CH 126

Ep.126 The Last Strike

The soul eater

This mysterious creature with a very intuitive nickname is one of the final weapons of Wolgwanggyo, which appears in the final chapter of the second part in the original comic. In other words, of course, its first appearance is also the final chapter of the second part, and it shouldn’t have come out yet.

“…But why did he let it out already?”

The sky suddenly darkened

I stood on the roof of the building and was lost in thought, listening to wailing coming from below.

That’s weird. It’s not time for it to come out yet though.

Until now, I didn’t know because I had no time to take gasp yet, but it’s strange to think about it. Why did Wolgwanggyo send him out already, unlike the original?

After thinking for a while,

I came to a conclusion.

“…Is it because of me?”

I think it’s a big deal that Eun-wol, Moonlight Shaman, was NTRed* in the middle of the terrorist attack. *TN: Netorare – The term refers to the act of stealing somebody from someone, which is often used in Japanese hentai genre to talk about how a man steals other’s girl.

Considering that in the original comic, the leader ordered Moonlight Shaman to terrorize in order to let everyone know how scary Wolgwanggyo was…

Hmm. Another twist happened because I ruined everything?

To be honest, I thought the leader would care less about it, but I guess he was a little sarcastic. Why is an old person so narrow-minded? He should’ve moved on like a big man, tsk.

Anyway, I chuckled as I watched the purple soul eater still roaring and messing under the building.

I thought he didn’t want to use all forces as there was only one that got sent out, but why bother?

“Haa… That old man.”

He’s scared of me.

If that soul eater is to be a threat, it has to be one of the three. Either it’s multiple individuals, it’s already evolved by eating enough souls, or he still doesn’t know that silver is its weakness.

But now that there’s only one of them, the color is still purple, it hasn’t evolved, I even thought there were several of them, so I brought a bunch of silver.

I mean, the game is over.

“…What should I do now?”

Standing on the rooftop.

In the cold air of the night sky, I murmured.

Man. Honestly, it’s over once I shoot a big silver bullet. What’s the point? Honestly, in the original comic, they were defeated before they knew that silver was their weakness, but after they knew, they just counterattacked and caught them all. There was a brat in the final chapter who was more problematic than this one.

Anyway, since it’s a bit boring so I decided to change the plan.

Yeah, it’d be even better.

“…..As expected, she’s being pushed.”

Looking down, Stardus is also losing in that one-on-one fight. However, it seems that the final weapon is difficult to deal with because it’s the final weapon.

Even looking at the people floating around it and then got their souls sucked. It’s not unreasonable for Stardus to be in a weaker position if it continues to recover its physical strength like that.


“….Yeah. This is even better.”

The fact that the soul eater is unilaterally stronger than Stardus means that Stardus can grow too.

As she already got stronger as she went through the trials, it wouldn’t be bad if she could grow again on this opportunity.

And, on top of that…

I fiddled with the gun.

….Everyone is in a chaotic situation.

In other words, if I secretly shoot this from behind when Stardus makes a decisive attack.

Wouldn’t people think that Stardus has knocked it down and praised her instead?

It’s killing two birds with one stone, and I’m not even stepping out.

Yeah, that’s it.

Having the conclusion, I began to cling to the gun and aim for the timing.

….Watching Stardus being unilaterally attacked.

I almost cried, but I held back my tears. I can’t let myself get misled.

Still, Stardus is fighting so hard. Look at her fighting with hope in such a desperate situation. All right, let’s aim for the best time for her.

As I was aiming, underneath,

There was a terrible and desperate battle going on.


‘There’s no answer.’

That was the conclusion that Stardus reached.


Again, narrowly avoiding the arm wielded by the monster, Stardus felt her limit was slowly approaching.

Boom-. Boom-. Collapsing buildings, screaming people.



Once again, barely avoiding its strike, she fell apart from it for a moment.

Sd she barely could catch her breath, the monster howled again.


An ear-bleeding chilling sound

In the ruined and darkened city, where only the bright moon above the sky shined beneath it.

As the purple monster roared, the pale people were lifted into the air accordingly and circled around it.

And their screams. Their souls were being sucked. People lost their strength and fell down like dolls. Its eyes were burning red

Under the bright moon in the dark sky.

The sight of it taking people’s souls away with a terrible groan was simply a surreal sight.

And once again,

It threw itself to Stardus.



The two faced off again, and there was a tremendous roar.

Again, Stardus were eager to stop it.

Boom. Boom.

Stardus took chance to attack it, but it was pointless.

Stardus gradually grew tired while dealing with it, which kept rushing to her nonstop.

“Haa, haa.”




And soon Stardus was beaten by the counterattack it wielded.

She was bounced off by a huge shock and soon hit the wall building.

And just before she came to her senses, a pink laser shot at her.

