Chapter 1000 - 1000 No One Can Leave!

1000 No One Can Leave!

Wang Long looked at Lu Dajiang and said, “Captain Lu, thank you very much for your previous care, but we still don’t want to join the Origin Territory. It feels suffocating to join a new territory. We would rather find another powerful territory to join. The rules of the Wind Barrier are so brutal, so please don’t blame us for weighing the pros and cons!”

Hearing this, Lu Dajiang hoped that Wang Long and the others would stay.

However, since Wang Long still insisted on leaving, Lu Dajiang couldn’t stop him.

Lu Dajiang nodded helplessly and said, “Alright, it was your own choice to leave. I wouldn’t force you. I hope that we won’t become enemies even if we’re not brothers anymore. Let’s hope we never meet on the battlefield.”

Lu Dajiang knew that if they met on the battlefield one day, even if they were once brothers, they would become enemies for the sake of their interests. They would fight against each other. Therefore, it was best not to encounter such a situation and avoid any conflicts.

Wang Long nodded. “I hope so too, Brother Lu. Let’s part ways here.”

With that, Wang Long waved his hand and planned to leave with his team members.

However, Shi Hao led a few members of Team Origin and blocked their path.

Seeing that Shi Hao was unwilling to step aside, Wang Long frowned and said, “Didn’t our Big Brother Lu say that he wouldn’t force us? Even if we don’t join, he’s willing to let us leave. Didn’t you hear that? Why are you still blocking us? Move aside and let us leave!”

Shi Hao remained silent and made no move to get out of the way.

At this moment, Liu Yan spoke up, saying, “Lu Dajiang asked you to leave, but that doesn’t mean I want you to leave!”

The moment Liu Yan’s words came out, it immediately caused a commotion at the scene.

It was mainly the members of Lu Dajiang’s and Huang Yuan’s squad who were in a commotion, but the members of Team Origin were calm.

Wang Long’s face turned somewhat unpleasant as he looked at Liu Yan and said, “Captain Liu, what do you mean by this? There’s no need to be so ruthless, right?”

Wang Long was discontented, but he didn’t dare to show it.

After all, he had witnessed Liu Yan’s terrifying strength in the previous battle. With a single strike, Liu Yan could kill more than a dozen of them.

Although their team members were not weak, if they were to face Liu Yan, they would probably be annihilated in a matter of minutes.

Therefore, in the face of Liu Yan, Wang Long didn’t dare to be arrogant or offend him in the slightest.

Huang Yuan and the other members under Lu Dajiang also looked at Liu Yan with confusion.

Although they had chosen to join the Origin Territory under their respective captains, it was mainly because of their captains, not Liu Yan.

Now that they had just joined the Origin Territory and witnessed Liu Yan causing trouble for their former teammates like Wang Long, they naturally felt unhappy and wanted to see Liu Yan’s explanation.

Facing the puzzled crowd, Liu Yan calmly explained, “The reason is simple, it’s for the safety of our Origin Territory. After all, you are aware that the left side of the Origin Territory was destroyed by the Lakonian people, Luo Feng and Luo Rui. There is a possibility that you might leak information to the Lakonian Territory.”

Upon hearing Liu Yan’s concern, Wang Long immediately shook his head and said, “How is that possible? Although we haven’t joined the Origin Territory, we are all Blue Planet people. There is no reason for us to disclose any information to the Lakonians and put you in danger. Among you, there are also our former brothers, and we naturally don’t want to see anything happen to them.”

“That’s right, Captain Liu. What you said is unfair to us. We simply don’t want to join the Origin Territory, but it doesn’t mean we want to become enemies.”

“That’s correct. Who do you think we are?”

“No matter what, we are still Blue Planet people. We are not capable of such actions.”

“Captain Liu, you have truly misunderstood us.”

“Captain Liu, please let us leave. Don’t worry, we will never disclose any information about this place to the Lakon Territory!”

More than a dozen team members behind Wang Long also explained. They all expressed their attitudes and expressed that they would not do such a thing.

Upon hearing this, Liu Yan shook his head and said, “I’m not doubting you, but I want to eliminate all possibilities. After all, as the captain of the Origin Territory, I am responsible for the safety of all the members, including those from Huang Yuan and Lu Dajiang’s squads who have just joined. I need to ensure their safety. Therefore, even though I believe that you are unlikely to disclose the information to the Lakon Territory and pose a risk, for the sake of absolute safety, I cannot let you leave. I hope you understand. Please stay here for now. Once the situation has settled and the Origin Territory has grown stronger, I will ensure your safe departure.”

Upon hearing Liu Yan’s explanation, Huang Yuan and Lu Dajiang’s team members carefully pondered and found it reasonable.

Ultimately, Liu Yan intended to ensure the safety of everyone, and he simply didn’t want Wang Long and the others to leave. While they believed that Wang Long and the others had no reason to disclose the information to the Lakon Territory and bring them harm, there was always the possibility of someone having ulterior motives.

Therefore, to guarantee absolute safety and prevent any leakage of information to the Lakon Territory, this decision was the safest approach.

“I understand now, Captain Liu. It’s indeed necessary to prevent Wang Long and the others from leaving.”

“Yes, this concerns the safety of all of us. We must be extremely cautious.”

“Captain Liu is still very rigorous in his work. It seems that his leadership skills are not bad.”

“To possess such terrifying strength at such a young age, naturally his leadership skills would not be lacking.”

“Why do I suddenly feel that joining the Origin Territory is a good choice?”

“Yes, although this is new territory, it is already far ahead in terms of strength compared to most new territories. Especially with Captain Liu Yan’s formidable abilities, the Origin Territory seems to have great potential for future development!”

These newly joined team members gradually began to have more recognition for Liu Yan and a sense of belonging to the Origin Territory.

However, when Wang Long and the others heard Liu Yan’s explanation, their expressions turned somewhat unpleasant.

Wang Long couldn’t help but look at Lu Dajiang and said, “Captain, don’t you trust us? We would never betray you. Can’t we leave now?”

“Yes, we are all comrades. We would never betray you.”

“We have been together day and night. You know us.”

“We are all from the Blue Planet, we could never do such a thing.”

“We would never betray you.”

The dozen or so team members behind Wang Long also quickly explained.

However, Lu Dajiang’s expression turned cold as he said, “I am no longer your captain, and I am not responsible for your affairs. I will do my best to ensure your safety only because we are fellow Blue Planet people. I can’t do anything else.”

Lu Dajiang’s meaning was quite clear. He didn’t care whether these people stayed or left. Lu Dajiang would only try his best to ensure their safety and prevent them from being in life-threatening situations.

Naturally, Lu Dajiang would prioritize the safety of the Origin Territory in this matter.

After all, he had led his team members to join the Origin Territory. The safety of the Origin Territory was of paramount importance.

If something went wrong, all of them would suffer.

Such an important matter naturally couldn’t be taken lightly.