CH 127

Ep.127 Be the Light

The darkened city.

The woman hiding in the corner was shaking, sitting on one side of the road.

‘No… shit. Where the hell did that monster come from?’



The woman, who made a loud noise without realizing it, quickly covered her mouth.

A sudden disaster happened while she was working at a company.

As the bright day suddenly darkened, the city grayed out.

That monster suddenly popped out of the middle of the city.

It raised its hand when everyone screamed at its hideous appearance.

People nearby flew in the air as if they were being dragged by invisible hands and got close to it.

As it was, after the last scream, they all became cold bodies.

‘…It’s all wrong now.’

Still, the woman thought, shivering.

That monster with a terrible look for the first time in her life.

Once that monster raised his hand at any time, she could be the next one.

Just like the manager who is still lying next to her like a cold corpse.



Of course, that monster wasn’t the only one in this dark city.

Right after this, heroes came running straight after this.

At first, people saw the hero and hoped that they would solve it.



The sound of destruction again.

She looked back as she was shaking.

Behind that corner.



She saw a hero with blonde hair who was being pushed unilaterally.

Far from defeating that monster, she seemed eager to stop the attack it wielded.

And in the meantime, countless people continued to be dragged by the monster from somewhere in the alley, screamed, and they fell to the ground as their souls got sucked. They became cold corpses.

‘…I’m sure it’s going to be me soon.”

She has already given up.

Seems like another hero is working on the rescue, but there’s no sign of coming her way.

Ha, if I knew I was going to die like this, I’d slap the old boss’ face before I die.

Would the chief be dead anyway?

No, that long-lifeline human being could still be alive.

As she was watching the battle openly now.

From over there, she saw a man holding a phone.

What’s he doing over there?’

When she squinted and looked closely, it seemed like he was holding his phone horizontally… and filming the battle…

‘…Ha. Crazy.’

She watched the battle again, leaving behind the man who has no idea when he was going to die but still doing live streaming on YouTube until the last minute.

The hero was still being pushed unilaterally.

Her name… Was it Stardus? Stardus was still fighting back, but a normal person like her could tell that she was losing her strength.

There was no chance that Stardus would win this.


‘…Still, she’s fighting with all her heart.’

She thought bitterly.

Although she can hold on like that for now, how long can she last?

Maybe soon, she will…


Once again, people were lifted into the air.

They got strangled and suffered, and then something white came out of their bodies, and they fell down lifelessly on the ground.

The moment she looked at them with her eyes, she seemed to have lost hope.


The scene and her eyes met.

“……Oh, my.”

She hurriedly turned her head again and hid behind the wall.

Her body trembled, and she held on to her pounding heart, holding her breath behind the wall.

She realized it in an instant.

Oh, so it’s my turn now.

Looking at the cold body lying next to her again, her fear was further maximized.

With even her teeth clashing.

The woman definitely gave up until a while ago, but when she put death on the threshold, she suddenly had a desire for life.

‘Please… Stardus… Please…’

She peaked her head out again and started praying to Stardus.

Please, please! Make a miracle, Stardus. Can you beat him just once? I’m begging you.

But as expected, Stardus was losing ground as usual.

Now, she was being pushed against the building.

It dashed back at Stardus with its hands up again.

As she was watching the battle scene with her head sticking out behind the wall.

‘Oh, no…’

For a moment, she felt as if someone had grabbed her body tightly.

The moment when she also felt like her soul was going to be sucked like everyone else.

She was screaming while being dragged toward the monster.


She shouted with all her energy.

At the same time

To the place where Stardus and the monster were at,

The moment Stardus shook her fist,


A blindingly bright light flashed from the center.

The moment the light finally shot at it.



The loudest roar she’s ever heard.

With a gust of wind blowing around them

The whole city, at the center of it, momentarily shone with a huge yellow light as if an atomic bomb had exploded.




What she saw when she opened her eyes again, screaming and closing her eyes in the tremendous light a moment ago.


The monster was howling in pain, floating in the air.

Purple light emanated between its bodies.

And, at the end of its last term.



With the burning white light, the monster…


It exploded.


Soon her floating body fell to the floor.

As she brushed off her painful butt for a moment.


“Huh? Manager?”

The man who was lying cold next to her.

Some white light. Something like a soul came into him.

He looked red again and began to groan.

She was watching such a scene.

“Stardus… defeated it?”

She stammered.

Soon, the people who were lying on the ground began to come to their senses one by one.

Soon after, behind the collapsed wall, she stumbled up without caring about her dirty suit. And what everyone who came to their senses at the moment, including her, saw.

The sun rose again and cleared away the darkness around the city.

Standing in the center, still floating with her fist in the air with the first bright light.

Stardus, with her blonde hair flying.

Looking at Stardus’ back, who was floating in the backlight of the rising sun

She muttered, unknowingly.


So that’s a hero.

The image of the Stardus floating alone after knocking down a monster that no one could deal with was a hero.

Everyone who saw it.

Without realizing

They blanked out at the image of Stardus.

They were just watching, blankly.

The shining girl who saved everyone. 

The image of a hero.

