Chapter 315

Listen to me, hand in hand, let's go together, give your life to me, don't look back yesterday, go to white head tomorrow, marry me today. ——Today you are going to marry me

after coming down from the temple, Teng Yiyang felt that the barrier between them had finally kicked off. He was about to stab Ji'an into his wife Teng, when something happened in the company. He had to put it down and deal with it.

However, in this free time, his daughter-in-law was taken away by the Bei family.

Then, he couldn't get in touch with his daughter-in-law.

Then, my son couldn't get through.

Teng Yiyang looks confused.

In the middle of the war, they were scared by the high pressure.

Teng Yiyang took charge of the affairs on his head and worked overtime to deal with it. After that, he rushed to the Beijia mansion in B city.

Unfortunately, he was blocked out of the door.

"Mr. Teng, we don't seem to have any business relationship with you. If you want to talk about cooperation, please go to the Bayes building."

Teng Yiyang raised his eyebrows. "Do you know that your sister does? My brother-in-law. "

Bei Yiyuan heard the speech and waved his hand, "brother-in-law? I dare not. Several years ago, you hated my sister very much. We don't dare to associate with you, a big family. Please come back where you come from. "

Teng Yiyang secretly speculates, this is in and he calculate before the account?

When the other party is ready to walk back, Teng Yiyang raises his voice and stops him.

"I heard that you are going to fight for the cooperation case of McGrady in country y?"

Bei Yiyuan turned to look at him hesitantly, "how do you know?"

Teng Yiyang said, "the director in charge of this project and I are old friends."

Bei Yiyuan's eyes brightened, "brother-in-law, please introduce me!"

Teng Yi Yang hands embrace shoulder, "benefit?"

Bei Yiyuan opened the door, bowed over and asked, "grandfather is in the backyard."

That is to say, he is also ordered to stop people. The real boss is Bei Lao.

Teng Yiyang understood and entered the Bei family.

"Grandfather, I've come to see you."

Bei Lao was pruning the potted plants. He heard the voice behind him, and his face was as usual. It seemed that he was not surprised that he could pass the pass of Bei Yiyuan.

Teng Yiyang stood for a while. Seeing that the other party didn't want to pay attention to him at all, he didn't feel depressed. He rolled up his sleeves and walked to the side freely, picking up the water pipe and watering the flowers and plants.

He looked at him and snorted.

After a while, Bei Lao put away his scissors and said with a cold face, "go to the study."

Teng Yiyang followed him with kindness.

As he went up the stairs, he saw his daughter-in-law standing on the second floor thinking about it.

Ji An knew that his grandfather was going to embarrass him this time, and looked at him with some worry.

Teng Yiyang restrained the impulse to hold her in his arms. He went to her, touched her head, and said in a soft voice, "when I finish speaking with my grandfather, I will take you home."

Ji'an was just about to open his mouth to answer, but the old Bei was dissatisfied and said, "don't come in yet!"

Teng Yiyang gently smiles at her, then enters the study and closes the door.

Bei Yiyuan walked to Ji'an with an apple in his mouth. He said, "don't worry, this boy is a thief."

He got a kick.

Bei Yiyuan jumped on his feet, a face of pain, "Hello, I comfort you, what do you kick me for?"

Ji'an raised his chin. "You are not allowed to speak ill of him."

Bei also widened his eyes. When he was finished, he turned his elbow and left her!

In the study.

"What are you doing here?" Old Bei gave him a glance.

In front of An'an's mother's elders, Teng Yiyang dares not to make a mistake and honestly answers, "grandfather, I want to take An'an home."

"Four years ago, Ann forgives you because she is kind-hearted and a good child, but it doesn't mean the Bei family accepts you. Judging from what you have done, do you still think we can recognize you as a grandson-in-law? "

When he finished, the young man knelt down in front of him. He shook his eyebrows and said, "what are you doing?"

Teng Yiyang knees to the ground, looked up seriously and said to himself, "grandfather, it was my fault before. Please forgive me."

Then he said solemnly, "in the future, I will treat An'an wholeheartedly, and I will not let her down again. Please feel free to give her to me."

"Why should I believe you?" he exclaimed

Teng Yiyang took out the documents that had already been prepared. "This is all my property. If I do something sorry for An'an in the future, everything I have will be transferred to An'an name."

Beilao took over the document and looked over several pages. He could not help but look at him, "willing?"

Teng Yiyang confidently said with a smile, "this is impossible because I will never betray her."Old Bei snorted, "young and vigorous, get up."

Although Bei Lao didn't say it clearly, Teng Yiyang still recognized his concession, "grandfather, did you agree?"

"Roll away," he said

Teng Yiyang grinned and immediately went to find his wife and son.

After waiting for someone to leave, Bei Lao showed a trace of smile.

He had forgiven him long ago when he gave up his life to save An'an.

This time, I just want to embarrass him, or I think there is no one behind Ann.

Teng Yiyang went out and hugged the people waiting outside, "An'an, let's remarry."

Ji'an pushed him away, raised a finger and shook it. "Nonono, there is nothing. I want to remarry with me. I want to be beautiful."

Teng Yiyang raised the corner of his mouth, took out a box the size of a palm from his pocket, knelt on one knee, opened the box, and revealed a delicate and beautiful ring. The diamonds on it were incomparably brilliant.

"Ann, I had prepared a place to propose to you, flowers, balloons, gardens, champagne, etc., but I can't wait. I want to hold you firmly. If you want, I'll ask again when you go back to city A

Then he took out a file bag and said, "here are all my company shares, real estate, cars, deposits All these -- "

the peach blossom eyes blinked," please take them with me. "

Ji'an micro opened his eyes, "you, you - what if I don't agree?"

He said, "from today on, you will get a big dog that sticks to you for 24 hours until you agree."

Ji'an blushed and muttered, "it's like if you promise, you won't stick to people."

I don't know when, surrounded by Shelley's house, big and small, are in the coax.

With sleeping treasure, she clapped her hands, "Mummy promised Baba! Promise

Teng Yiyang looked solemn, "An'an, marry me."

Ji An, with a shy face, gave him a look, "good."

Teng Yiyang was ecstatic, took out the ring, carefully put it into her finger, and then got up and hugged her.

Ji'an heard his choking voice in his ear and whispered, "An'an, I will be your man from now on."

Three months later.

Ji'an wears a hand-made off the shoulder wedding dress. He takes Bei Lao's arm and walks along the long flower path. Behind him is sleeping treasure in a small suit.

Teng Yiyang stood at the end, doting on the people from afar.

Four eyes are opposite, all smile.

Around, you still come back to me.

So, my life is finally complete.

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