Chapter 267

I asked Ryan with a puzzled expression.

“Angels? You mean the Angels that I know, right? That hard, expressionless, inflexible…….”

“The ones that think they’re the best in the universe.”

In the middle, Kaneff interrupted in a gruff voice. I didn’t deny it and went on again.

“……anyway, is it that Angels?”

“Is that what Sihyeon thinks of the Angels?”

“Well… Come on. Why are the Angels suddenly coming to the farm…….?”

“I don’t know the exact reason either. I was contacted urgently ……. I came to the farm right away to let you know as soon as possible.”

Ryan also answered with a flustered look, probably not knowing the purpose of Angel’s visit here. Besides, he was unusually restless.


In the past, when I didn’t know anything about Angels and Demons, I’d a little positive image of Angels compared to Demons, but now the image was completely reversed.

Every time something happens, they put their thoughts and rules first, and every time they do it with a high-handed attitude and a rigid commanding tone.

In my experience, the Angels I have encountered so far have been the worst.

I can’t believe such Angels are coming to the farm.

Just thinking about it made my heart feel stuffy.

“Ryan, what should we do now?”

“It’s an unscheduled visit, but shouldn’t we welcome them as a guest first? Get ready to greet the guests normally…….”

“What do you mean by guests, those sons of bi… hmmm! Why should we need to treat them as guests?”

An enraged Kaneff tried to swear but quickly swallowed it while looking at Speranza.

“If we act like that, they would once again start preaching to us, saying what the rules were and what the balance was. We shouldn’t make them look at us lightly.”

“Of course, as Mr. Kaneff said, their actions are not correct. But do we have to make things difficult…….?”

“Look at you, this is what happens when you get treated like that every time. This time, I’m going to teach those guys a lesson.”

“Mr. Kaneff, please…….”

Ryan tried to calm the furious Kaneff with a bewildered look. Seeing the two of them made my head hurt for no reason.

If we couldn’t stop the visit of the Angels, we have to at least make minimal preparations for them.

I left the two, who were still arguing, and gave instructions to the rest of the farm members.

“I don’t think we have much time left, so I’ll tell you briefly. Lia, please prepare tea and snacks to serve the guests as usual.”

“Yes, Sihyeon.”

“Andras and Lilia, please organize what you are researching in the workshop. You don’t have to show the dimensional door device to the Angels.”

“All right,”

“Leave it to me, Brother Sihyeon.”

“Elaine, please go to the strawberry field and Elden village for me and inform them. I think today’s schedule will be delayed because of the guest.”

“I’ll do that, Senior.”

As if everyone was asking me to leave it up to them, they responded to my instructions with confidence.

At last, I spoke to the children.

“You guys shouldn’t make a fuss because an important guest will be coming soon.”

“Important guest?”



“I’ll explain it to you later. So, for now, play quietly in the room for a while, okay?”

Speranza and Griffins nodded while their eyes continued to sparkle. Upon hearing that an important guest was coming, they seemed curious for no reason.

“Cheese, please take care of Speranza and Griffins.”

“Ahh… Okay nyaa!”

Cheese replied with a languid yawn.

I quickly prepared to meet the guests.

I took off my comfortable work clothes and changed into neat clothes. The other farm members also took out their formal clothes.

Kaneff insisted on wearing a loose outfit that was like pajamas, but after Ryan’s repeated begging, he changed into an ordinary daily outfit.

“I’ve only heard about them through books and stories, but I didn’t expect to meet the Angles in person like this.”

Lilia’s eyes sparkled with anticipation. It seemed like she was looking forward to meeting Angels. It was also the first time for Alfred, but unlike Lilia, he looked a little nervous.

The rest of the members who had already met them were full of anxiety and annoyance. I’ve met Angels a few times myself, but I still couldn’t get rid of the awkward feeling.


I raised my wrist and checked my watch. It was close to the scheduled time for the visit of the Angels. Ryan muttered next to me as I lowered my wrist again.

“They’re coming.”


I reflexively looked towards the road leading to the farm buildings. But there was no one there. Feeling strange, I turned my head to look at Ryan, but his gaze was directed toward the sky.

I followed him and looked at the sky.


There was a brilliant light high in the sky. The light poured right in front of us. The intense light gradually faded away, and the figures of the three gradually appeared.

It was the usual white uniform worn by the Angels, along with a usual unique expressionless and stiff appearance.

The appearance alone quickly confirmed that they were Angels.

Of the three Angles, the one that caught my eye first was the female Angel on the right. It was Ashmir, a surveillance officer whom I had already met several times. When her eyes met mine, she bowed her head slightly and sent a greeting.