As of that day.

Videos of Stardus’ battle from beginning to end spread across the country.

Stardus’ popularity began to explode.


The sky is bright again after the darkness disappeared.

In the center of the rooftop, I laughed.

“Haha, fuck. That shit. It’s down, cough, with just one blow, huh?

It put in only a silver bullet, like a bazooka, I shot and it went down with a roar, couldn’t even whimper.

And since Stardus used her star punch and the light flashed, it really looked like Stardus knocked it down. Haru would also think she knocked it down, right?

As if it had been hit by a nuclear bomb, the intense light flashed and it fell, and even I thought that Stardus had brought it down herself for a moment.

Of course, regardless of how strong Haru’s star punch is, it’ll never die unless she attacks it with silver.

Still, I took this opportunity to make her special attack, star punch, awakened.

Under the sky which is now bright again, Stardus fell down after using all her strength floating for a while after knocking it down with her last strike. Leaving her behind, I’m starting to take care of myself. Stardus. She’ll wake up after getting treatment… I’m the problem now.

“Whew… Now, how am I, cough, going home… Cough, cough.”

Oh, fuck.

Meanwhile, I vomited blood again.

I guess I teleported for a pretty long distance, now that I’m relaxed, I’m having a back blast.

Eventually, I vomited a pool of blood on the outer wall of the building, wiped the blood flowing around my mouth, and prepared to return home holding the sniper gun.

Ha, how do I go home?

I have to explain the situation to Seola who was really worried… There’s a lot to do.

The moment I was about to look back after taking my gun with that thought in mind.

“As expected, it was you.”

I paused as I heard the voice behind me.

I turned my head to look at the one behind me.

“…Shadow Walker?”

It was Shadow Walker with his black hair and dark circles under his eyes.

His eyes look tired, but his lips are slightly raised.

…Ah, fuck. Why is he here?

As I was stung by a sudden encounter, he wiped the tip of his nose.

“You don’t have to be so surprised. I knew it from the beginning.”


“I had already noticed that you were a hero pretending to be a villain. You killed it, didn’t you?”

The guy was rambling in front of me. Gosh, so that’s why he’s here, and what is he rambling about?

Looking at me rolling my eyes, he wiped under his nose again, I don’t know what he was thinking while looking at me.

“Anyway… On behalf of the heroes. Egostic. I thank you for that. Egostic.”

And now he’s sticking out his thumb at me.

“You’re the real man… that I approved!”

….What the hell is that?

“Uh… Thank you?”

I just said that to the guy who was making a fuss all by himself.

…Since I did intend to win over Shadow Walker anyway, it’d be nice if he thought positively about me.

I don’t know what’s going on.

But I have to tell him something, too.

I added to him who was still having his thumbs up.

“Oh, and you’re not supposed to tell others that I did this.”

“Ha. Who do you think I am? I understand you have your reason. This will be a secret between us.”

All right. Thanks.

So, why don’t you go now?

I think I’m losing my mind right now.

“Yes, thank you. So I have to go now, too, cough.”

Oh fuck.

I ended up spilling blood in front of him.

As he saw my blood spit out of my mouth, his face stiffened.

“…Hey, you. Are you all right?”

“It’s all right, cough. Can you go now?”

Ah. Come to think of it, I was so embarrassed that I forgot to keep the honorific.

Anyway, as I waved my hands and asked him to go, he still moved his feet with a worried expression.

“…Hey, man, um… No, nothing. Hmm… Well then, I’ll go first.”

I don’t know what he has in mind but he stammered to himself, and then he trudged down the door of the rooftop.

I was wondering why he didn’t use his shadow and left like that, but I realized it wasn’t nighttime.

As I blankly watched his back who was walking away, I immediately held my head and fell into silence.

Yeah… How do I solve the surprise event?

Hmm. And how do I get home now?

There’s no choice then. The risk is a little high with this physical condition, but let’s teleport. Don’t take any other risks.

…Ha-yul will do the treatment if I pass out. It’ll be okay, right? I hope I won’t die on my way back.

After my judgment, I teleported again for a long distance.

It’s a hard life.


[Yes! This is the video that just came up! Stardus eventually defeated the monster! Stardus saved everyone! Let’s have a moment to say thank you to Stardus for showing us the hero in herself. Long live Stardus! Long live Stardus! Hooray, Stardus!!!]

[Anchor Kim Taewon, get off the desk right now! Who climbs up there during a live show? Turn it off. Turn it off!]

After the incident.

In South Korea, the Stardus fever(熱風) has started.

The heated support that no hero has ever experienced in constitutional history.

For the people who were in despair, Stardus fought back to the end and finally knocked it down with her flashing light to save everyone. The public’s perception of her was literally enough to call her a national hero.

And in the middle of the public’s passionate love and attention.

Stardus, Shin Haru.

‘…I’m certain that I saw someone on the roof…’

Leaving everything behind, whether she was popular or not, she was trying to recall the last sight she saw before she collapsed using all her strength.

She’s certain that she heard a loud BANG sound and saw someone wearing a mask…

Did she hear it wrong? It can’t be…