Chapter 1450: New journey!

"Younger and younger, we are really destined. Or, for this meal, the younger one please come. Anyway, you gave the younger one a lot of commission, just as thank you."

Guanshi Liu had a humble and flattering face, completely devoid of the power and prestige of a major power headquarters, and everyone around him was stunned.

Everyone was even more surprised when they looked at Su Ba, faintly, many people showed awe.

The existence that can make Guanshi Liu so respectful and flattering, even if he doesn't know the origin of this person, but can buy 13 million pieces of the best yuan stone at once, how could it be an ordinary person!

This Nima, the total assets of everyone present, I am afraid that there is no 13 million yuan, alright!

At this time, a strong man in the field finally seemed to have discovered an unknown golden metal robot with no energy fluctuations behind Su Ba.

Because he was shocked by Su Ba's identity, he couldn't help but carefully probed the metal robot behind Su Ba. From this look, he seemed to have seen the most shocking thing in the world, and he stood up and shouted.

"Fuck, trough! This horse riding scared me to death! A metal robot at the spiritual level!"


This sentence was like a thunder falling in the crowd, and the scene directly exploded!

What? !

A spirit-level metal robot? !

Everyone's eyes were shocked, staring at Xiao Qi closely, and then looking at Su Ba again, a storm was set off in their hearts!

This Nima!

What is the origin of this young man in black? !

Using a metal robot of the spirit **** level as a servant? !

It's too abnormal!

A spirit **** can kill more than ninety-nine percent of the families in Chenhui Universe, but he is a servant of one person...

Long Hua's face was completely pale.

No matter how stupid he is, he knows himself, I'm afraid he has kicked a terrifying iron plate that he can't.

No wonder the black-clothed youth dared to block him at will, and the people around him dared to attack him in public, and said that he was not qualified to know his identity.

The capital that emotions are proud of is just a **** in front of others!

Long Hua was completely persuaded, and directly apologized to Su Ba.

Su Ba also knew that he was pretending to be a fork, knowing that it was enough, waved his hand casually, signaled Longhua to get out, and then Longhua was stubborn and really got out of the ground.

This tone must be tolerated, otherwise, I am afraid that it will offend a super terrifying force, and even his own family cannot protect himself!

That Longhua's attendant also ran away dingy.

After that, Su Ba did not let Guanshi Liu pay the bill, and Guanshi Liu retired with interest.

The scene suddenly became quiet a lot, and everyone looked at Su Ba a little in awe.

"Junior Brother Su, it's too cool to pretend to be a force."

Here, while eating, Shi Tian couldn't help but spread the message, and his heart was very happy.

Fengxuejian is the same.

I am afraid that only they themselves know that there is a terrifying background for the three of them, it's just a small medium-sized universe.

In front of many people at the scene, they are actually nothing.

"Haha, calm down."

Su Ba faintly smiled with a voice transmission, "Eat food, eat food, Monkey Race Lei should be here soon."

"That's great!"

After a few sticks of incense.

Sai Lei, a handsome young man with yellow hair and a tall stature, finally came to Huiyuan Restaurant.

"Haha, Brother Su Ba, it's been a long time since I saw you, come and kiss me."

At the first meeting, Su Ba was full of black lines, and Shi Tian and Feng Xuejian looked weird.


Next second.

"Yeah, these are the two senior brothers of Brother Su Ba? Good fellow, I also have the urge to kiss, and they are indeed outstanding people!"

Sai Lei the monkey happily opened his mouth, but before he got close, he was almost stabbed in the throat by the Fengxue Sword!

"leave me alone!"

Fengxuejian said coldly.

"Stay away from the monk too, Amituofu."

Shi Tian was also a little ashamed.

He finally knew what Su Ba once said, what a quirk of this monkey Sai Lei is, what a pervert!

But at that moment, the blood sword that escaped the Fengxue Sword pierced directly, which also confirmed the amazing strength of Monkey Sai Lei from the side!

After all, the Fengxue Sword would basically not release water.

"Okay, Brother Sai Lei, have you eaten, if not, after eating, we will go to the Universe Battlefield Office."

Su Ba came out to round the ground.

"Eat on the way."

"Then go now."

Su domineering, thinking of something, "Oh yes, didn't you find another teammate, where is it?"

"I have asked her to fill out the form in the Universe Office in advance. As long as we go there, register and type a chapter, it's OK."

Monkey Sai Lei was even more anxious than Su Ba, "Let's go! My big sword can't wait to kill the enemy on the battlefield!"


Su Ba quickly settled the bill, and several people quickly headed towards the Chenhui Universe-Universe Battlefield Office branch under the guidance of Monkey Sai Lei.


Su Ba finally met their fifth teammate.

What they didn't expect was that they were still a girl, a beautiful girl.

