Chapter 49.1

“You didn’t like anything else? Just the kiss?”

“It’s not that I hate Cassian. I just don’t like him for a reason.”

“No. I didn’t mean the Marquis. I meant, in bed.”

Yernia’s eyes widened at Marchioness de Bellet as they stared at each other for a while.

After inhaling her cigarette, she exhaled. “Did you just kiss?”


“Wow. Amazing.” Marchioness de Bellet remarked. “Then, what’s the problem? If you like kissing him and want to do it again, just do it. It’s a bit loose, but no one can stop you if you want to do it.”

“I know it’s a bit loose,” Yernia murmured sadly.

She was conscious of Cassian these days but didn’t avoid kissing him because she liked it.

There was no other way to explain it.

“My desires might burden him. Of course, Cassian would find it strange that his childhood friend of twelve years would like to kiss him and say, ‘I like your lips all of a sudden.”

Kissing would make her feel good, but her face wasn’t thin enough to snap her out of the trance.

Also, the awkward atmosphere was hard to bear after the act.

“You’re a lady who’s worried about something like that? That’s new. You’re cuter than I thought.”


“Just drop it. It would be easier for you to kiss him without overthinking.”

At this point, Yernia’s face was blazing red.

Scared, she ran away from the other noblewoman.

Marchioness de Bellet removed the cigarette from her mouth as she regarded the future Duke’s wife with amusement.

She was unique but she wasn’t Jennan’s cup of tea.

A nice, gentle, harmless little animal was not his style.

Grinning, Marchioness De Bellet bit a cigarette.

What the hell was Jennan thinking?


“The future Duchess is not your cup of tea, Jennan.” Marchioness De Bellet said as she brushed Jennan’s stiff shoulders with her red-painted nails. “You don’t want those types of girls. Innocent and clueless.”

“Hmmm. Really?”

“But I do understand why you care. She’s rather cute and sincere. You might not have seen someone like that before.

Jennan’s lips caressed Marchioness de Bellet’s nape.

“She wouldn’t pay you, Jennan.”

“You can give that to me.”

“You already get everything you need from me. Do you still want to date someone else?”

The cute remark made Jennan laugh.

Lifting his face from the back of her neck, he regarded Marquis de Bellet with mirth.

“Dating? How did you arrive at that conclusion?”

“Then, why are you so interested in her if you don’t want to date her? This isn’t like you, Jennan.”

Jennan was the best lover one could get if a woman was willing to spend money on him.

He knew to make women laugh and enjoy his company.

That was the way he usually lived.

“I’m going to get revenge.”

“You’re scaring me.”

“It’s a secret, alright?”

The corner of Jennan’s eyes crinkled as he grabbed Marchioness De Bellet’s cheek like she was his most precious thing.

When his lips approached hers, she twisted her head to force him to release her.

She pushed him away and whispered, “Don’t do that, Jennan. I feel sorry for you.”

“It’s none of your business. I’d be glad if you could just cheer me on.”

“It’s not that I’m interested in what you do. You don’t understand.”

Jennan’s face hardened when he rose from the bed and straightened his rumpled shirt.

“I’m the one who feels sorry for you, My Lady. I should go.”

Face paling at Jennan’s icy countenance, she grabbed his sleeve in a hurry.

“Sit down. It was nosy of me to say that. I swear I won’t interfere in your private life.”

“No, I think this is the end for you and me.”

“Would you stay if I give you more money?”

“You keep trying to buy me with your money. It’s not like I’m meeting you for nothing but that.”

“Don’t leave me, Jennan. I’m sorry.”

Upon hearing her apology, Jennan sat next to Marchioness de Bellet.

She didn’t dare miss her last chance to hold his chin and kiss him.

He remained frozen at first but after a while, he sighed and responded to Marchioness De Bellet.

It had always been this way.

Jennan would act like he would give her everything and then he would pull out from her out-of-the-blue without any regrets.

This noblewoman had spent quite a lot of money to keep him by her side instead of just keeping it as single encounter.

She  tried to pull Jennan towards her but he was adamant on pushing her away until both of them noticed someone opening the door.

Marchioness De Bellet and Jennan turned to the door in unison.


The woman looked familiar as she blinked in confusion.

It was the future Duke’s wife.

Jennan coveted Marchioness de Bellet’s lips again as if to show off.

Then, he heard fading footsteps a little later.

Yernia must have turned her back and left.

Jennan released her immediately after the door was closed.

“Did you just use me?”

The Marchioness gave Jennan a resentful look, and he laughed.

“You told me she was naive and didn’t know anything. Don’t you think you are the naive one?”


“It’s for revenge. You do understand that, right?”

She didn’t tell him that she had already opened her eyes.

Oh, my.

Oh, my.

Oh no!

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