On the left was a man with a large height and a muscular body. He was carrying a large knife around his waist, and at first glance, the intensity of emotions in his eyes seemed unusual.

The Angel that caught my eye at last was an old man who looked much older than the man and woman on both sides. The well-organized beard and long hair tied back naturally reminded me of a hermit figure.

The old man standing in the middle moved first. On both sides, the two stood behind his back and took the form of following him.


The old man walked briskly up to me. I swallowed a dry cough and brought up my pre-prepared greeting.

“Nice to meet you, Sir. I’m Lim Sihyeon and I’m working on the farm here. I’m also called Cardis in Demon world. I heartily welcome your visit to the Demon world.”

Good! That was great…. I guess…!?

I bowed my head and felt proud at the successful welcome note. I tried to control my expression as much as I could and raised my head again…….



When I greeted him, the old man who was a little away came close to me and kept looking at me. Surprised by the old man’s sudden action, I stepped back about half a step.

Ignoring my surprised expression, the old man continued to move his body around and examined me.

His eyes were as deep and transparent as if they could penetrate my innermost thoughts.

Unable to endure the awkward situation, I opened my mouth.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I must have been excited to meet the main character of the rumor in person.”

The old man suddenly apologized in surprise. And he patted me on the shoulder as if apologetic.

“When you get old like me, you’re usually out of your mind. Young people won’t understand it. Hahaha!”


“Sorry, my introduction was late. I’m Ark, an Angel who works as a Judge. You can call me Grandpa Ark comfortably.”


The old man introduced himself as Ark.

I had a confused look on my face at his words and actions that were hard to consider to be natural. He went on with a warm smile at my response.

“Were you surprised to see me all of a sudden?”

“Yes…… I’m a little surprised.”

“I originally wanted to contact you in advance and come slowly. However, if I didn’t move suddenly, I thought I’d never be able to see you in my life. As you may know, isn’t the Angel race a little inflexible to handle when it comes to work… huh?

Angel Ark’s blunt remark flustered Angels on both sides.

“Sir. Ark!”

“Judge Ark!”

“Was I wrong? Honestly, isn’t it true that it’s frustrating the way we handle things? If you’re curious, you should just meet the person and talk to him in person. What’s the point of continuing those boring, useless meetings…….”

“It’s not useless, Sir. It’s all about following the procedures necessary to follow the set rules.”

“That’s right, Judge Ark. It’s better to refrain from saying that…….”

The two Angels tried to persuade Angel Ark as politely as possible. But he muttered with a disapproving look.

“Ah! What, now I can’t even say what I want to.”

The appearance of Ark came as a fresh shock to me. I’ve always related Angels to stone-faced, emotionless, rule-abiding bunch, but the old man in front of me was thoroughly breaking my prejudice.

Slowly I took a peak at other farm members’ reactions.

Andras, Lia, and Ryan were also surprised at Ark’s words and actions. Only Alfred and Lilia, who met the Angels for the first time, watched them quietly.

“Your name is… You said Lim Sihyeon, right? Can I call you Sihyeon comfortably?”

“Yes, Judge Ark.”

“Tsk, stop it. I told you to call me Grandpa Ark…”

Judge Ark smacked his lips with an expression of regret at my polite address.

“Anyway, I’m sorry for the sudden visit. Instead, I prepared some gifts as an apology.”

He signaled the two Angels.

The pair stepped back a few steps and reached out, lights gathered around their hands, and they soon began to pick some things from the air.

Gifts began to pile up in front of the two.

“This is…”

“I heard you prepare these gifts while visiting other people’s houses as a guest. Am I wrong?”

“Oh, no, it’s not wrong…….”

I was speechless when I saw the gift prepared by the Angels.

Detergent, towel, shampoo, and gift set that you often see when you go on a holiday.

And a huge volume of tissue paper…….

It felt rather strange because it was such a normal and general gift, and I didn’t expect to receive tissue paper and daily supplies from the Angles as gifts.….

“Oh! There are detergents, too. We ran out of detergent.”

“I think it’s shampoo…….”

“Brother Sihyeon. What’s that? Is it food?”

The farm members glistened their eyes at the piled-up daily supplies.

“Hahaha! Fortunately, the gifts aren’t useless.”

“Thank you. You didn’t have to prepare such things…….”

“I prepared this as a form of apology, so don’t feel too pressured. Can we go inside now? My body is itching because there are so many things I want to ask.”

“Oh! I’m sorry. I’ll show you inside, please come.”

“Thank you.”

I quickly led Judge Ark and the Angels who came along with him to the farm building.

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