Dressed in bright green light and neon clothes, elegant and graceful, with a pipa in his hand, it looks even more extraordinary.

"Hello, little girl Yueying, I have met several young masters."

The pipa beauty is knowledgeable and well-versed.

"Yes, Brother Sai Lei, such a wonderful woman is still willing to team up with you?"

Su Ba glanced at Hou Sai Lei in surprise.

With his eyesight, it is natural to see that Yue Ying is very talented, and at the age of five thousand years old, she has already broken through the demigod.

"That is, don't look at it, what charm me!"

Monkey Sai Lei shook his hair triumphantly, and introduced Su Ba to Yue Ying one by one, "What, Sister Ying, the brothers brought by Brother are reliable."

"Well, these three princes are all dragons among men."

Yue Ying smiled lightly, her beautiful eyes shining brightly, and she was obviously very satisfied with her teammates.


Monkey Sai Lei smiled, "Well, now that everyone has gotten to know each other, the next step is to cooperate on the real battlefield. I hope we can trust each other and give back to each other."

"Brother Sai Lei, what exactly is the battlefield in the universe? Since it is a place to fight, why do you want to form a team? There are still requirements for the number of teams?"

Su Ba finally expressed his doubts.

"This is very simple."

Monkey Sai Lei took a deep breath, and suddenly his expression became a little serious, and said solemnly, "To be honest, this cosmic battlefield is conducted in a huge cosmic plane, and it is said that the two most powerful **** emperors in the universe opened up. of.

The specific reason is unknown, but it seems to be screening the outstanding talents in the universe!

As long as they perform well in the cosmic battlefield, they are very likely to be spotted by big shots and receive a lot of rewards.

This is not only rewarding, but also able to sharpen oneself in life and death, is it not the best place for the real Tianjiao powerhouse. "

"So that's it." Su Ba expressed his understanding.


Sai Lei the monkey nodded, and then turned to look at Yue Ying, "Sister Ying, are you almost done? Is it necessary to register and stamp it?"

"First, we have to think of the name of a team, and then members of the team can't register with their real names to prevent being investigated, which may endanger relatives, friends, family or sects, and finally..."

Yueying paused, and smiled sweetly, "Everyone will just think of a catchphrase."

Want a catchphrase?

Monkey Sai Lei laughed, "Okay, think of a better team name, nickname, and catchphrase."

"First of all, the name of the team is called the Invincible Team!"

"The team name needs five characters."


Monkey Sai Lei was taken aback, and Su Ba thought for a while and said, "Then it is called the Invincible Team."

Invincible by nature? !

Good guys!


Monkey Sai Lei's eyes lit up, and he slapped Su Ba on the shoulder.

"Hmm, the name of the team is the Invincible Team."

Yueying nodded, "Next are everyone's nicknames and mantras."

"This is even simpler."

Monkey Sai Lei took the lead in thinking about it, and said with a grin.

"I'm nicknamed'Armor', and my motto of life is: better than any opponent, it is the biggest worry in life."

"Well, it's enough to pretend!"

Sai Lei the monkey smiled after speaking.


Yueying smiled, and then she lightly said, "That little girl should be nicknamed'Yuhuan'. The motto of life is: Yun wants to dress and look beautiful, and the spring breeze is dazzling."

"As expected, Sister Ying, a cultural person."

Monkey Sai Lei gave a thumbs up and praised.

The three Su Ba also showed expressions of admiration.

"The princes have been rewarded."

Yue Yingyu covered her lips with her hands and chuckled.

"I'm thinking about it next."

Fengxuejian said lightly, "nicknamed'Taibai', the motto of life: Who can take my sword!"

"Brother Feng, domineering!"

Shi Tian smiled.

"And you."

Feng Xuejian glanced at Shi Tian.

"The little monk has also thought about it, and his nickname is'Dharma'. The motto of life: shoulder the mortal world, grasp the original heart!"

Shi Tian smiled and touched his bald head.

"Brother Shi Tian, ​​he fits his identity very well."

Sai Lei the monkey nodded.

Immediately, everyone focused on Su Ba.

Only Su Ba hasn't settled yet.


Su Ba was silent for a moment, and said slowly.

"I'll just nickname ‘Wukong’, the motto of life: Beyond the Three Realms, not among the Five Elements."

As soon as these words came out, Hou Sai Lei and Yue Ying didn't feel much, but Shi Tian and Feng Xuejian suddenly fell silent.

they know.

In this way, Su Ba is thinking of his master-fighting and defeating the Buddha!

At the same time, he has a strong hope in his heart that fighting and defeating the Buddha can truly jump out of the Three Realms. One day, the master and the disciple can meet again...

Most definitely.

Su Ba thought silently in his heart.

At this point, the Invincible Team was formally established!

"Let's move towards the future, let's go!"

Su Ba and the five others looked into the distance with firm eyes.

New journey.

here we go.