She managed to escape by flying her body as she saw the rays cutting through the black sky.


The place where Stardus stood was completely destroyed.

As she stumbled up again, the monster was already dragging those who were running far away around it with telekinesis and sucking up their souls.

“Haa… Haa…”

Stardus struggled to pull herself together, rubbing her hazy eyes with one hand.

I can’t fall down like this. If I fall down…

And that purple thing ran toward her again.

Clenched her teeth and her fist, she began to deal with it again.

However, it’s still not enough.

Having been beaten unilaterally with little impact, she soon thought to herself.


She looked at it running towards her again.

The ruined city behind, a darkened sky.

The hideous purple thing got closer again.

They always say life is short.

Seriously, the end comes so suddenly.


She tried to block the fist it threw at her once again, but it wasn’t enough.

Even her head started to feel dizzy from the shock, and she let out a rough breath.

….Where the hell did this thing come from?

Obviously, before today, it was always the same day as usual.

And she thought it would be another day same as every day.

But it’s all going to end in one moment.

Again, barely avoiding its attack, much slower than before, through the dark night sky.

Stardus thought.

How long has it been since they started fighting?

It’s probably been a while.

She barely glanced sideways during the battle.

Maybe somewhere over there, Shadow Walker is helping people escape.

In the meantime, she has to somehow hold on to this and prevent it. If it leaves the city and goes somewhere else, it’ll be a disaster.


‘…I can’t beat it.’

She intuitively realized it.

She can never beat that in this place.

Her body is tired and her eyes are shaking because of the continuous attacks.

While she’s in this moribund state, it’s still in that lively state.

If the battle continues like this, she’ll die.

She realized it.

But what about it? Is she going to run away?


Leave those fainted people here?

Can she call herself a hero?


Even if you fall down here, fight to the end.

To save even one more person.

That’s what makes a hero.

She was determined to do so again.


Again, because of the continuous attacks, she was now unable to hold out and almost lose her mind.

The worst situation is that while her body gradually loses strength, the opponent is getting stronger.

And yet she is.

She fought back somehow, exhaling hard breathlessly.

“Haa… Haa…”


Whatever it takes.

“Haa, haa… Damn it. Haa…”

Again and again, she was fighting back.

“Ugh, ah!”

Keep blocking, blocking, and attacking like that

As time went by.

Eventually, she felt it with her instinct.

‘Now… I’m at my limit.’

She can’t even move my body anymore.

She feels like… this might be the limit.

Still, the monster came running to her with a groan and seemed to move its body as if there was no escape.

As she felt the end was drawing near.

Stardus. She felt a sudden flash of previous memories, like a tavern.

Memories of losing her parents as a child, meeting Lee Seola for the first time, being recognized as a hero by the Hero Association, defeating a villain for the first time, receiving appreciation from the citizens she rescued, and waking up again even after falling down.


‘Hello, Stardus. My name is Egostic.’


She smirked involuntarily.

The last thing that comes to her mind is Egostic.



She bounced back after the big shock.

Barely floating her staggering body again

Shin Haru unknowingly recalled the memories that kept coming to mind.

Egostic, who tried to blow up the ships.

Egostic, who encouraged her to save the plane.

Egostic, who broke down the bridge.

Egostic, who took the attack on her behalf.

Egostic, who took hostages and threatened them.

Egostic, who was heading to the storm after petting her when she collapsed.


She let out a sigh in spite of herself.

Avoiding the purple monster flooding her again.

She dwelled up quietly.

Come to think of it, Egostic was always there in any way when she was in despair or in crisis.

This time… If that happened…

Ha. What are you thinking? You know it can’t be.

…Rather than that.

She’s going to die like this, without even unraveling Egostic’s secrets.

She gave up on everything and thought about it.

Suddenly, she felt a surge of anger.

…To die like this without even finding out about him at all because of that worthless monster.


…No way.

This is unfair.

That’s ridiculous.

Yeah, she can’t be ended like this.

The heavy purple monster ran back toward her.

Looking at it, she clenched her teeth.

Her body was already in tatters for a while now. She was on the verge of collapse.

“…Even if I die, I will surely knock you down before my death!”

She rose her exhausted body.

She flew at it at full speed.

Gathering her strength, clenched her fist and posed to ready swing a fist at it.

Even if it’s her final attack.

I’ll eat you up and take you with me.



Her fist swung at it with her teeth clenched.

Starting to give off a bright glow that lighted up the dark night sky.

It was shining, in yellow


A yellow glow, shining around Stardus’ fist.

“…Now’s the time.”

As I continued to watch the battle with a firm face, the moment I saw the light.

I pulled the trigger on the gun I was aiming at.


Like that, the night sky flashed so big that it was blinding.

Only a small shot rang out quietly so that no one could hear it.