Chapter 7245: Secret communication, Long Qian's uneasiness

Chapter 7245 Secret communication, Long Qian's anxiety

Long Shinu sneered: "You think I can't see it, you think so, if you want to get out, get out, even if Brother Jiang is really defeated, I will stand firmly by his side!"

"Why, why are you bothering?" Long Lin was puzzled!

Long Shinu smiled: "I just want to ask you, how long has Long Xiaonan been in the Holy Land, and how long has Brother Jiang been here?"


Long Lin suddenly trembled, and he froze in place as if struck by lightning!


Long Xiaonan has been cultivating here for more than half a year, and now he has this level of cultivation!

Jiang Tian came from a branch, and he was full of fights, even if it took two days, he would have the current situation!

The potential level of the two is simply clear at a glance!

"Grandma, you're being careless, why the **** am I so stupid?"

Long Lin scolded himself!

It was so stupid to almost put myself in an irreparable situation with a single thought.

True Dragon Holy Land does not allow life and death fights!

Even if Jiang Tian was defeated or seriously injured, he would still have a day to recover.

With his terrifying potential, his future achievements will definitely be higher than Long Xiaonan's!

No matter how you look at it, it is more worth following!

If you give up Jiang Tian and follow Long Xiaonan, although you can get temporary benefits, you will completely offend Jiang Tian, ​​the future super evildoer.

Maybe it won't be long before you will fall into a situation where you can't regret it!

A single thought almost screwed me over!

"It's so **** dangerous!"

Long Lin wished he could give himself two slaps, and hastily pressed the little calculation in his heart.

"Dragon Stone Girl, thank you!"

"Looking at people still has to look at the long-term. Don't be confused by temporary gains and losses. Brother Jiang may lose, but he..."

Ang... Boom!

Before Long Shinv could finish her words, a sudden change occurred in mid-air!

"Get together!"

I saw Jiang Tian waved his hand!

The billowing tide began to rewind crazily, and in an instant it condensed into the appearance of a purple dragon again!


"My God!"

"Why did you come out again?"

The evildoers who watched the battle were shocked!

Long Xiaonan's face also changed slightly, his brows were full of fury!

Wasn't the purple dragon blasted by him? Why did it condense into shape in an instant?

"Hey, that's not right!"


The exclamation sounded again!

Everyone suddenly discovered that what was re-condensed was not a complete purple dragon, but an extremely huge purple dragon head!

"What's happening here?"

"Don't tell me he doesn't have the ability to condense the completed dragon body?"

"So, is his consumption of secret techniques irreparable?"

"No! Although there is no dragon body, this dragon head is unprecedentedly huge. How can this be explained?"

Everyone pointed to the frighteningly large purple dragon head in mid-air, full of doubts in their hearts.

next moment!

The purple dragon head that had just condensed had a huge mouth, and it spewed out a purple dragon's breath!

Ho **** ho!


The terrible roar resounded through the void!

The terrifying force of devouring erupted, and a large piece of purple dragon's breath enveloped the body of the white dragon, dragging it into the huge mouth of the purple dragon's head!

"My God!"

"how so?"

"What is he going to do?"

"There is only one dragon head, so what if you swallow it?"

Apart from being shocked, everyone was also deeply hesitant.

The purple giant dragon has no dragon body, nor does it have a dragon claw.

Is it really capable of swallowing each other?

Even if it can be swallowed, how can it be refined and absorbed without a dragon body?

Everyone was puzzled, including Long Xiaonan himself, and the elders of the Holy Land watching the battle!

"This Jiang Tian... it's a bit weird to make a real move!"

As god-making powerhouses, they are naturally well-informed, and their experience in martial arts is far higher than that of young people.

But at this moment, they also couldn't understand Jiang Tian's actions.

There is only one dragon head, so what if you swallow the white dragon?

Swallow with the front mouth, and exit with the back mouth!

Busy for a while, in vain?

While everyone was puzzled, an astonishing scene appeared!

The devouring power of the purple dragon head soared wildly, swallowing the entire white dragon body abruptly.

at the same time!

A new dragon body slowly formed behind the dragon's head, stretching backwards!


"Oh my God!"

"This... what kind of method is this?"

The young monsters exclaimed loudly!

Long Xiaonan's face suddenly changed!

The elders watching the battle were also shocked at the moment!

"This is neither a spiritual power secret technique nor a general bloodline secret technique. This... this is probably the secret technique inherited by our dragon clan!"

"That's right! Only the inheritance of secret techniques can possess such terrifying power!"

"A monstrous evildoer with a foreign surname, how can such a secret technique be inherited?"

"What kind of origin and background does he have?"

"This person... is worth digging deeply!"

The elders looked at each other, and the atmosphere suddenly became serious!

At the beginning, they were full of confidence in Tenglongyin!

I think I can overwhelm Jiang Tian!

But now, they discovered that Jiang Tian was using a secret technique of inheritance!

This kind of thing, even in the True Dragon Family, not everyone has the opportunity to practice it!

Where did such a mere offshoot monster with a foreign surname come from?

"It is necessary to find out the background of this person and find out where he came from!"

"At least from now on, his inheritance secret technique has a chance to be included in the family's inheritance treasure house!"

"This son, it's not easy!"

The elders looked dignified and their minds were highly clear-headed.

As soon as the words fell, someone immediately issued a subpoena.

And behind them, an elder in white robe who has never said a word is taking out a messenger talisman and writing it silently.

"Long Qian, you may be in a little trouble!"


With a flash of golden light, the communication talisman was activated instantly.

In the blink of an eye, Long Qian received the summons!

"What? It's only been more than a day, and he actually went to the central area to challenge Long Xiaonan?"

"how is this possible!"

The corners of Long Qian's eyes twitched, extremely angry!

At the same time, a trace of uneasiness and fear appeared on his face!

As soon as Jiang Tian arrived at the Real Dragon Family, he acted so strong, saying that he was not worried, which was obviously a lie!

Such potential is truly terrifying!

"If I let you gain a firm foothold and grow up, will I, Longqian, still have to mess around in the future?"

Long Qian gritted his teeth, his face was ferocious, and his eyes were full of coldness!

"This person must be eliminated immediately!"


He exploded the communication talisman, left the residence immediately, and went straight to the Holy Land of the True Dragon!

at this time!

Central region of True Dragon Family!

The white giant dragon has completely disappeared, and the huge head of the purple giant dragon has also shrunk to a normal state.

Behind it, a brand new purple dragon body has appeared!

This dragon's body is purple and white, but as time goes by, the white part is disappearing, and finally it all turns into a dazzling purple!

The purple dragon has reappeared!

hold head high!

It roared up to the sky, showing the vast might of a dragon, as if it was the master of this void!


"What a powerful Longwei!"

"What kind of method is this?"

"This is the inheritance secret technique, the elder told me!" A young evildoer said in a deep voice.