Chapter 24

I Became An Academy Spearman — Chapter 24. Han Seong, Glesia and Leonhard (2)

Translator: Atlas / Editor: Swords4Fun

Leonhard smiled cheerfully at the A-class cadets gathered around him as he chatted with some of them. Han Seong paused, cocking his head to one side. Whatever had just happened had aroused his curiosity.

He wondered why Leonhard was looking at him.

No, there was only one reason, and he made sure he caught up to her, continuing his pondering.

Glesia was walking beside him. It was because she was there.

Doesn’t it please him that Glesia is with me now?

In his mind, there was no reason for Leonhard to look at him that way. Of course, he couldn’t be sure that his assumption was correct.

Actually, he didn’t know what was really going on. He was confused. The main character had no significant connection to Glesia in the novel.

Even at times it was difficult for cadets who belonged to the same class to bond because of how complicated human relationships were, compounded with the grueling routine of the academy.

But it seemed that the situation had changed.

Wait. Isn’t this a big problem?

He had a bad hunch.

A lot of things were different from the world he knew from the original story. There was a possibility that the factors he thought he could take advantage of had changed.

Let’s keep calm, he thought even though he had a big worry gnawing inside of him. I need to solve my original question first.

Why did Glesia want to see him at this time?

For now, he just needed to find that out.


After leaving the auditorium with Glesia, they went to a large, as yet uncrowded space in the Academy. At that moment Glesia stopped.

A cool breeze blew, tousling her blue hair. Glesia turned to look at him.

They both nodded as they stared at each other.


The long silence became awkward.

Glesia said nothing.

It seemed like she was waiting for him to say something first.

No, maybe she was just waiting for him to ask.

Finally he opened his mouth.

“Glesia, why did you suddenly come?”

Hearing his words, Glesia looked around. She didn’t seem to dare to say it.

Her attitude caused him to become nervous.

He wondered what Glesia wanted to tell him that they needed to talk about alone.

Is it something serious that I don’t know about?

Maybe it was about Leonhard. Glesia finally opened her mouth.

“I just called you…”


“Nothing. I just called you.”

He asked again thinking he had misheard. But it was the same answer. He was so dismayed that he blinked for a while. Posted only on NovelUtopia

He spoke after letting out a small sigh.

“Glesia. You mean you called me for no reason?”


He didn’t want to receive a short answer.

His words were heartbreaking for anyone.

A hollow laugh escaped him.

Damn. What does this Glesia woman really want?

As he thought this, he unconsciously opened his mouth.

“So, would you like to talk to me?”

If he didn’t ask this question, he felt that she wouldn’t speak again.



When Glesia disappeared, Leonhard’s emotions went into chaos.

It was the first time a girl did not respond to his words.

Involuntarily he started talking to her who was sitting next to him.

An elegant woman with refined beauty.

He liked her at first sight.

So much so that he spoke to her first.

But the answers he got was silence.

Or short answers.

“… Leonhard!”


“Let’s go look at the Academy together.”

He smiled awkwardly as he looked at Yumia who spoke to him in a friendly manner.

“Alright. Let’s go together.”

Even as he walked, he kept looking away.

Glesia herself approached a man who looked like a C-class to chat.

The more he thought about it, the stranger Glesia seemed to him.

He had never met a woman like that before.

And who the hell is that man?

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