Chapter 5897

Longche's words came.

God Zun was terrified!


He let out a roar!

"There can only be one way in this divine domain!"

"And the price I paid for it is huge. Why should you!!!"


God can't accept this fact at all!

The way of heaven works, a piece of heaven and earth, can only allow one kind of Taoist Dharma to exist!

Now that long Che has become the Tao, it is absolutely impossible for him to become the Tao of this divine domain again!

"If so, then perish. See the things with short knowledge..."

Seeing that the Heavenly God Zun resisted so much, even, there had been an incomparably powerful energy fluctuation, struggling with his bondage to him, longche didn't hesitate at all.

The big hand of energy transformed by the Taoist Dharma slowly exerted its strength.


After a dull noise, everything disappeared.

That day, the body of God turned into nothingness in an instant. It seems that it has never appeared in this world


this moment.

Below the heavens and above the earth.

Everyone is jumping!

They were completely liberated from that shocking state. The people were shocked and shouted!





The voice that shakes people's hearts resounds all over the world

And so far.

In this divine realm, long Che has become holy, incarnating the Tao and integrating heaven and man.

However, at this moment, a human figure separated from the void came down and came to the place where the dragon family is located on the boundary of Xuankong mountain.

That's his longche home.

Years are endless.

In a flash, more than ten years have passed.

A graceful young man with a face like the saint who protected the world when he was young.

The boy rode a nine Horned Dragon under him and rushed out of the dragon family. The speed was as fast as lightning, but the boy showed a firm smile at the corners of his mouth.

"Brother Longxi! You can't deal with the sky shaking Warcraft in the dark forest alone!"

After the boy rushed out of the dragon's house, a little girl hurried out behind him.

The little girl is no one else, but Long Xi's sister, long Yueran.

"Don't worry, sister. It's just a monster. My brother will come as soon as he goes!"

Long Xi is full of youthful heroism, with surging breath and vigorous beauty. He has the demeanor of long Che in those days.

At this time, two figures were on the top of the tall building of the dragon house. They saw the impact of Long Xi and said slowly:

"Husband, son as like as two peas, you are not afraid of anything, but I really fear that he will burst out of what trouble!"

Ye Qingcheng looked at the boy who flew out on a dragon, and his eyes were filled with a faint worry.

In front of him, long Che smiled and said calmly:

"I'm longche's son. There won't be any problem. Your worry is superfluous."

With that, long Che smiled calmly and put her little head in his arms before ye Qingcheng could get angry.

"Husband, you are now in harmony with the Tao. The positive film of heaven and earth will be in long-term stability. We will all be together for countless years in the future."

Ye Qingcheng's beautiful eyes exuded a sense of happiness he had never had before.

"That's nature."

Long Che nodded, raised his eyes and looked beyond the endless God:

"As for the existence beyond the crystal wall system at the edge of the divine domain, let the Dragon cherish them..."

The passage of time, if a white horse flies through the gap.

One day.

The Dragon suddenly felt a buzzing sound, which rang through the world.

However, it is not the movement in the divine domain.

It comes from outside the endless divine realm.

No one knew the sudden movement.

In addition to long Che, who turns into the operation of heaven's way, I deeply know that the way of this divine domain may be completely overturned one day in the future.

All things in the world, the only constant is change!

However, at last, longche's eyes slowly shifted to Longxi's body.

"The tiger father has no dogs and sons. The future is up to you..."

Long Che deeply knows that his legend of swallowing heaven has come to an end.

The legend will not happen in the endless future.

And that legend may no longer belong to him.

Or maybe it still belongs to him

(end of the book)