CH 462

Allen's group mounted on Bird B summons and headed to the Dragon God's Village entrance.

Allen's party was split into two teams again.

As leader, he was also in charge of deciding how to form the teams.

-Team Allen: Allen, Cecile, Sophie, Rosalina, Ignomas, Luck

-Team Keil: Kiel, Kurena, Dogora, Merle, Shea, Formar

Kiel always took Allen's spot when he was gone.

He was recognized as the vice-leader by everyone now.

He took care of Allen's Army when Allen was gone, organizing who went to the S Rank Dungeon's last floor..

Kurena and Dogora were trying to max out the reaches of Extra Mode.

Shea also could level up a bit more now, and Merle' Tam Tam had a lot to grow too.

Since Peromus had some Talent Points of his own, he also could get a Talent Change.

But he had a wife now, so it was up to him if he wanted to put himself into danger as an adventurer again.

Rosalina and Ignomas had only joined the party recently, so they had to go with Allen.

Cecile and Sophie had that idea, saying it was best for them to learn how Allen acted as soon as possible.

Ignomas had already maxed out his stats when he joined the party.

Rosalina had undergone a Talent Change at Level 60, but her Skill Levels were not maxed.

Her Skill Levels would go up during the trip.

Luck insisted on going with them, so Formar split off Sophie and went to the other team.

"Ohh!! It's so big, I can see the gate!!"

'Luck, I'll fall if you keep moving so much.'

Luck was moving around wildly atop the Bird B summon.

The Spirit King Fabre was on top of his head.

If Heavy User Island stopped atop the Dragon God's Village it could cause an uproar, so it had stopped a distance away.

(Good good, he's still full of energy.)

Allen remembered playing his first game when he was around Luck's mental age of 8.

The glint in Luck's eyes reminded him of how excited he was back then.

"This is in the Kingdom of Rameciel, right? Let's land a distance away from the gate."

(This is the country of birdmen. I wonder if the Sacred Bird Kuwatoro is around here.)


Cecile replied, and everyone began the descent.

The large gate shutting off the Dragon God's Village was visible even from afar.

The birdmen nearby quickly turned to look at them. This was Rameciel, a kingdom of birdmen.

Their objective was to enter the Divine Realm, but Allen did not mind finding a Sacred Beast too, so he wondered if Kuwatoro was around.

This was the border between the kingdom and the village, so many people passed through.

Allen had not directly entered the Dragon God's Village Ophoria. They were also not part of the Five Continents' Alliance, and had never fought against the Demon King.

Allen had asked Albahar if they knew how to enter the village last month.

"Let's go then."

Everyone approached the large gate.

"So is the Dragon King over there?!!"

'Shh, don't be too loud now.'

Luck was in a very good mood after hearing he would undergo more Talent Changes too.

He kept looking at the birdmen and dragonkin that walked by.

Fabre tried to calm him down, hitting his cheek with her paw.

Most of the inhabitants of the Garresia continent were beastmen, but there were some birdmen and dragonkin too. They lived in their own countries and villages there.

(I see, so those are the dragonkin. Some have wings, others not.)

Allen wrote down the features of dragonkin.

[Dragonkin features]:

-Their bodies are covered in scales

-They have tails

-They have 1 or 2 horns on their heads

-Some have a singular wing on their back

-They have yellow eyes, and their hair can be purple, dark blue, or dark green

-They are around 2 meters tall

-Some have more reptilian feet too

Their appearances were varied, some looking closer to humans and others to dragons.

Their bodies were also slim, so some could be mistaken for lizardmen.

But males were the ones most closely resembling dragons, like mermen resembled fish.

"This is quite a long line, I guess we'll be here for a while."

"Seems so."

Cecile looked annoyed seeing the line with more than 1000 people in front of the village.

Allen planned on continuing to spend mana as he waited.

The village was not part of the Five Continents' Alliance, but it was not secluded either.

Allen looked into the village, and saw a large area of wilderness.

"It's really big for a village. Is that part of the Dragon God's achievements too?"

A Bird E summon had flown there ahead of them.

"Master Allen, it might be wiser to be more quiet."

Allen spoke loudly, and Sophie had to reel him in.

It was a village in name only, and was the size of a small to medium country.

It was located on a peninsula on the western end of Garresia, around the size of Scandinavia.

The village looked like a spiral that increased in height as they went closer to the end.

After half a day, they finally reached the entrance. Allen looked up at the tall walls.

It was 100 meters tall and separated the peninsula from the continent.

The imposing nature of the wall reminded him of the time he first saw Rosenheim's northern fort.

That fort was even larger though, built with spirit magic.

Looking down Allen saw multiple dragonkin attending the visitors.

One of them, a tall one holding a spear, went to Allen's group.

"You're humans?"

"Yes, some of us are. Could we visit your village?"

"What's your objective?"

"We'd like to buy rare materials."

He did not say anything about meeting the Dragon King, and just mentioned Habarak's shopping list.

"Oh? An S Rank adventurer wants to shop, huh."

