Chapter 217 - Three Human Tools Enter the Simulator at the Same Time! (3)

Chen Qianxue woke up from a muddle-headed state. She was no longer unfamiliar with this feeling.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a group of people rushing in.

She took a closer look.

There were a few imperial physicians who looked very old, as well as some palace maids who looked anxious.

There was also a Chen Fengyin who was wearing a dragon robe.

In reality, only 12 hours had passed, and she had met these people again.

It had to be said that this feeling was very strange.

Fortunately, she was used to it.

[Age 12, your soul has transmigrated into the body of Princess Chang Ning of the Great Wei Dynasty. As one of the most beloved princesses of the Great Wei Emperor, Chen Fengyin, you have a lot of privileges in the Great Wei Dynasty.]

[Age 15, you once again copied the last simulation of Immortal cultivation and warned Chen Fengyin in advance that there were some treacherous people in the Great Wei.]

[Under your reminder and hint, Chen Fengyin uncovered several remnants of the previous dynasty.]

[The Great Wei Dynasty conducted a secret purge!]

[No one would have thought that this secret purge of the remnants of the previous dynasty was actually your suggestion.]

[Even Chen Fengyin did not expect that the few people he randomly picked out were actually the remnants of the previous dynasty!]

[Age 16, the remnants of the previous dynasty all felt a sense of danger and all of them were cowering and did not dare to act rashly.]

[However, they did not know that you already had their names in your hands.]

[She had all the details of their names and information!]

“Chang Ning, is this the list of the remnants of the previous dynasty that your strange dream gave you?” Chen Fengyin carefully read through the list, looking at the shocking names on it, he could not help but take a deep breath.


Chen Qianxue once again used the excuse of the dream that could predict the future as a cover to explain that she knew the plot of the future.

However, Chen Fengyin could be said to believe this excuse again and again.

This was probably because he could do whatever he wanted with his family ties.

Chen Qianxue answered without any guilt, “Yes!”

After listening, Chen Fengyin could not help but take a deep breath again because many of the names on the list were names that he was very familiar with.

Some of the names even wanted to grow up with him, while some of the names were important officials in the Imperial Court.

Some of the names were the officials of the Great Wei Dynasty, and some were generals who held considerable power in the military.

If all these people were wiped out at once, then the entire Great Wei Dynasty would fall into a period of emptiness and chaos.

If this emptiness and chaos could be contained for a short period of time…

Then everything would be easy to say.

If it could not be contained? Then it would be troublesome!

To be honest, the names on the list made him wonder if there was something wrong with his daughter’s dream of predicting the future.

This would almost wipe out one-third of the important officials of the Great Wei Dynasty.

This was more than a purge?

It was too shocking to hear!

However… Before this, Chen Fengyin had used Chen Qianxue’s suggestion of a dream prophecy to capture a few remnants of the previous dynasty hidden in the Great Wei Imperial Palace. In other words… his daughter’s strange dream was very reliable.

This was also the most terrifying!

This meant that the current Great Wei Dynasty had been infiltrated into a sieve.

The key was that he had not discovered any clues before this.

Even the previous retired Emperors had not discovered any clues.

Those remnants of the previous dynasty had hidden too deeply.

It was terrifying!

They had to investigate thoroughly!

However, they could not make it too public, and they could not make too big a move to investigate, lest they would be alerted and all their previous efforts would be in vain.

They had to take it slow, and they could not rush.

[Age 17, you feel that the time you chose is inconsistent with the time Qin Jiao entered the simulator. After thinking for a while, you decided to send someone to Maple City to check if there was a young girl named Qin Jiao in the Qin family of Maple City.]

[Age 18, you received a reply from the person you sent. There is indeed a young girl named Qin Jiao in the Qin family of Maple City. Her cultivation foundation and talent are very famous in the entire Maple City.]

[You could not help but fall into deep thought. How did you manage to meet Qin Jiao under such circumstances? Didn’t you miss her time?]

[You prepared to get in touch with Qin Jiao and personally wrote a secret letter to send someone to the Qin family of Maple City.]

[Your secret letter was sent to Maple City. Not long after, it was handed over to Qin Jiao.]

“Qin Jiao was also stunned when she saw your secret letter!”

Great Wei Dynasty.

Maple City.

“Didn’t she enter the simulator in the afternoon? Why is she in the same timeline as me? Did this girl know that I wasn’t free to enter the simulator in the afternoon? Did she wait for me?”

“The question is, how did she know that we were free? She’s not from Zhengxin Palace, so how could she know what kind of trouble I encountered in the real world? How did she know that I wasn’t able to enter the simulator on time?”


Qin Jiao could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. She felt that this woman, Chen Qianxue, was like a ghost that kept hovering above her head.

It was as if she could not shake Chen Qianxue off. That woman was able to bump into her like this!