instantly destroyed that place.

If not for the defensive barrier, the damage would probably be even greater.

The surrounding audience exclaimed. They did not expect the battle between the two sides to become so intense just as it began.

“Damn! The battle between the two sides is really intense. They’re so powerful from the beginning!”

“It’s a pity for the Wind Academy. The first wave of battle did not cause any damage to the people of the Golden Corner Academy.”

“However, when they targeted Lu Yan, the large number of attacks reduced the number of undead a lot. It’s not bad.”

The surrounding audience analyzed the battle on the arena in front of them and discussed who was going to have the upper hand.

At this moment, a figure suddenly rushed out of the Wind Academy team.


This figure was extremely fast, as if he had already locked onto Lu Yan’s location. The moment Lu Yan used the Monarch Netherworld Escape to dodge a large number of attacks and appeared, he arrived in front of Lu Yan.

This was an assassin!

He was not the stealthy and silent kind of assassin, but the extremely fast kind of assassin.

The moment Lu Yan disappeared, he rushed out of the golden defensive barrier of the two heavy knights of the Wind Academy.

When Lu Yan’s figure appeared, this assassin from the Wind Academy had already arrived in front of Lu Yan.

He flipped out his hands, and a pair of dark blue daggers appeared. This assassin directly stabbed towards Lu Yan’s neck.

Lu Yan’s eyes flickered slightly. Then, his eyes emitted a light. A dragon roar sounded, and a black dragon appeared from the armor on his body and covered Lu Yan’s body.

This attack was very fast and Lu Yan could not dodge. He could only use the defense of the Black Dragon Armor.


A crisp sound sounded. The black dragon on Lu Yan’s body directly helped Lu Yan block this attack.

However, cracks also appeared on the Black Dragon Armor on his body, making Lu Yan’s heart ache.

This assassin’s heart skipped a beat. He did not expect the attack he had prepared for a long time to be blocked by the other party himself.

He had underestimated the other party’s defense!


This assassin’s body trembled, and his figure wanted to disappear from his spot.

Lu Yan grinned. The other party had almost crippled his Black Dragon Armor, but he still wanted to escape?

A black fog seeped out from behind and directly enveloped the assassin’s body. Then, Ao Yun’s body rushed over and directly wrapped around the assassin’s body. Ao Yun used his strength and directly made this assassin’s body emit muffled sounds.

The defense of an assassin was relatively low. Ao Yun could probably crush the other party to death.

At this moment, this assassin’s body instantly disappeared. Clearly, he had used some kind of escape technique.

Seeing this, Lu Yan did not hesitate at all. His body instantly rushed forward and arrived at a spot on the left.

He held the Netherworld Soul Scythe in his hand and did not hesitate. He directly slashed at the air on the left in front of him.


The assassin’s figure appeared here and he watched in shock as the pitch-black Netherworld Soul Scythe slashed towards his waist.

The pitch-black Netherworld Soul Scythe landed on the assassin in front of him and directly tore through the other party’s armor, causing blood to instantly surge out.

This assassin did not hesitate and directly admitted defeat. A white light instantly covered his body and teleported him out of the arena.

This assassin could not withstand this attack and could only choose to admit defeat.

The first person to be eliminated appeared, and the situation instantly became ten against nine!