Chapter 4780

"It's you. You're here at last!"

In the spirit, Nie Tian heard a shocking voice.

Rolling like thunder, majestic and mighty.

But this.

But not what shocked him most.

What shocked him most was that he was very familiar with the sound.

It was once the voice that sounded in the stars, Yuan stones and the boundary of the Galaxy!

It was this voice that awakened him to the power of the stars and finally reached today's peak!

But how could this sound ring at this time?

"This, this is not the sound in the star Yuan Stone?"

The next moment, Nie Tian found something that shocked him more. His face froze in an instant.

The sound came from the pillar of heaven!

"How is that possible?"

Nie Tian's face changed greatly and his heart was shocked. It was hard to say.

The voice that once appeared in the star Yuan Stone sounded from the Tianzhu.

This is so weird!

Where does this sound come from?

At the moment, others looked at Nie Tian and wanted to get close, but they didn't dare to come forward.


"Unexpectedly, xingxingyuan stone will finally choose a warrior with a lower plane."

"Interesting, really interesting."

The voice sounded again, as if it were in Nie Tian's ear.

But others couldn't hear it at all. Only Nie Tian could hear it.

"Who the hell are you?"

Nie Tian took a deep breath, forced himself to calm down and asked in a deep voice.

He could only hear the voice and had no idea where the speaker was.

"You should have heard my name."

"The Eastern Emperor is towering!"

The voice answered, and the last four words fell, like nine Xiao thunder, ringing in Nie Tian's ear.

The Eastern Emperor is towering!

Nie Tian has really heard this name.

Former star Lord!

In the mouth of the Starry Messenger and the starry king, he has heard of the towering Eastern Emperor many times.

The reason why he came to the prison world this time is just for the towering of the Eastern Emperor.

Unexpectedly, I found it in the Tianzhu!

"Elder, are you really the emperor of the east?"

Nie Tian still didn't believe it. His voice trembled and asked.

"Of course."

The Eastern Emperor Zhengrong laughed and released a powerful storm on the Tianzhu.

Nie Tiangen couldn't react, so he was swept in.

His figure, on the Tianzhu, disappeared directly!

"Where is Nie Tian?"

"This guy must have run away and left us here to die!"

"Damn! Despicable villain."


Others talked about it one after another, especially Yan Wushen and others, who wanted to break Nie Tian into pieces.

At the same time.

In the inner space of Tianzhu.

"Where is this?"

Nie Tian looked around and was shocked.

This is an extremely vast space, surrounded by stars, flashing constantly, just like the night sky.

"Boy, I'm here?"

At this time, the voice of the Eastern Emperor sounded again.

Nie Tian turned around and saw that there was a thatched house not far away.

But there was nothing around, which made the thatched house a little abrupt.


With a squeak, the door of the hut opened.

An old man with white hair and beard came out of it.

He is a big man with a kind face. He doesn't have any murderous spirit. He looks like the grandfather of his neighbor.

"Are you, elder Donghuang?"

Nie Tian looked at the old man in front of him and frowned. Some were not sure.


The Eastern Emperor Zhengrong nodded, smiled faintly and said, "Tiansha, I didn't expect you to come."

The voice fell.

Another figure appeared in front of Nie Tian.

"It's you!"

Nie Tian was surprised when he saw the visitor.

The talented warrior from the dark prison, Mo guchen!

Before that, Nie Tian saw Mo guchen for the first time and felt the resonance of the star soul.

Very strange!

After that, Mo guchen fought with Yan Wushen, releasing the breath of Tiansha lone star.

At that time, Nie Tian was very confused about his identity.

Because the smell of Mo Gu Chen is really strange.

It's clearly the spirit of Tiansha star, but it's a little different.

He had seen Tiansha, which was not what he looked like at present.

But at the moment, the Eastern Emperor Zhengrong also called Mo guchen the heavenly ghost.

This undoubtedly proves that Mo guchen is one of the double Jue star souls, the Tiansha Xingjun.

But what the hell is going on?

"Brother Donghuang!"

Mo guchen was excited to see the emperor's towering, but he took a step forward and knelt down on his knees.

In his heart, he never admitted that Nie Tian was the Lord of the starry sky.

There is only one star Lord in his eyes, that is the Eastern Emperor Zhengrong!

Nie Tian knew this very well.

And he doesn't blame the devil.

After all, he didn't know what they had experienced together between Tiansha and Zhengrong.

"Get up, we haven't seen each other for so long. What are you doing?"

The Eastern Emperor Zhengrong stepped forward to pick up Mo guchen and smiled brightly.

Mo Gu Chen stood up, and a pair of eyes released a happy light.

I can't believe I can see the emperor again in this life.

"Why bother you, Tiansha?"

The Eastern Emperor Zhengrong saw something, patted Mo guchen on the shoulder and couldn't help sighing.

"As long as you can see the big brother of the Eastern Emperor, it's worth paying any price!"

Mo Gu Chen's eyes trembled and said heavily.

It turned out that he also learned the news of the Eastern Emperor.

In order to enter the prison, he had to use the different blood method to return to his youth.

Now she is a lonely stranger!

This is why he has the breath of the star soul of Tiansha, but it is different from the original Tiansha.

Blood vessels are different, and the reverse phagocytosis is great.

Mo guchen not only changed her appearance, but also her accomplishments could not reach the peak again.

More importantly, he will be trapped in the prison and cannot return.

But even so, he still felt that everything was worth it.

"You're here. You can accompany me."

The Eastern Emperor Zhengrong smiled and looked at Nie Tian.

"Elder Donghuang, I......"

Nie Tian smiled awkwardly. He just wanted to speak, but he was interrupted by the Eastern Emperor Zhengrong.

"Boy, since you can come here, you should know a lot of things."

The Eastern Emperor Zhengrong smiled bitterly and sighed, "I didn't expect that you and I, the two masters of the starry sky, should meet here."

"The heavens are reincarnated and endless. Creation and destruction are all in it."

"Can't the holy worlds of heaven escape from this reincarnation after all?"

With that, he couldn't help shaking his head and sighing.

"Elder Donghuang, you already know?"

Nie Tian's eyes trembled and shocked.

The heavens are in cycle. Creation and destruction are all in it.

These sixteen words are exactly what the first holy envoy of the heavenly way holy Pavilion told him before he died.

Sixteen words seem to predestine the end of the holy world of the heavens!

"If I don't even know this, will I be here?"

The Eastern Emperor Zhengrong smiled bitterly and looked into Nie Tian's eyes, showing profound helplessness.