Chapter 218 - Three Human Tools Enter the Simulator at the Same Time! (4)


Qin Jiao’s thoughts also began to come alive. The last time she simulated Immortal cultivation, she had chosen to work with Chen Qianxue, and in the end, she had activated a lot of achievements.

It was because of these achievements that she was able to break through her cultivation stage in a short period of time.

As such…

If she were to work together with the other party again, would she be able to receive a generous settlement reward?

That’s not right!

Why did she feel that this was all thanks to that Chen Qianxue?

She had clearly contributed a lot to the collaboration between the two of them!

That’s right!

Suddenly, Qin Jiao sensed a commotion coming from the Qin Clan. Curious, she could not help but go over to take a look. Then she realized that one of the clan elders, whom she had to call Third Uncle, had come back in a sorry state with a vexed look on his face.

“Third Uncle, what happened ot you?!” Looking at the injuries on Third Uncle’s body, Qin Jiao could not help but ask out of curiosity.

When Qin Jiao’s Third Uncle heard this, he said helplessly, “We were supposed to transport some spirit herbs to Ji Hai City, but we knew that we encountered bandits on the way.”

“The other party also has Immortal cultivators, and their strength isn’t weak. Our people were no match.”

“Sigh! All the goods have been snatched away. It’s already very good that they can come back alive.”

“We were so close. We would have died in the Savage Mountains.”

Qin Jiao was stunned.

Savage Mountains?

That place had bandits who specialized in robbing?

The other party was an Immortal cultivator?

She thought that there were only demonic beasts there!

There were more demonic beasts there?

As if seeing through the doubt in her heart, Qin Jiao’s Third Uncle of the Qin Clan helplessly smiled bitterly and said, “In the past, our Qin Clan’s trade route to Ji Hai City was very secretive. Only our Qin Clan knew the route.”

“Who would have thought that someone actually knew about the Qin Clan’s trade route and set up an ambush in the dark? If we were to face them head-on, we might not be afraid.”

“However, the other party launched a sneak attack in the dark and was caught off guard.”

Hearing this Third Uncle complaining, Qin Jiao understood what had happened.

It could only be said that the Qin Clan’s caravan was rather unlucky.

This kind of hidden trade route actually encountered a robbery. It was indeed extremely unlucky.

Qin Jiao was just about to comfort him when she suddenly realized that there seemed to be something wrong with the wounds on this Qin Clan’s Third Uncle’s body.

Qin Jiao pointed at a more obvious wound on Third Uncle’s arm and asked curiously, “Third Uncle, are these scratches?”

Third Uncle was stunned. He looked down and his expression froze for a moment.

However, he recovered quickly. He coughed and gritted his teeth. “That hateful bandit leader has a demonic beast mount. It was injured by his mount.”

Qin Jiao came to a sudden realization. “I see!”

Third Uncle sighed. “I have to go to Master’s place to apologize. I can’t talk too much with you.”

Then, he quickly passed Qin Jiao.

He walked to the side.

As he walked, he had a lingering fear in his heart. He thought, ‘Why is this niece so meticulous? ‘If she finds out that I colluded with the demonic beasts of the Savage Mountain, I’ll be done for! fortunately, I’m old and more experience, and I managed to brush her off.’

Looking at his departing back, Qin Jiao retracted her expression of sudden realization and could not help but squint her eyes.

Subconsciously, she told her that there was something very wrong with this Third Uncle of the Qin Clan.

At this moment, the voice of the Old Granny that she carried with her also rang out. “He lied. Moreover, the injuries on his body aren’t something that a human can leave behind.”

“He was definitely not robbed by some Immortal cultivator, but he encountered a demonic beast on the way.”

“Moreover, the demonic beast that attacked him was not weak.”

The Granny paused and continued, “He was defeated without any resistance. As for why the demonic beast that attacked him did not kill him… This may involve some secret.”

Qin jiao muttered, “Secret…”

She remembered that this did not happen the last time she simulated Immortal cultivation.

The Qin Clan’s caravan route had never been attacked before.

Not to mention being attacked by demonic beasts.


After being attacked by demonic beasts, he was actually able to survive. Moreover, this Third Uncle even concealed this matter.

Regarding this… What secret was there?

Was it because of her actions, causing some small changes in the future?

She could not help but ponder.

Savage Mountain.

A demonic beast ran over and said respectfully to Fu Shuangni, “Boss, that human has been sent back. Is he one of us now?”

This demonic beast spoke quite fluently, but it had a special accent.

Fu Shuangni lightly nodded. “He is a chess piece that I planted in the Qin Clan of Maple City. Don’t look at his strength and status in the Qin Clan…. This kind of person will always play a great role in critical times.”

“We should not be restricted to recruiting demonic beasts. We should also recruit some suitable humans into the organization, whether they are human Immortal cultivators or ordinary humans.”

After hearing her words, the demonic beast nodded as if it understood something.

“You go ahead!”

After sending the demonic beast away, Fu Shuangni looked at the familiar scenery in front of her and sighed, “It’s all over again!”

This time, she had been in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator for 18 years.

To be more precise…

She had entered the cultivation simulator at the same time as Qin Jiao.

As for Chen Qianxue, she was slightly slower than the two of them.

Of course, Fu Shuangni did not know that there were two people like her in the Great Wei Dynasty.

Until now, she thought that she was the most special person.

“This time, I can not make the same mistake as last time.”

She muttered, “Including this Maple City Qin Clan, they have already planted dozens of people into Ji Hai City, Maple City, and the surrounding counties.”

“However, it’s not enough!”

Fu Shuangni’s goal was to plant a spy that could touch the core of Maple City or Ji Hai City.

Also… If there was a chance, she wanted to push the Human Traitor to the position of the ruler of Maple City or Ji Hai City!

With that, she could easily resolve the difficult situation she encountered in the Immortal cultivation simulation.

However, doing so was very difficult, and she needed to plan it earlier.

Now, Fu Shuangni was still the same as the Immortal cultivation simulation. She formed a large-scale demonic beast organization and controlled hundreds of demonic beasts to help her do various things.

At the same time, she also used all kinds of methods to train more than 50 people to be traitors.

These people had different identities. Some were sect Immortal cultivators, and some were itinerant cultivators.

Some were family Immortal cultivators, and some were ordinary merchants.

Some were even ordinary peasant men.

Any human that entered her territory by mistake would be trained to be Human Traitors.

Apart from that, she would also send out some demonic beasts to capture some humans.

Of course, it was not to eat them.

She did not eat humans.

The demonic beasts under her did not eat humans either.

She kidnapped those people to train more Human Traitors. If they could not be trained, she would imprison them and let them help build the future Great Yan City.

That’s right, Fu Shuangni had already prepared the construction plan for Great Yan City in advance.

With the experience from last time, many things could be done ahead of time.

Furthermore, they could avoid taking a wrong path.

After many years of hard work and teaching, there are already over 500 demonic beasts that can speak the human language. The rest can barely speak simple words

[Among the 51 people you’ve nurtured, 20 are Immortal cultivators, and the rest are ordinary people.]

[What’s worth mentioning is that your half-demon breeding plan is already underway.]

[One female demonic beast is already pregnant.]


[Age 19, you’ve once again recruited more than a hundred demonic beasts to join your organization. At the same time, you’ve nurtured more than twenty people with different identities.]

[The first half-demon of this world has been born!]

[You should hurry and take a look.]