Chapter 23

Chapter 23. Han Seong, Glesia and Leonhard (1)

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He turned his head as he heard Dave’s words.

A blue-haired woman who had attracted the attention of the surrounding cadets – including Dave’s – approached him.

Her elegant white uniform with gold identified that she belonged to Class A. She certainly stood out in contrast compared to the black uniform with blue of the Class C cadets.


He then asked her why she had come. However, she merely stood and looked at him silently.

He was taken aback for a moment.

It was assumed that if she sought him out, it was because she had something to say. Finally, Glesia opened her mouth.

“Han Seong. Do you have any free time?”

“Time… Can you tell me what for?”

“You’ll find out if you come with me.”

He frowned at her words.

Even when they had initially met, he had also felt that Glesia had a strange way of speaking. She seemed too self-assured, if not a little self-centered. She didn’t care at all about him as the listener’s position.

He would understand if she had said what she wanted him to accompany her for. But she spoke as if he would immediately accept her proposal to spend time with her.

For a moment he wanted to refuse, but it didn’t seem the right thing to do.

For he would be humiliating Glesia. That would not do.

He had to be close to Glesia no matter what, even if he didn’t show it.

What would she want?

Maybe there was an important reason she had come this way.

“Dave, I’m really sorry, but… I think it’s a little complicated for us to walk through the Academy together right now.” He hoped Dave would understand the look he was giving him. “Let’s take a look together next time.”

“Oh… I understand, Han Seong.” Dave walked away without hesitation. After he left, Han spoke to Glesia.

“I have time available now. I’d like us to go somewhere else first.”

He was getting uncomfortable looks. Class A cadets tended to stand apart from the rest, so her presence drew a lot of attention.

It would have been even stranger if it had not attracted attention, that a Class A cadet suddenly approached aClass C group.

“There are too many people watching us. We’d better chat outside.”

“All right.”

Glesia, who responded calmly, took the lead. He followed her deep in thought.

What the hell did she want?

His relationship with Glesia was very important to his life at the Academy.

So he had to have the best possible connection with her.

But walking with her in this situation seemed too sudden to him. He also didn’t imagine that she would interrupt his chance to make a good friend.

And most of all, they were not in a suitable environment.

He could still feel the uncomfortable stares as he walked with Glesia.

Both the Class B and C cadets they passed turned their attention to the pair of them. He didn’t know what Glesia was thinking, but he felt overwhelmed with everyone’s stares. Posted only on NovelUtopia

Some would begin to think he had a good attribute.

But in reality he only had a common grade attribute.

Further still, it would arouse the interest of others if it was known that he had a close relationship with a cadet like Glesia. From his point of view, he was just getting unnecessary attention.

There could be problems if expectations were raised about me or my name became famous.

But now –

His plans were being distorted by Glesia’s behavior.


Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted.

He felt a sharp glance from behind him.

When his Spearman attribute reached level 3 and he could handle the mana, his senses began to leave the realm of a normal person.

So he was sure it wasn’t his imagination.

He slowly looked back. A person was looking at him from afar.

It was a tall blond man who was surrounded by many people.

Leonhard Laurent, the hero of this world. He was looking at him, but not out of curiosity.

Why is he looking at me like that?

He still didn’t know the main character, so of course the main character wouldn’t know him either. However, he was staring at him sharply.

It seemed strange to him.

“Han Seong. I think the C-class uniform is nicer.”

He turned his head at the sound of her voice.


“I said the C-class uniform is nicer.”

He nodded, puzzled. Glesia had said something too random.

“Really? The black design with blue is great. But isn’t the uniform you’re wearing better?”

His gaze naturally fell on the uniform Glesia was wearing.

An elegant uniform that anyone who looked at it could sense its prestige.

Perhaps someone who didn’t know it was an Academy cadet uniform might believe it was for attending a banquet. It was a rather stupendous outfit.

It couldn’t compare to the boring uniform he was wearing.

“You think so? I’m not sure.”

After saying that, Glesia turned her head.

… Honestly, he didn’t understand her behavior.

Glesia had an incredible talent for interrupting conversations, and now one for saying the weirdest things.

Taking a quick moment, Han looked back again. Leonhard, who had been glaring at him fiercely, had his attention on the Class A cadets around him.

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