He looked at Allen's adventurer's card with suspicion and then at Allen.

(I really hope they let us in without much issue now.)

They had not changed their appearance into that of dragonkin.

That method had only been the best to enter Prostia.

"Yes. I need that to help my party as a whole."

Allen tried to convince him calmly.

Habarak had requested multiple materials that could not be obtained anywhere else.

Dragon Eye Rocks were necessary to use [Alchemy] on orichalcum.

Allen wanted to get them no matter what.

"Hm? Allen? Are you the same Allen from Allen's Army?"

A different dragonkin came to see what was happening.


They knew who Allen was, being the founder of Allen's Army.

Even the village gatekeepers had heard his name.

"I'm sorry, but I believe we already rejected your entry."

"Hm? Rejected?"

The second gatekeeper said they could not enter.

(Maybe we misunderstood their reply, and that was their way of rejecting the request?)

Allen started to think that rather than flat out rejecting a large organization like Allen's, they had redirected their request.

"Yes, rejected. We don't allow entry to unfamiliar organizations."

His attitude indicated he had no intention of arguing further.

"Hey, why aren't you letting us in!!"

Cecile shouted angrily, which attracted the attention of everyone nearby.

(This isn't good. I'd really like to enter without causing a scene.)

Allen started to think about the Gate of Judgement.

He had tried to request entry through Albahar, but that had been rejected.

He still did not know what the Gate of Judgement was, if it really led to the Divine Realm,.or if it would actually make Allen's group stronger.

But he wanted to have a friendly relationship with the Dragon King who watched over it.

The Dragon King could end up being a good ally if they really got to enter the Divine Realm there. Their disguise to enter Prostia only worked because of the ongoing rebellion.

While he thought of what to do, another enraged voice was heard after Cecile's.

"What's the meaning of this! Explain right away why we can't enter the village!!"

Ignomas was also enraged. His shouting made Cecile realize what she had done.

"Hm? A merman? What's gotten into him?"

The two gatekeepers slowly approached Ignomas.

"So what if I'm a merman? I demand an explanation. Why aren't we allowed in?! We lined up properly and showed our identification!!"

"Stop that, or should we teach you a lesson?"

"No, the top brass said to not cause a scene."

An argument started between Ignomas and the gatekeepers.

One of them pushed his face onto Ignomas' angrily, but Ignomas did not budge.

He looked straight into the dragonkin's eyes.

(Hm? Ah, I guess he got Ignomas riled up.)

Allen knew Ignomas' behavior. There was a reason why he joined the party.

Allen had gained Ignomas' respect, which he only gave to those with strength.

Ignomas had been born a peasant, and after becoming a knight he believed power dictated one's value. He had endured a lot of gossip being in the palace as a peasant.

The fact that Allen had been born a serf left an even stronger impression on Ignomas.

Ignomas was impressed by a serf who had become able to lead an army against the Demon King. That was enough for him to serve Allen.

Allen had dubbed that personality Commoner Complex.

"I won't leave here until I get a proper explanation."

Ignomas continued and even more dragonkin gathered trying to solve the situation.

Then a new voice joined the argument from behind Ignomas.

'Seriously? Just let us in already. I see Matil hasn't changed at all, I'm so tired of waiting here.'

Everyone fell silent at that unexpected feminine voice.

"Matil? Who dares speak so rudely to our Dragon King!!"

The dragonkin looked enraged.

They would not let someone address their Dragon King Matildora like that.

(Hmm, I guess even if they're angry their scales hide their veins from standing out.)

Allen continued observing their features as they reacted.

"Wh-wh-what are you looking at, do you want to fight? I'll fight!!"

Luck was trembling, but he still grasped his short staff.

"Hey, who said that right now?"

They had gotten closer to Luck following the voice, but they knew it was not his voice.

Then they looked at the black weasel on his head.

'Really? Let us in already.'

Fabre continued to talk with a languid voice, yawning in boredom above Luck's head.

Seeing that, the dragonkin opened their eyes wide.

"Wh-what, are you the Spirit King Fabre perhaps?"

'In the flesh. So why did you make me wait so long? Such rudeness.'


All the dragonkin stood in attention.

(Hm? Ah right, the Dragon King Matildora and Fabre were born at around the same time.)

"Hey, Fabre. Do you know the Dragon King?"

'Yes, I do. We haven't seen each other in a long time though.'

"S-s-so…what business might you have…"

While Luck and Fabre spoke, a dragonkin slowly asked the reason for Fabre's visit.

'Oh, Arbus' son said he wanted to see the Dragon God's Village.'

"O-ohh, I see."

'You'll let us through then, yes?'

"Of course. Please excuse our rudeness."

The dragonkin seemed to fold 90 degrees, bowing to Fabre in apology.

'That's fine. Oh right, we might go see Matil, so could you be nice enough to announce my arrival beforehand?'

They were finally allowed in.

The dragonkin watched as all of Allen's group entered the village.

That way they succeeded in entering the Dragon God's Village.